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  1. Re: "Superpowers" novel I recently picked up Black and White on Kindle (at Amazon here). It was pretty well done. I also loved Soon I will be Invincible as a pastiche-character study.
  2. Re: Public Domain/Free Pictures Until the next time that Disney's monopoly of the Mouse-not-to-be-Named is threatened, look for perpetual copyright ownership in 2019 folks.
  3. Re: COMING ATTRACTIONS -- A Pulp Stuff Website Nice to see that Ron Fortier's books are in there too. I just picked up his Ghost Squad #1.
  4. Re: The Atlantean Age Begging your pardon then. I had no idea I was putting all that pressure on. Take your time, take your time.
  5. Re: [Review] The Atlantean Age What do you mean about the maps? I haven't seen the book myself yet. Are the Maps themselves shrunk down too small, do they cover an area that is too small?
  6. Re: Pulping the Renaissance Leonardo decrappio's Romeo + Juliet Okay, how about the Man in the Iron Mask? Ironically, in which I liked Leonardo DiCaprio (see, I can spell it correctly when I like the film), but I loved that guy channeling Malkovich who played his son. Not the character but the channeling itself. Close your eyes, he sounds just like Malkovich in tone and cadence. Eerie. The Count of Monte Cristo is the most pulpy goodness of all of them I think (opinions may of course vary). A nice revenge piece, Cristo has the skills and advantages of an era-appropriate
  7. Re: "Slick" Hero? How about a game where you devise characters that appear to have this idyllic life but are really seedy, no-good, lying backstabbing deviants when not around the dinner table with those dopey soulless grins. The point of the game is for the characters to achieve an abhorrent deed set by one of the other players ("Write the most nasty thing you can think of; pass it to the left"). The one with the most breathtakingly obscene character who looks like they are the most Rockwellian despite wading through the filth required by their vile task wins. Call it "The Aristocra
  8. Re: Soon I Will Be Invincible In a lot of ways your assessments are very much like mine about the doc. His being the sympathetic character and at the same time an unreliable narrator, but especially his mental state. You hit the nail on the head: Doctor Impossible does not really want to take over the world and I emphatically agree as to your view of his ultimate objective. In a way, I think his intellect actually hurts him here, he has created a web of rationalizations that refuse to allow him to see the obvious because of his ego. That sort of thing actually blindsides a lot of intel
  9. Re: Hero System 3rd Party Products Agreed in general (cannot say about this specific book). There is so much bad layout design out there it is not funny, and I am not speaking HERO here. I have not picked up a great deal of the HERO 3rd party stuff, but where I have -- such as the Algernon Files, I have not really run into the problem. I liked Algernon's layout. So the rrest of my rant pertains to layouts outside of 3rd party HERO material. Rocketship Empires for example is a neat setting and all but the layout -- yech. The book has some black reversed print pages, which are sort of
  10. Re: Some questions about Stronghold I think that works quite well. The golden rule for the Champions setting stuff has always been use what works isn't it? The modifications you suggest here, along with the tailored suppression techniques for each prison-cell discussed, in lieu of a general field certainly make sense and change relatively little in the actual book in terms of the prison's facilities and functions (i.e. the book is still 99.97% applicable). I think that is an excellent option.
  11. Re: Some questions about Stronghold Sure, there is plenty of room to use individually tailored cells using the existing maps. There is also room to have service provided for the supression tech in the "trench" that runs along each one of the Blocs (aka the lower sublevels). Alternatively, you could say that the suppression equipment is located in the gap between the various levels and is accessible from the Secure Area for regular maintenance and replacement. That will also give you some nice "Jeffries Tube" areas which are darned handy in a breakout (or better yet a "bug hunt") scenar
  12. Re: Secret Of The Incas Never saw Secret of the Incas, but there is a Heston film, my favorite in fact (although Omega Man... okay, just kidding) which is also set in the South American jungle that I really love: The Naked Jungle, with Elenor Parker and a slimmed down William Conrad. Not that it is great art film or anything, and maybe it qualifies more as a guilty pleasure, but I like it and would recommend watching for light entertainment. Plus you know, Chuck gets to blow stuff up and fight off ants. Tres cool for a Hestonite like myself.
  13. Re: Airlocks are for losers Ah, the sweet days of college youth.... What?
  14. Re: [Character] Zombie Herve Villechaize Neat-o, The only thing I'd add is PS: artist (Herve was the youngest artist -- at 18 years old -- to ever have his work displayed in the Museum of Paris) and maybe some gruesome ability to make artwork out of his victims (a PRE attack?? EGO??? Change Environment to reduce PRE??? I dunno about that but something which is Indirect "attack eminates from splatter-artwork" and conditional "Must have previous victim's body to work with")
  15. Re: T5th give me a break Actually looks pretty good to me. I don't like the way that the owner of Traveller treated those who had previous permission to put out product, but the Mongoose system actually looks pretty good -- The two-die rolls (Timing and Effect) is actually rather nice, as is the Augments and such. My biggest problem with the original system has long since been the fact that characters can be very lopsided, one individual might have a ton of skills and another might have little if nothing useful. The use of their Skill Packages system and the optional Point Allocation
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