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  1. Hypothetically any Themed team should have a common concept they can rally around. Its all very Golden Age comics, but when in Rome... A Royal Flush Gang squad, "Let's shuffle them!", or "Make'em fold boys!" Chance based: "Roll the Dice!" Snake Theme: "VIPER Bite!" Godly theme, "Smite Them!" Roman Theme, "Vindicans vindicabl convenite!", "For Rome!"
  2. The old Justice League cartoon, has the rallying cry "For Justice!"
  3. Having the real hero and imposter in the same room together, ideally somewhere with a camera (security or media) wouls at least allow for the public to believe it is reasonable to suggest a duplicate. Then its just a matter of proving that the hero did not perform the crimes. If it is not possible to get the imposter in the same room as the hero, then you have the classic mind-control defense strategies. Once you can prove that the shapechanger was in town the same time as the hero, it becomes a reputation discussion. This does not save the hero's reputation, but can present plausi
  4. To add clarity: We are using Ultimate Mystic (its a sword and sorcery type game). We will be using Astral travel, though my character does not have that ability, only Astral Awareness. I will be talking with my gamemaster tonight through my ideas, but I was trying to have options ready before we meet. The two ideas: Someone in Astral space enters a person's dreamscape and attacks them in their dream (I imagined how Nightmare attacks Doctor Strange when he forgot to protect his dreams). In our game we have Fae and spirits that visit earth and cause troubles, as well as having evil
  5. Love the idea, for inspiration about two steampunk/magitech conflict reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist. They turn the source of magic into a secret war, and high lights the conflict of intent versus action. It is also possible that you can have perpetual motion being powered by souls... human, faerie or automaton's Now each side could consider one of the three as non-sentient and an Okay source of perpetual energy. The truth is yours to decide. Even the Balanlandia might consider the magical ore used to make automatons (or automaton-like creations) a clean source, not knowing it was crea
  6. If I was to just make something up... If its is healable, it could be a Major (or Severe) Transformation into a Muggle, healed by Natural Healing. As you accumulate the damage your Active Point caps are reduced, until it is healed or restored with a Focus (OAF) Aid effect. Wheel of Time was big into the equivalent of focuses with Aid and Drain effects. If not healable then campaign convention/plot device
  7. Thank you for the feedback! (I also fixed the Adder to its minimum). As I have refined them, I see them as two strategies to grant the same benefit. The first makes it harder for an Astral traveler to harass a dreamer, the second makes someone targeted in any way from Mental influence. I will talk to my gamemaster on which makes more sense to have as a Norse Rune. Rune of the Sleeper's Respite: Change Environment (-6 to EGO or Astral Navigation Rolls to reach Dreamscape), Area Of Effect (3m Radius; +1/4), Usable By Other (+1/2), Recipient must be within Limited Range of the Grantor for p
  8. I am trying to create a Nordic Rune Mage (6th Ed Fantasy Hero Campaign). One Effect I want to create is to protect the dreams of someone resting next or under the protective rune. Which seems the correct way to model the effect? Do I need to make the effects Persistent? I was thinking of the effect lasting as long as the Rune is intact, but wtill struggling with best way to design the effect, Rune of the Sleeper's Respite: Change Environment (-9 to Characteristic Roll or Skill Roll), Usable By Other (+0), Recipient must be within Limited Range of the Grantor for power to be granted, G
  9. I want to thank everyone for all the great insights. I now understand the money should never enter the equation with CP purchases. I think I may have to create basic rule for designing innovations for my Pulp Hero game. It appears to NOT be in scope of the game design, unless the GM adds it. Also, time to build of items must be researched, CP points do not matter in this scenario, rather GM and player agreement. I was worried that I was failing to set dramatic timing efforts for technology innovation, but it sounds like any such timing should be a factor of my game, and not a m
  10. So you know how many CP it will cost to build your base on underground or on the moon. You know the CP to build your latest ray guy. How do you determine how much the materials will cost, if the design is supported in setting, and how long it will take to build? I am somewhat new to Hero, I have been playing and running games for a couple years, but I have never found any guidance for converting CP's into monetary expense. Nor have I found guidance on build times. I typically run Champions, Pulp and Spy Genre games. Lacking clear direction, I often resort to the construction rules
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