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  1. Re: Western Hero Resources Got the book & absolutely love it Crazy, that I'm getting so much out of a 16yr old HERO resource! I didn't get into HERO until 2003, so now I'm totally interested in what other gems might be out there from decades past. Thanks Again for the link. I would've bought Western Hero on day one if it'd been at my local gaming store. Not only did your link gift me w/ the Western Hero hookup but it also introduced me to the wonder that is Noble Knight Games
  2. This feels like a dumb question, but I just have to ask it anyway because I'm of two minds on the answer. Question: do large multi-hex targets take additional damage for every (3-D) hex it occupies within the spherical explosion radius? If the target is a starship the answer seems obviously affirmative, but for a animal like a T-Rex that seems like it would deliver far more damage than a mere +1/2 advantage should supply. My players keep targeting their explosive fireballs at the T-Rex's chest level so they get the full radius of additional damage (vertically) head to feet. They stopped throwing the grenades at the beasts feet, because then they don't get as much radius damage upwards. Are they correct?
  3. Re: Star Hero:? I can see how terraforming colonies offer potential for adventure.... but months of hyper-sleep, not so much I'll take the lightsword wielding froglings over hyper-sleeping terraformers anytime
  4. Some additions to your Underwater Equipment Dark Champions (pg.288) & Equipment Guide (pg.170) 8pts - Speargun: Multipower, 54-Point Reserve; all slots OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-1/4), Independent (-2), 1 Recoverable charge (-1 1/4), Ltd. Range (4"; -1) 1u - 1) 1 1/2d6 RKA, AP (+1/2) (37 Active Points); OAF (-1), Beam (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4), Independent (-2), 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), Ltd. Range (4"; -1) 1u - 2) 24 STR TK (36 Points), Reduced Endurance (+1/2) (54 Active Points); OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-1/4), Ltd. (Can Only Pull Toward User; -1/2), 1 Recoverable charge (-1 1/4), Ltd. Range (4"; -1), Independent (-2), Linked (to RKA; -1/4) * loosely based on the ltd. Speargun weapon writeup in DC: Predators (pg.33) Also - Bang Sticks They come in calibers ranging from .38-.44 (sometimes even 12g), this one's a .44 cal model on a 6ft stick 6pts - Bang Stick: HKA 2d6 (L), +1 STUN (+1/4), Invisible Power Effects (retains shell casing; +1/4) (45 Active Points); OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-1/4), Ltd. (Only Underwater; -1/2), Charges (sack of 6 rounds [1 per use]; -3/4), Increased Reloading Time (2 Full Phases; -1/4), STR Min (6; STR Min Doesn't Add Damage; -1), Independent (-2) Please share any additional diving / underwater weapons or equipment you might have, or even improvements to my writeups. Thanks. My dolphin PC really hates the Sonic weaponry
  5. Re: Favorite Anti-Brick tricks? Groundfighting (Fantasy Hero, pg.157) Attacking from the ground (prone) imposes a -2 OCV penalty on both HTH and Ranged attacks. Prone characters are also at their full DCV vs. other prone characters. Characters can eliminate groundfighting penalties by making a PS: Groundfighting roll (or buying Use Art While Prone for martial arts).
  6. Ww Completely Agree. Just read WW's Greatest Stories Ever Told, v.1 tpb recently, thems were some whacky tales - but I liked 'em. Laughed at how often she got tied up I think I'm gonna wait for the trade w/ Wonder Girl's new mini. P.S. Count me among the Byrne haters.
  7. Re: Western Hero Resources Thanks a lot for posting this link. Just purchased this puppy via the link you shared. Can't believe I'd never heard of this (old) HERO supplement before Thanks Again
  8. Facehugger Writeups? Been using the writeup from this thread for a long time - it has definately served me well (though I've adjusted the secondary mini-teeth/jaw attack to AP). I've drawn up a cave system for a homecourt Alien scenario, but I ran into the issue of needing some facehuggers. I see they'd be built on 100 pts (via the summon), but has anybody actually written a facehugger up? Some half-move leaping and perhaps some sort of OCV bonus to grabbing the neck area would be in order... maybe even Clinging (in home environments) or some such. A Chestburster writeup would be greatly appreciated too. I figure it'd be like a super-tough snake
  9. Re: Western Hero Resources Maybe someone'll find this useful. http://www.cowboyshowcase.com/cowboy_etiquette.htm 12 aspects of the Cowboy Code.
  10. Re: Weird request Thanks a lot for sharing this article CW I really enjoyed reading it!
  11. Every reference or rule regarding laser sights I've seen apply only to RMod, OCV & PRE... shouldn't there be some form of Cosmetic Transfrom from a PC to a PC with a red dot on their person. Regardless of OCV, RMod or PRE, a PC with a red laser dot on them knows - as does anyone else seeing it - that he's being 'covered' / targeted. (I assume the Cover maneuver comes into play here somehow). I've never seen this issue covered regarding laser sights... is there a book or Dark Champions (etc) reference I'm missing? How would you suggest writing such a Cosmetic Transform up? Thanks Very Much
  12. This is kind of two questions in one... I'm still a little confused about whether or not STUN can occur from a Killing Attack that does no BODY? And furthermore can Knockback can occur from STUN done (even if no BODY damage occurs). The rule, as I read it, indicates that STUN does not occur unless a KA does some BODY damage. But (in real life)... a person wearing a bulletproof vest still will fly back (i.e., take STUN & KB) if they're shot in the chest w/ a shotgun, even if no BODY damage gets thru. Am I misreading this situation somehow? A shotgun blast to an armored character does no STUN to the PC, much less have a chance to knock him off his feet, unless some BODY damage gets thru?
  13. This may seem like a total n00b question, and it actually is. Both the 5ER & Combat Handbook say that STUN damage w/ Normal Damage Attacks is based on "BODY Done" (not rolled). The question regards EB guns that aren't built necessarily to do BODY damage, and yet seemingly do nothing at all if no BODY in "done". My (sloppy) question: Many villains have ED around 15 & above... is it true that any attack has to get at least one BODY thru (theoretically having to 'do' 16 BODY) before the first bit of STUN damage gets through / occurs? If so, an AF blaster gets no STUN through, no matter how many shots "hit" unless one gets some BODY done. Does the STUN from other shots now get through since some BODY was done w/ the 'meta' attack? Sorry for the sloppiness of the question
  14. Re: Trek Hero PDF available Thanks for the info & quick reply. So it sounds like it's not all calculated differently (like Fusion) was. I like your avatar of Chewie chilin'. If you haven't gotten the Dark Horse Chewbacca graphic novel yet, I highly recommend it!
  15. Re: Trek Hero PDF available Some more questions... 1) Is this (http://www.starherofandom.com/h_trekhero/index.php) still the correct site? 2) What does FASA mean? I looked for any FAQ style definitions but couldn't find anything. 3) Are the upbringing templates/pages intended for a non-MS browser? I use IE and saw all the code-tags instead of a webpage. Thanks for the info. I always enjoyed your guys' work on these Trek pdfs. Any Defiant (from DS9) writeups?
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