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  1. I still have the hero designer files from the fifth edition release but I have a windows 10 computer now and can’t get it to install. Do I have to get the upgrade to Hero Designer 3 or is there anyway I could install what I already have?
  2. Buried coffins confuses me as to why....
  3. LOL. I remember creating smartphones back in the 90s as a super high tech device in 4th edition. I’ll have to look that up now.
  4. Are we still debating how to build a spoon or a towel?
  5. Hey everyone. Haven’t been active for many years here, but after a move out of state I might have finally found a group of players for Champions. Not getting too excited about it yet, but figured I’d polish up and see what’s new.
  6. Re: Heroes Who Mess-Up Speaking of crowded auditoriums... During a graduation ceremony, in which the valedictorian happened to be a mutant, a group of Genocide agents decide to make a public demonstration of him. Seeing how the heroes of the city were also present as a cousin to one of the PCs was also graduating, things didn't go as planned... So the heroes notice Genocide and attempt to stop them. One "hero" decides to take the fight to them, flies outside and decides she can one-shot each agent by shooting them to cause KB directly into the building. Apparently not having any idea of the strength of her own blasts, she starts blasting agents through the roof to fall in the still crowded and now panicked auditorium. Now realizing how easy it was to blast through the roof, she figures she can take out the agents even faster by collapsing the roof underneath them. When EVERYBODY at the table attempts to explain there are still people inside and her character should know this, she says they should have gotten out already and it's their fault for being so slow... (this was on something like Segment 8 of the first Turn... and the crowd didn't even realize there was a thread until holes started appearing in the roof, 5 seconds ago).
  7. Re: WWYCD: Mindset I'd say "Yes, and that's why I've secretly planed to sabotage this mission from the start." As for my characters... Dust Raven: This is no different than brainwashing, but at least it's cheaper than prison and feels less dirty than murder. Zectron: Such a moral dilemma would likely give poor Zectron a mental breakdown... Ashton: That doesn't really matter now, Mindset. By now Destroyer has already learned of our plan through his spies and the only reason we've gotten this far is because he's developed a method to reverse the effects of your powers and we've just brought him his new army.
  8. Re: Model AVLD w/ an NND like defense While I agree that this is not a Limitation for the Flash, "Not Vs Blind" is still a valid Limitation for the AVLD, especially since your average blind dude doesn't have the Flash Defense which would otherwise be the only protection.
  9. Re: Is "Hollywood-style" decompression accurate?
  10. Re: Is "Hollywood-style" decompression accurate? Agreed.
  11. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast Agreed.
  12. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast 5ER page 380 "Spreading is most commonly used with Energy Blast, but characters may also Spread with other types of Ranged attacks (unless the GM rules otherwise)." Note: the Dust Raven thinks the phrase "unless the GM rules otherwise" should only be included in any given rulebook ONCE, at the begining, in a sentence that reads "All rules presented in this book should be assumed to be followed by the statement: Unless the GM rules otherwise." It would really save a lot of space for Hero System publications.
  13. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast Yes, EB can do that and HA cannot. However, HKA can also spread. I still think normal vs killing isn't an issue. I have no personal experience that would lead me to believe killing attacks, in practice, are superior to normal attacks to the point of needing to cost more, nor have I heard of anyone else's personal experiences leading them to the same conclusion. It's all in the math, and math, like any form of logic, is a really good tool for reaching a wrong answer with absolute certainty.
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