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  1. Hiya Simon, I currently have Build 20130424 and I'm fairly certain more updates have been made since the end of April 5 years ago. How do I tell if I need to repurchase HD to get the latest version or if I am still eligible for the updates?
  2. Centuries ago, a band of great heroes fell to the lure of evil, one traitorous member dooming them all. Stories of the Hundred's final battle have echoed through the ages, but their true fate has been lost to the dark mists of time. Almost forgotten, their legacy survives only as a cautionary tale for other adventurers. Until tonight. Under a black, cloud-choked sky, something stirs near the hamlet of Elrin. Rumors of an unnatural blight, creatures of darkness and evil threatening the countryside abound. Brave souls are needed to dare the twisted forest, to find the heart of wickedness pl
  3. Re: How many of you use END outside of magic? and other questions... You can't simulate the Turakian magic system in HD
  4. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Don't know if it qualifies as cool guns for your games, but this is my wife's new toy. We're taking it to the range today for its inaugural firing. [ATTACH=CONFIG]43446[/ATTACH]
  5. Re: TUALA MORN -- Interested In More Stuff? I have to admit that I absolutely love the Tuala Morn setting and would like to see more developed for it.
  6. Re: D&D 4E Style Minions Thanks everyone, I have a lot to think about on this.
  7. Re: Immunity to Drains This thought is not likely to be as coherent as I'd like, I had a rather long bout with insomnia last night. So, the reason for Immunity to Drains is actually, an immunity to specific types of Drains, I often get tunnel vision when an idea hits and I post the question here so that I can get concepts/suggestions/commentary that I wouldn't, or didn't, even consider. In this case, I had neglected the use of Drains in more esoteric fashions rather than just straight Drain Body/Strength, etc. Not as one poster suggested, that I let Drains get out of hand and they're ruin
  8. Re: D&D 4E Style Minions The goal for these guys is allow for Diablo-esque mass slaughter of opponents. The Minion version of the monster hits just as hard as the "normal" version, but is slain easily. Thus you can have many many more of them assault the PC's.
  9. Re: Immunity to Drains It's not for PC's, it's for an NPC template that can be added to a monster/NPC. So game breakage isn't an issue, neither is GM approval.
  10. Re: D&D 4E Style Minions Essentially they are 1hp versions of full monsters but are immune to effects from "missed" attacks, such as "Half-Damage if target missed". I'm working on a setting and I am wanting to include this as a template that can be stuck on to NPC's/Monsters as needed by the GM. This is what I'm thinking as well. I don't have that book and since I don't play supers campaigns, I likely won't ever get it.
  11. Re: Immunity to Drains How does that stop draining a characteristic? Aren't they already Inherent?
  12. I know Hero System has no absolutes, but I was wondering what the most effective way to simulate an Immunity to all Drain powers would be? High levels of Power Defense?
  13. So I'm tossing around the idea of building D&D Style Minions for a setting rule. Would it be easier just to build them with 1 Body and 1 STUN and be done with it, or would it be more representative to have them have a Vulnerability against all effects?
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