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  1. Re: Superhero Team Members Large number of characters on teams. Probably too large to be effective. Especially the Avengers which works best at 7 or so.
  2. Brother Chaos

    The Tick

    Re: The Tick He probably needs Damage Reduction since he is nigh invulnerable.
  3. Re: Campaign Classics: Robin Hood These are great. I think I may be stealing them. Thanks
  4. Re: A Possessed House Yep. That was a classic. Jack at his crazy best. With Halloween coming up, it woul dbe a great view.
  5. Re: For October - Horror Movie Chiller Theator I liked the tagline, but I agree with Badger. This would not be much horror involve4d for me either. People need to have a connection to the victims for horror to work, and even if people like clowns, they seem separated.
  6. Re: My characters Great. These are awesome
  7. Re: Indiana Jones World Map cool. I'd love something like this
  8. Brother Chaos

    The Tick

    Re: The Tick I love the Tick! Spoon
  9. Re: New Campaign Idea: "X-Men: First Class" As The Only Canon Hank was in X3 not X2
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