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  1. Re: Mental, the short stick? I see no reason why a high ego opponent should escape from a "mind controll" easier than a low ego. It should be the mentalists choice if each +5 gives a -1 on breakout rolls or (+10) extra effect. It should be a standard 11< roll, after all your attack suceeded but had to beat his ego, ergo people are on the same playing field whether they are galactus or john doe. Maybe a roll would be rquired by any mind attack,"only got 20 against a 30 ego +2 to breakout casually"
  2. Re: Walking/Running on Water: Flight, Gliding, Swimming, Running Usable As...? Why should you have clinging if flight usable only on surfaces is okay? works both ways you know
  3. Re: Walking/Running on Water: Flight, Gliding, Swimming, Running Usable As...? new power based off clinging 10 waterwalking, so you still have your normal running speed and dont have to mess around with advantages. extra 10 for walk on air
  4. Re: WWYCD: The Invasion Is On... That is a nice scene, and as i read and enjoyed invasion ( even having to buy a ripped copy of the 3rd ) would have looked good in there.
  5. Vorsch

    Modern Gods

    Re: Modern Gods Have you looked at some player write ups?
  6. Vorsch

    Modern Gods

    Re: Modern Gods God of Oil Worshippers everone who dosent drive a camel to work
  7. Re: Inconsitancies No its impied from ther high level of fitness. Few champions bricks have reduced end
  8. Re: Inconsitancies Bod is seriously under bought My point was End expenditure in superhumans increase faster than their fitness/energy levels. All normals can pelt alround at full abilities for ever while Supers have to conserver thier energy like geriatric grandmas, alway worring about over taxing themselves. Not genre, most if not all genuine super never tire
  9. has any one ever noticed that a brick is proportianly less fit than a normal human. Brick str 60, con 30, end 60 tires completely after 10 phases, gains 3 phases per rec The milkman str 10, con 10, end 20 tires completly after 20 phases, gains 4 phases per rec, thats forever even at spd 4 So much for superfit bricks. I argue that this is not genre, and a flaw in the 20+year old rules. comments?
  10. Re: Jane's Superhumans Cancelled .... wow. Really? Didnt know things were so bad for Thor.
  11. Re: Jane's Superhumans Permit me to disbelieve that. Tell me again in 3 months an i might believe you. Hes a god hes Imortal and hes popular. Dead, how the young are easily decievied
  12. Re: Jane's Superhumans On the othe hand DC NSA have superman Marvel have Thor CU has ......... Dead man walking, sorry Seeker For every Villain thers a Hero that there equal.
  13. Re: Autofire and Reduced Endurance on STR. Autofire can be devestatingly overeffective, at a huge end cost. When what you want is to simply do more damage to a target, just buy HA+10d6 x8 end, end 40, RC 10. That would give the effect of a 1000punches by the str scale at any rate.
  14. Re: Rooting The power Density increase makes you heavier by definition, thats not sfx thats what the power does. Use Knock back resistance with a lim as you say 10 20 Knockback Res 10", Lim Takes KB damage regardless of KB res -1/2, x2 KB damage -1/2
  15. Re: Physics students needed There is the minor detail that the train is still under power. seems a feat that i would put out of Spidermans strength and toughness range. But i liked it anyway
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