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  1. The Battle of the Yellow Sea, in which the Japanese fleet was barely able to prevent the Russian battleships from escaping by landing an extremely fortuitous hit on the bridge of the Russian flagship.
  2. There is some serious speculation that it looks that way not because his pants are on backwards, but because his adult diapers get bulky when full. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you U.S. politics in 2021.
  3. Please tell me you have video of this.
  4. For context, Rahm had every opportunity to take the vaccine and refused. Further discussion on this point should probably move to the Political Thread.
  5. The comparisons between H.W. and W. were even better. W. was the drunken black sheep of his old money family. W. was a cheerleader at Yale, where he earned "gentleman's Cs". W. spent Vietnam defending Texas from the Mexican Air Force and may or may not have deserted anyway. W. spent time mountain biking on his ranch. W.'s oil ventures failed, though somehow this didn't affect his personal finances at all. And yet, somehow, Trump was worse.
  6. I officially don't recognize any of the names of the women in that article besides Serena. I wonder if that's a sign of advanced age.
  7. Yes, but who sniped who?
  8. It's the other way around actually. ;)
  9. The pandemic may have killed off a couple of flu strains Also, heard Dr. Fauci on NPR today talking about broad-spectrum flu immunizations under development, using nanoparticles with flu variant hemagglutinins attached to provoke an immune response. Ironically this was on the way back from getting the kids their second Pfizer shot.
  10. You mean... T H E R M O P Y L A E ! ! ! !
  11. Battle of Qadesh 1274 BCE, one of the more spectacular chariot-on-chariot battles in history.
  12. I have to say I don’t even remember registering, but thanks!
  13. I mean, vandalism is not actually recommended. But I thought it was funny to think about.
  14. I’d have added June too, but there’s already another draft going.
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