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Egyptian Tomb And Necropolis Maps!

Steve Long

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Re: Egyptian Tomb And Necropolis Maps!


I love posting links... :D Just give me a topic, and I'll drop some links on you...


A Brief History of Ancient Egyptian Tombs

by Samir Farid and Hany Farid



an essay with lots of pics, which is part of this essay page


Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian Tombs and Monuments




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Re: Egyptian Tomb And Necropolis Maps!


There is a display at the St. Louis Art Musuem (traveling display, so check local listings) abou tthe Treasures of the Royal Tombs of Ur. Ur was a city, dedicated to the Moon God, in Sumer, on the Euphrates River (modern day Southern Iraq). The city was at its peak about 2600 BCE. Most of the diggings occured in the 20s and 30s. The details and artistry were amazing, and most of the pieces were silver, electum, gold and lapis lazuli.


What really sounded off the Pulp Plot alert was this; when Wooley discovered the tomb and what it held he sent a secret telegram back to London, written in Latin to help keep the secret. It was bizzare to come around a corner and see a copy of the telegram looking like it had come from the HP Lovecraft Historical Soceity prop page. Besides the typed message from Western Union, below it was the receiver's handwriting translating the words.


Besides a greedy archaelogist trying to get the gold, all of the ancient Sumerian cities had a central temple and were based around the worship of a single god. Perhaps someone is trying to wake up the old gods.

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