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  1. "You're a monster, and I'm killing you. It's not complicated." - Frank Castle

  2. When the lies your fellow countrymen tell themselves are no longer your own, identity and peoplehood collapse.

  3. I had someone tell me today that gender politics would be rendered moot by post-biological bodies. I told them to get back to me when they moved into one.

  4. No more Mr. Nice Vondy!

  5. This is awesome. I loved the SF books and wish I still had them. AA changed the way I ran games.
  6. Wishing there was some solid norse-mythology based urban fantasy out there.

    1. L. Marcus

      L. Marcus

      I can't think of _any_ such setting being published. I might be wrong.


      I, on my part, have been toying with the thought of writing up some of the more contemporary denizens of Nordic folk stories, like huldra, näcken, troll, giants, and so on.

  7. Some days I wish for the flame-wars of old and the clarion call to arms of Paid in Full!

  8. Re: Not Role Playing Disadvantages. It has been suggested (really) old threads be locked or archived. This has not been well received. As a result, thread necromancy is a Hero-norm.
  9. Re: Life Support Seven years down the road "off topic" doesn't really apply....
  10. Re: Flaming Swords I think it can be modeled however the GM feels is appropriate for the game they are running. I don't feel automatic to hit bonuses always follow. I've statted out flaming swords that were effectively normal weapons, but could affect creatures only affected by magic (SFX vs limitations on their defenses), and which has something as mundane as a RKA 1/2d6, 0 End and a the naked advantages continous, uncontrolled, and sticky with an activation roll and "only versus combustible materials" tacked on. At the same time, if someone wants it to be a huge fire attack, or
  11. Re: How do you guys deal with WoTC drones? Friends! Romans! Er, Heroes! I recommend a new strategem: poke these twenty-sided infidels in the chest with thy spatha and inform them they can convert to the hero faithful or we will tread them under our marching sandaled feet with our green and black hex man legion banner at our multitudinous fore! /begin marching sandal noises /slam spear into breastplate in salute Hail Hero! Hail Hero! Hail Hero! Hail Hero! Hail Hero!
  12. Re: Doesn't anyone like low-powered campaigns? What's done is done. I've moved exclusively to heroic games that focus on competent characters with a cinematic level niche. This doesn't mean they are low points - the games are generally skill intensive - but they aren't full-on cinematic uber-characters, either.
  13. Re: DEX vs. CSLs I don't think NCM should be a disadvantage you receive points for. I think it should go the way of the do-do. Instead, it should be something defined from the outset as a part of the campaign baseline: "characters in campaign X use it or they don't."
  14. Re: DEX vs. CSLs When I run superheroic games, which is once in a blue moon these days, my philosophy is "screw it." Superheroes are super, period. They aren't normal humans, even if they are theoretically just highly skilled (like Batman). Its not a remotely realistic genre to start with. Batman is about as normal as some high falutin pagan hero out of Greek mythology. When I run heroic games - and this is my bread and butter, and the perspective I post from - I generally have a hard cap of 20 with the caveat that characters can hit the 20-30 range if its genre apropos and t
  15. Re: DEX vs. CSLs I'm not going to dispute the fact that Dex is more efficient. Instead, I'm going to state that in terms of genre convention and character conception, it is often less appropriate. I want to see characters that are built to genre and concept. In superheroic settings characters are often characteristic driven and run on higher power levels, so I don't have too many problems with Dex-amping. In heroic games they need to fit the genre and concept. As a result, in those games I take a dim view of Dex-amping. In those games, there tend to be characteristic thresholds,
  16. Re: Seeker, 5th Edition Google the cover of most champions 4e books and you'll find a picture of seeker - getting whooped-on.
  17. Re: Dark Champions: The Animated Series
  18. Re: Bored with Champions Organizations This is probably true.
  19. Re: Bored with Champions Organizations I don't think you'll ket much of a response... keneton hasn't posted in quite some time. Last Post: Feb 24th, '05 05:40 AM.
  20. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Absolutely Awesome! I love it. I'm only sort of familiar with the source material, but your pencilling skills have really improved over the years I've been on the boards. They were good before, but you've really reached a professional level. Do you still charge the same for color as you do for pencils? I understand the reasoning for that and it wouldn't stop me from getting a commission done. Just curious.
  21. Re: Fantasy Art Thread I know I'm late posting on this, but this one really sticks out for me. All of your pieces are well done in a workmanlike fashion, but this one seems more alive to me for some reason. It might be the presence of clothing. You can only do so much with spandex. The pose also has proportion and energy, and the coloring is subtle without being dull. Bravo.
  22. Re: What's the most useless supplement you'd actually like to see? A theologically and culturally accurate Qabbala Hero sourcebook. It would be best geared for the late middle ages, enlightenment era, or pulp eras, and would include various tropes from the midrashim and folklore. In fact, I'd like to see a series of pulp novels that went this route [or including it at a sub-theme]. No market for it. Its too religious.
  23. Re: DARK Characters? That'd be this post. http://www.herogames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1575032&postcount=8 It happens. The search function doesn't sort by date as the default.
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