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  1. Well, the new Damage Classes also have to 'pay' for the Advantages to be on them. A Damage Class is 5 Points, if you have +1 worth of Advantages on a Power, adding a DC adds 10 Active Points of Power to it... It's a math thing. Of course, math at the table can slow things down, so sometimes it's easier to ignore the rule and just add DCs from other sources on straight. This all does track back to 4th Ed, just expanded explanations (4EHSR page 159 has a single sentence regarding Advantaged STR with added Damage Classes).
  2. It would probably be easier to apply a "Resistant ED Stops the Attack completely" Limitation, as Blast generates more Stun per DC than Killing Attacks.
  3. It's a bad loop designed to prevent people from gaming the system. Rules that are obviously only anti-twink rules are generally bad form. Personally, I'd totally allow someone to Hold to take a Recovery, as long as their stated Hold Action condition is "so I can take a Recovery" and not the generally vague "I'm holding..."; They, of course, can't abort to a dodge or block in that time, they have to take the hits until their Held Action comes around... but it seems fair enough to me to allow. Hardly game breaking.
  4. This explicit denial of Hold Then Take A Recovery goes all the way back to 4E (HSR p167); probably further back. Just to head off any "that's why I don't like 6E" commentary.
  5. Yes, the DEX20 Character can declare their Recovery even if a DEX25 Character has caused damage. And it's not get hit, it's take damage - if your defenses completely block all the damage your already declared Recovery already occurs. If you take damage before your Action in a Phase you can still declare a Recovery Action, and it goes off at the normal time.
  6. Given the breadth of base Animal Friendship, I might even go to -1 1/2 for Dogs Only.
  7. Yes, you can land from your own Leap. This should be a common sense application of an ability/power/mechanic - there's no reason why using a basic game mechanic would be detrimental to a Character unless specifically noted as such.
  8. I agree with JMoz, Physical Manifestation is a simpler, and generally better, option. It can be removed fro your possession for a short period, targeted directly, and called to you via 'teleport' at will.
  9. Well, generally, yes - Accidental Change only works if you have purchased some other Form (most commonly Multiform) to change to/from. Other 'alternate form' powers would be Shape Shift, any set of powers defined with Only In Alternate ID, or a set of powers with Unified on them with SFX of changing forms. If you have a Super that 'turns normal' when KO'd you're going to have to define what aspects are Normal and what are Super, and likely attach appropriate Limitations to them.
  10. You're reading it incorrectly. Across the board. But, hey, you're welcome.
  11. You apply the modifiers of the Maneuvers you are using then you apply the modifier of Multiple Attack on top of the rest of them. It's nested.
  12. Just a note: at the 10point level, Defensive Maneuver does not cost 1/2Phase, and operates outside Combat.
  13. I probably am mixing them... The point is - I don't think a Multiple Attack should come with the DCV Penalty. I personally think the very idea of using two attacks in a Phase is part of the base assumption of the system.
  14. Sure you can, PSLs are used to buy off OCV penalties. For instance if you buy Two-Weapon Fighting it removes the first -2 OCV penalty from Multiple Attack.
  15. If you know the phone number, without getting overly complicated, for game purposes: Hack the telephone carrier for the ANI, use the ANI in the system to track last known Cell Tower Ping, find that cell phones ID via that (probably a combination of skills related to however you handle hacking systems in your game), track via GPS (detect radio, GPS signals). Basically the telephone company already does all this - hack them.
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