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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Our group illusionist had just had a scene where a woman handed her baby over to the illusionist. She then realized the woman was missing a foot, had a broken neck and was a zombie, who said "thank you" and proceeded to fall over dead. Freaked out, she called my character, I quickly flew over and she explained what happened. Me: "And that's it?" Her: "What do you mean, 'is that it?' The dead are walking around... Does this seem normal to you?" Me: "Honey, I fly."
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Dwarf (OOC): I hope combat happens soon. GM: And then the wizard you were talking to slumps over dead. Dwarf: Wait, what just happened? GM: Phase 12, you see two thrown axes in the back of the wizard.
  3. Re: A Game Of Questions Can anyone play?
  4. Re: It's the Little Things.... This combination of little things was amazingly useful... TF: Large Motorized Vehicles and Lockpicking "Well, I had to borrow this large 18-wheeler...."
  5. Re: Character Backgrounds (free for all) Here's one of mine. Karon was an orphan raised by the Clerics of Light. Everyday she would polish the famed plate armor used by the Legendary Paladin of Light. It was a boring job, but Karon was never one to shirk her duties. The legend said that one day, the hero would return to once again protect the city. Then, one day, the city was attacked. Without a moment's thought, Karon rushed and got the armor. But the armor was too heavy to carry, so she put the helmet on her head, and wore the gauntlets... before long, she was wearing the famed armor of the Legendary Paladin of Light. One thing led to another, and she found herself battling among her people and defending the city. The famed Paladin of Light had returned! Karon didn't have the heart to tell them that she was just a young cleric in training.
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The heroes are talking to the suspected supervillain who built the first hotel-size space station in orbit. Hero: "They just don't understand your vision, do they?" Supervillain: "And they don't have any business sense, do you know how much it costs to ship water to orbit, when you can just recycle it from urine?" Hero looks at her drink with concern. Supervillain: "More lemonade? I made it myself."
  7. Re: Superbeing Rights Debate I have, in my fantasy game, summoned creatures which are lifeforms deemed "to be without a soul" and legally slaves. So, in my fantasy game, if Kon could demonstrate that he had a soul (which admittedly would be hard since animated plushy and even cat girls are consider soulless since they are usually summoned). My world hasn't encountered artificial souls and doesn't have an easy way to detect souls (except by shadow creatures being shadowy or by cat girls being cat girls and assumed to be created "ex nihilo" by a mortal being using magic) so the fact that Kon has an artificial soul would not be a problem so much as proving that he is a ensouled creature which would be a great debate indeed. The undead are also considered to be animated corpses, so it behooves them to not be detected as undead. Now, in the modern world, I like to think Kon could be entitled to basic human rights by the duck test. Although the law can come up with some fairly abstruse reasons.
  8. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Star Trek Wars "The landing party will consist of me, the Jedi Council and Jar Jar." "Why'z we wearing red shirts?" "Consider it a promotion."
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Ok, here's one from last night. Our group is a bunch of super cops, called in to deal with a drug bust gone bad. We're an eclectic bunch of superheroes: two mages, a physic, a powered-armor fox-girl, and a typical flying brick. We got into a fight with robots. Our typical attacks are just barely denting the shiny blue meteorite metal these things are coated in. Time to pull out some magic. I yell enthusiastically, "Shadow shards!" "What the heck is shadow shards?" The other player asks. "1.5d6 RKA, Any Special Effect, Penetrating." Damage is rolled, only 1 BODY is Penetrating. "The robot is going to take 1 BODY because the armor isn't Hardened." Another player pipes up, "Unless it has Combat Luck." GM looks up the robot and says with a straight face, "It has Combat Luck." I look back at the critic, "Now, we know what Shadow shards are. They are what deflects off the robot's Combat Luck instead of penetrating."
  10. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Teleformers, more than meets the tummy.
  11. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Why's Goth Boy following her around? A: I've become so numb I can't feel you there, become so tired so much more aware. (Linkin Park - Numb)
  12. Re: Chocolate Orc The White Chocolate Orcs are a myth! There Milk Chocolate Orcs, Dark Chocolate Orcs, and the rare and elusive Mint Chocolate Orcs (for St. Patrick Day). Mint Chocolate Orcs 30 Various magical spells (Spells should involve trickery of some sort and possibly OIF: Lucky Charms) -15 Physical Limitation: Bound by the rules and traditions of magic -15 Hunted by those who want their deliciously magical secrets. Besides being a shade of pale green, they usually prefer to use a shillelagh and speak with a rather thick Irish brogue.
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My character showed up from 1993 and was surprised that superheroes have to register. "Wait, do you have to register?" "Only if you want to be using superpowers legally." (Police voice) "I'm sorry, miss, but I'll have to pull you over." "But, officer, I was only using 4 ounces of superpower." "... And I had it sealed in these containers of Whoop @$$." "I'm sorry, but you had intent to use that superpower."
  14. Re: Chocolate Orc Ok, but I think you forgot one. Hollow Chocolate Orc. -5 STR -5 (-1 PD, -1 REC, -2 STUN) -2 BODY -4 8 5" Swim, 0 END 6 +4" Superleap, 0 END -5 Physical Limitation: Hollow in the middle, +4 KB", weighs 1/4 as much.
  15. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page The downloads works for me, I have Adobe Reader 7.0 and I'm using Microsoft Vista.
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