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  1. Characteristic generally fall under AP Guidelines (STR for instance, as it directly effects Damage Classes, generally falls into this category). There is nothing that explicitly states Characteristics fall under Active Point Guidelines, as there are usually a separate set of Characteristic Guidelines that are laid out with any other guidelines. A best practice is set the following three Guidelines for a campaign: Characteristic Ranges (included defense ranges, and CV ranges after all bonuses are accounted for) Active Points Damage Classes not all Advantages are damage related, which is where separating DCs and APs comes in handy; a game may set Active Points at 80 but Damage Classes at only 12.
  2. Make them feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and a little dread - find some Merzbow to play: https://merzbow.bandcamp.com
  3. I'd like to start by stating how completely weird it is for suits to have belly buttons, and it verges on creepy when you realize it's just the women's suits. Omni; She was just a normal teenager in the year 2243, well until her powers manifested. And what a doozy that set of powers was. She could channel past lives into new physical bodies. Each past life a superhero in their own right. Sometimes the change was weird, like Andrew, the telepath, could only be channeled as his 10 year old self. She gets flashes of their lives when she shifts, past heroic deeds, successes and failures. These flashes have given her experience far beyond her years in the continuing battle against Mechanon...
  4. Describe the attack without using mechanical terms, it might help get the best build-to-vision; It sounds like as the Hammer is used in combat, if it isn't getting past armor it's flames burn brighter and hotter, dealing more damage to try and break whatever barrier it is set against; also, it hurts to touch it while this effect is in place. Sounds like Aid to the Hammers fire damage & damage shield., triggered when it hits something, with cumulative effects as it's used more. And a Damage Shield, only on the hammer. It's not inexpensive, but it is cool.
  5. Nothing has really changed on how Absorption works from 4th through 6th Editions; they all literally begin with the same opening sentence... So what's changed that's stopping you from using it? (I mean, except for the fact that Absorption is designed for incoming attacks, not outgoing as you're describing...)
  6. It's a Plot Point; Build the Lions (or if you're going for the other series the various ships), build Voltron, use Vehicle Rules, hand wave the combining as Cool Stuff That Happens; Give the players different roles in Voltron like you would any Starship style combat.
  7. theinf8 is correct, it is 1 Point of Killing Damage, it should do the standard modifier for Killing Attacks on stun.
  8. It is 1 Point of Normal Damage (Body + Stun) that is triggered when a Target is in the CE Area Of Effect, they take the point when they first enter the area, and every time the Character who activated/controls the Change Environment has their Phase come up.
  9. I agree with those saying VPP; it's what it was designed for. With a little bit of customization to how/when powers can be "switched out"; as the default assumes you have every power imaginable and that switching is for individual powers that are 'active' in the Pool. An additional "can only choose from the list in the book" on the Framework itself at, perhaps -1/2, would restrict the player to a given Suite of Powers at a time. Then the standard limitations of how often an individual Power can be brought into the active Pool based on how you see any given Book being used (is switching out powers as simple as turning the page? probably as a 0 Phase Action, or does the character have to find the right page, and quickly read it's instructions (1/2 to Full Phase) actions...
  10. Sunday evening here, so I'm going to go with steriaca, mostly for that Hero name alone, which is amazing.
  11. Change Environment affects an area, not a Target; but technically yes, the Attacking Character would have to be In The CE Area to be affected; As a GM I would easily be inclined to say this affects things coming into the Area Affected (like missile attacks) as it does characters acting in the area itself.
  12. I wouldn't worry about what the GM can do; a good and fair GM won't just fiat their way around interesting things. Creating a localized wind field to deflect incoming missile attacks is a really cool idea and effect.
  13. Change Environment; There's a 3 point "-1 Range Modifier, or some other Combat Penalty"; So if the GM agrees a "-1 OCV" or "+1 DCV Of Hex" is an appropriate use of this CE Adder, I recommend that. It's clean and does what you want it to.
  14. Playing in a low powered super-cop game; Player1: When he takes off his helmet he is all grim and sweaty. Player2: Not sweaty, glowing. Player3: What, is he pregnant? Player4: Pregnant with RAGE!! Player1 is affectionately called "judge dredd", in character, by his fellow rookies (a pair of necromancers (twins), a guy with odd sensory powers, and a former CIA agent). Mostly, he's called judge dredd by the necromancers, who are very bad at keeping up the goth-necromancer image.
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