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  1. players, upon being attacked by a Van that transformed into a Giant Robot, that had sat there, motionless for most of the combat. "Wait, that thing has been there the whole time?" ME: "Why yes..you see..it was a Robot, in disguise." ::transformer noises::
  2. No worries. I sensed nothing combative, and your points are clear, reasonable, and fair.
  3. Systemns are min-maxed by players. Even systems like FATE can be gamed, especially if by nature you are a good BS artist. Any system can be min-maxed, and that even includes the old rules of Third edition. Let me through together some lame EC, work out the right break points for Martial Arts, and take figured characteristics at the right values for maximum effectiveness..... I'm confused how 'simulationsist' has become a naughty word. Systems have to simulate something, provide some for of measure, character comparison, challenge resolution. If a system doesn't simulate the cornerstones of the games genre to some degree, its not helping the GM run the game. Role playing can be emphasized with any game, but its up the GM. No system can kill it, or crate it. A weak role player is a weak role player whatever the game. All this talk of emphasizing role playing and having more 'narrative driven elements" could be doen with Champions Complete. Just do an expansion on HAPS, their interactions with Complications, luck would handle most of it, and a few rules for broadening skill areas. Oh well, what will be will be. If it somehow actually gets more players to playing the current game and generate fresh target market, great.
  4. the most useless words in gaming systems: "narrative driven approach.". Systems don't drive narrative. They can't. Players and Gamemasters do.
  5. Exactly. Thanks for saying it better than I did.
  6. Confusion in the market. Misinformation travels faster than fact a thousand times. Some may think this is the new Champions, that 6e is being dropped. . Division in the player base fragmenting sales; there's already those refusing to advance to new product nightstick to older stuff out of nostalgia, fragmenting the potential ability to sell new product. I can understand a pure nostalgia product. But if you really want to attract new players, pushing a newer, nicer, newbie friendly version of Champions Complete is the way to go, instead of this diversion back to these rules which are just old and outdated, ( not intrinsically better (or really that much simpler) at reflecting the superhero genre.
  7. Well, I can only hope this somehow turns out positive for the game, or at the least doesn't do any harm.
  8. That is chief among the reasons I honestly hope that it doesn't meet funding. It will be bad for the Hero system, not good.
  9. No matter where you go, there you are.
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/804320/Papers_Please__The_Short_Film/
  11. A Christmas story live was sort of good. A few added sections were..well, puzzling, but it had the spirit.
  12. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... http://www.rhymes-with-witch.com/rww09152010.shtml The Gladiatorial games of cuteness
  13. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far Legitimate indeed. In fact, it could be the working for an entire game if quick, all or nothing contests are the norm, where defenses hold, or you get overwhelmed, or just don't get hit. (A really tough Brick might have an unheard of 30 stun!!) Dice fluctuations could really play havok..unless you when with all Standard effect rules (or as an option, standard effect on 3/4's of the dice, and then you roll)--reduces the number of dice you roll, still allows some variety...eh, its something to play around with anyway.
  14. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far I feel what is effecting some here is the discussion on 6e more than 6e itself, and the going back and forth before we really get to experience it as a working whole, instead of the few focused parts we see. It's sort of like tasting a few ingredients of a dish, and fighting over it with other cooks before trying the finished meal. It's better just to go have an appetizer or a nice drink and shoot the breeze and wait for dinner to be served. oh well...the downside of the internet, sneak peeks and such.
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