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  1. The post you are responding to is almost six years old and I haven't been active on the Hero Boards for over two years. I only ended up seeing the comment notification because the boards auto-populated while I was headed to Hero Forge. Fire away with the comments, but all things considered, I'm a pretty low-yield choice of interlocutors these days. Merry Christmas and more power to you for reading whichever comic books you prefer! 👍
  2. Some might look at a situation in which the same 10-12 counties (out of 39) consistently decide who our governors will be introduces inequalities of representation and disincentivizes compromise and cooperation. Inslee carried: 10. We've had 5 two term governors from the same party in a row. That's right: 40 years running. Senator Cantwell won 12 counties in 2018. She carried all 10 counties Inslee did plus Callum and Clark... both on the West side of the mountains. Senator Murray won the same 12 counties. In other words, people 29 counties do not have a governo
  3. Esenor Keep will be out as an official Harn product in 2019. I'm working on a trio of other official articles now, as well.
  4. I am hoping to have more for you: A new fanon location in Tashal in January-February. An officially published write-up of Caer Esenor in 2019. The line-editor and I are editing/polishing the draft right now.
  5. I have no idea what you people are talking about.
  6. I'm glad some may find it useful. There are a few anachronisms in it. There is a discussion about that (with criticism fair and otherwise) on the HarnForum.
  7. A good while ago I had an idea for a Harn article called "Haldana Row" that covered three houses and their inhabitants in the city of Tashal. It grew into five houses as a shared project with another writer and is now complete and available as a free download on Lythia.com. HALDANA ROW My sections are Gevel & Clodya's House, Aethel Atan's House, and Elendsa House. Gevel, Clodya, and Aethel are my long-time "iconic" fantasy characters. I reworked these as "playable versions" that could be grounded in a place. The other two dwellings, as
  8. Perhaps so! But if we do, then its time to own that several prominent officials in previous administrations have been given a pass and should have been indicted or impeached as well. We have not traditionally uttered the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors" or sought impeachment over what is presently on the table. Its premature. Bill Clinton's impeachment was for obstruction and perjury because he lied about a blowjob, not because he got one. And he remained in office because it was overreaching nonsense. No one sought to impeach Cli
  9. I was promised treason and collusion. What I've been given is a campaign finance reporting violation and the shocking revelation* that Donald Trump cheats on his wives. Its the political equivalent of kissing your sister. A total let down. We may yet get to collusion, or an actual crime stemming from said collusion, but so far all we have are some very reasonable suspicions. To quote Robert Mueller "I only know what I can prove in court." Reasonable suspicions are legal bupkis. We need more. We may yet get more. But, at present all I
  10. History: On September 3rd, 1998 the Starr Report citing 11 impeachable offenses (including perjury and obstruction of justice) that President Clinton was potentially liable for was given to the Judiciary Committee. On October 3rd the committee confirmed Sonya Sotomeyer for SCOTUS. Two days later, on October 5th, that same committee voted to recommend the House open an impeachment inquiry into the president. On October 8th the House opened said inquiry and on December 19th they voted to impeach him. On January 7th, 1999 the trial in the Senate began the trial. On February 12th the Senate held
  11. I appreciate you comments on craft and the actors experience. I would not dream of disputing it and find it illuminating. However, I was making a left-handed reference to something more specific and, in my mind, more culturally insidious. Ergo, assertions such as "to play a lesbian Jewish superhero you must be a Jewish woman who identifies as a lesbian." I'm Jewish and, quite frankly, I don't care if an actor playing a Jew is actually Jewish insofar as they are respectful and put in the study and work to do their subjects justice. Donald Sutherland did fine in Uprising, for instance. He himse
  12. If you are an actor you are playing someone other than yourself. If you have to have the same identity-driven associations as the character you play to be allowed to take the role... you aren't acting.
  13. A metaphor for our times: Hundreds of furious reporters seeking to whip up widespread moral panic descend on a lackluster protest by a score of wet asshats with no staying power. The irony is so deep it aches and makes me want to reach for an aspirin bottle. Yes, the alt-right exists and beating them is a kind of hot kinky-fetish for many of us. But... unless you have a paintbrush the size of the Titanic, they aren't as dedicated, influential, numerous, or relevant as their opponents seem to want them to be.
  14. No disagreement. However, we seem to be discussing the same act in three distinct contexts. A political rally in a central urban public square or on "main street." A private gathering on private lands removed from the public square. A clear case of direct intimidation in a residential neighborhood (or someone's front lawn). I would suggest the following: A rally in a central urban public square (especially at the center-stage of our democracy) is contextually different than a rally in a field, the woods, or a residential neighborhood. There may be an implicit
  15. A fair question! For two parallel reasons: participation and practicability. Federal taxes are relevant to board members from all over the US. We share a stake and context in them. To a much lesser degree, board members outside the US do to. In the in the US context we have "dual sovereignty." Each individual state, determines its own tax structures. That would devolve into a discussion of fifty-one (!) separate tax codes and reform processes. I would be happy to discuss Washington State taxes with you, as well as some problems and reforms related to it, but...
  16. This would be a vast improvement. Its agree its a bit of a Gordian Knot. But, that is what made Alexander great.
  17. I think where we differ here is the implied premise that we can simply decide that an admittedly plausible prognostication of violence is sufficient to shut down protected speech. I'm not entirely comfortable with that. We don't do this when we know Antifa or the Black Block leaders are involved in planning the counter-protests. Rather, police meet with leaders, ban items that can be used as weapons, and very strictly enforce order. Should potentially violent right-wing protesters be treated differently than potentially violent left-wing counter-protesters? No argument he
  18. It really depends on the context. There have been permitted marches where those things have been present and they weren't deemed threats. That some people find something threatening doesn't mean it rises to an actual threat under the law. It depends on how the judges apply the reasonable person standard. For instance, in Washington State, the police used to routinely arrest people for disturbing the peace, or threatening behavior, for openly carrying a firearm (even though we are an open carry state). The state supreme court ultimately ruled that "a reasonable person is not threatened by a fel
  19. The Klan and Aryan Nations and other such groups have all won lawsuits over permits and their right to gather, march, and rally despite local opposition in places they wanted to be provocative reprobates. I still live by the premise "I find your views utterly reprehensible, but will defend your right to express them." The first amendment is too important to shut down simply because we find a person and their views hateful, repugnant, or unsettling. Insofar as its not tantamount to yelling fire in the public square, and doesn't cross the line into harassment or assault, I think they should be a
  20. The National Mall is center stage of our democracy. It is maintained by our tax-dollars. I have no issues with reasonable fees for special events like weddings and concerts, but for political protests? The government does not get to charge The People for the right to make their opinions known on their own front doorstep; and especially not by executive fiat. If it were any other national park I might not feel the same way, but the location of the national mall and the number of defining historical mass protests that have occurred there make it qualitatively different. No. Just no.
  21. "We shall cleave to the old ways: cover of darkness and speed of hoof!" - King Arthur, Excalibur. Some matters are so consequential that integrity and security must trump speed and convenience. Voting is one of those things where I'm willing to do a little more, wait a little longer, and fund a little stronger. Electronic and online voting are very modern and efficient, but the security is not yet robust enough for comfort. In Washington we receive ballots in the mail and return them the same way. Insofar as we aren't engaging in ballot-tea-reading and trying t
  22. Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America by Gustavo Arellano. The author is a columnist and food critic and has an entertaining style. Its not the sort of book I usually read, but it was fascinating nonetheless. He also has an interesting take on cultural exchange leads to intersection, innovation, and fusion.
  23. Wait, Bond is a supervillain?!
  24. The Jovian Chronicles by Dream Pod 9. I prefer the first edition core book. It was initially inspired by Mekton, but if you remove the giant mecha you end up with a fairly hard science fiction setting with a surprisingly diverse number of campaigns you can run. Most of the games I've run using it have been without mecha. The SolaPol book gives you a "space cops" option, for instance. And the civilian vehicle guides could open the door to travelers, merchants, miners, etc. It also includes rules for "reality distortion levels" running from gritty to cinematic. It runs on the Silhouette system,
  25. In the US "income tax" is generally a reference to personal income, such as salaries, dividends, and profits from private sales. Corporate taxes, while they may technically be income taxes on a business' revenues, are treated as separate. We do not have Federal sales or property taxes so they aren't directly relevant to a discussion of our federal tax code, though a discussion of fees would be germane. While some small businesses, mostly sole proprietors, follow the flow-through model, most people who run businesses, own rental properties, or even one-man shows to which
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