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  1. I like to have extras for people to use/borrow, plus I bought a couple replacements when my original copies started to fall apart (the 6E books and the 4E books had that in common--a problem with the binding coming unglued). Personally, I'd love it if my players would have bought copies for their own use, but as it was I had to practically drag some of them kicking and screaming into the light of HERO... They're smart people, good gamers, but they have a tough time grokking the way the game works.
  2. A copy purchased when the BBB first came out, a few inherited from friends who left gaming/Champions, and two picked up inexpensive (under $10 each) at used book stores (the "deluxe" edition and the softcover version).
  3. A couple snapshots... (just realized that Champions Universe isn't on the shelf...)
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