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  1. I don't usually chime in on Fantasy Hero, but here's my two cents. Hero has a mechanic for handling Surprise Attacks for the everyman. Using Deadly Blow for Sneak Attacks is about characters who are good at attacking under those conditions. Using Haymaker is supposed to the all out effort and I would not use it as a surprise attack, but I would use it to lay the smackdown on an enemy that they expect would be a challenge to defeat. A rogish character would use Haymaker combined with the Surprise Attack is situations where their superior Dexterity and Speed would allow them to act before the enemy's reprisal.
  2. That was from the original game screenshots I provided as reverence. This is how she's looking in Champions Online:
  3. Enermatrix was a character I had drawn by Storn. I had changed Enermatrix's origin story when I started playing her in pen and paper superhero games Natasha Cunoştinţescu-Kirlova Born from parents that emigrated from Russia, both scientists that found themselves without work when capitalism took over in USSR. They moved to Windsor, where they gained employment and taught at the University of Windsor. They were cut down by a supervillain attacking during a field trip in the city. Natasha Kirlova became a ward of the state. At age 18, she attended the University of Windsor with a full scholarship, but before her graduation, she was abducted. Subjected to a mutagenic compound, she found herself generating electrical energy and placed into a crystalline cylinder to be used as a human battery by the evil villain. Having been freed, she seeks to use her newfound gift to help others while she tries to go on with her life. That's the very basics.
  4. A quick search turned this up https://top.gg/bot/583031144199618570
  5. You don't need to use the webcam to share the screen on Discord
  6. True. So, buy the Resistant Defense and say that it is only on when "Triggered", figure that's worth a -1/4 since you need to be able to use a 0 phase action to trigger it.
  7. That's in the APG, Damage Based Endurance Cost. You pay END initially to put it up and pay END based on the damage taken.
  8. It was my understanding that just putting charges on your Resistant Protection(RP) will only make the power last from the point of activation to your Dex on the next phase because RP is a Persistent power. To be able to make the power on demand needs Trigger.
  9. I was trying to work on a new 5th edition character but the Add Modifier button is not doing anything. I tried with a 6th Edition character and the same happened. I have attempted to download a fresh version of HD and install the latest version of Java and there was no change. Build used: 20200102
  10. This was the only Champions game that they were talking about back in the days. It was highlighted in Computer Gaming World Issue 93/April 92 ( http://www.cgwmuseum.org/galleries/index.php?year=1992&pub=2&id=93 )
  11. 5th and 6th Edition don't use Growth for permanently large people (Look at the Appendix starting at 5ER 573) The linked Armor would always be on because the Growth is always on. Now, having Always On Armor is a whole different issue but Linked to an Always On power is not a limitation.
  12. Current rules say that you don't buy Growth as always on, you buy the stats and take the appropriate complication for the size. In any case, if a power is always on, the linked power isn't limited thus not a limitation.
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