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Hudson City Reviewed on Gaming Report


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Re: Hudson City Reviewed on Gaming Report


Not the most favorable review - I don't think the reviewer *got* the point of HC - but here you go:




This defines why most 'reviews' on the internet are worthless. When you see the setting book being bashed (though why, other than not having some friendly stories about sex workers am I sure what he is faulting) going in hand with an admission of having never looked at any other Dark Champions product other than rteading the blurbs on the back, you realize you've wasted precious time reading yet another review by someone with no ability or credentials as a reviewer, just another person convinced that saying something doesn't meet their personal tastes makes them a well qualified critic.

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Re: Hudson City Reviewed on Gaming Report


quoted from the reviuw

To stop briefly on the 'sex' sections once more, the constant pounding on 'filth' and 'sin' got old really fast. Most everyone involved is the lowest most abused whore, or the worst of pimps and snuff peddlers. Speaking as an occasional reader of noir-ish fiction, and a regular reader of the writings of real life sex workers, its a lot more interesting if the authors show the other side of 'sex work'; with a decent number of people who like the work their doing (hooking, stripping, etc) for reasons ranging from enjoyment of the trade, to wanting a job with flexible hours and better pay than McDonalds.

end quote.

I did not bother to buy the new Hudson city since I got the old one but this revieuw showed me that this is the book for me! I am going to buy it right now.

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