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  1. Re: Answers & Questions Q? For $10 an hour, what is work? A. We're going to Pakistan.
  2. Re: Answers & Questions Q? My dad always said I should use my head. But for what? A. Snag it.
  3. Re: Answers & Questions Q? Uh, can I have a threesome with your wife? (That one kind of wrote itself.) A. 121 Hermione Bi-lobated Shapes revealed with the Keck AO system.
  4. Re: My Player Betrayed Humanity. Now What?
  5. Re: Answers & Questions Q. ??? A. And then the wheels fell off.
  6. Re: Answers & Questions Q? What did Death Tribble say to the Graham cracker surprise at Keebler's bachelor party? A. 121°38'43.8''W, 37°20'24.6''N, 1281.39 m
  7. Re: Answers & Questions Q? What do you use to record the changes you see in the Autumn? A. Graham cracker surprise!
  8. Re: Answers & Questions Q. What's the chance of seeing poltergeist activity tonight? A. Twilight
  9. Re: Answers & Questions Q. No negative rep! What the? A. Smirk
  10. Re: Answers & Questions Q? What is a funny placed to be stationed at in the RAF? A. It's wrinked and purple.
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