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  1. Wow. I'd downplay 1 pic; could always be faked, right? But there are just too many, from different sources, for me to think that's credible. So on the presumption it is real? That's not pretty, and it's gone from literally nothing (at least visually) to extensive involvement of most of his right hand.
  2. The Raiders placed.... not 1... not 2... not 3.... but 4..... STARTING.....offensive linemen on the Covid list today. The NFL pulled the game against the Bucs from Sunday night and slotted an interesting matchup (Seahawks-Cards) in there instead, because they may have to delay the game. Well, YEAH...I don't recall all the ins and outs of the Covid list, and when people can return...but I don't think it's this Sunday. Raiders have 5 linemen on the roster...who are they gonna pick up this late? Cuz trying to play with just 5 is ludic
  3. Unfortunately true. Didn't set a new record today but it did end up the 3rd highest, at over 74,000. Oh, and those Texas numbers...don't hold for El Paso. --1100+ cases TODAY...in a city of about 600,000 (EDIT: but the county is about 840 and the case count is for the whole county). That's about 1 person in 750. TODAY alone. ~currently 570 hospitalized, 170 in ICU...KFOX reports there are *11* ICU beds free. There's a crawl on it as well, and it's saying a 96% chance of running out of ICU beds in the next 3 weeks. EDIT: This is what you want to avoid.
  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh no.... With about 3 more hours, over 64,000 new cases today, which leaves open the potential that we might break the worst day so far, which was back in late July. We've already passed yesterday's full-day total, which was bad enough (63,000).
  5. Hmm. Another one. Cantonese at idiomatic; Mandarin and Hakka at completely fluent. No linguist: Cantonese costs 4, Mandarin 2, Hakka 2. That's all fine. Linguist: Cantonese 3, Hakka 2 (still), Mandarin 1. It also seems like there's some other things going on. I was turning linguist on and off a few times, then deleted Mandarin. Cantonese first, Hakka second...4 and 3. Hakka first, Cantonese second...3 and 3.
  6. The only thing Stephen A. takes into account is his personal favorites. OBJ has issues he'll seemingly always dismiss; he's NOT a Mount Rushmore receiver that SAS seemingly thinks he is. I think Mayfield's quite limited, to be sure, and to be sure, I can see his overpromotion and attitude, combined with a general LACK of performance/execution, causing locker room issues.
  7. Take Clemson and give the points. I do find those lines amusing. They're not unusual in the typical early-season, cupcake and paycheck games, and sometimes in the gross conference mismatches like this one. It leads to the Quest For The Rout of the Week, and the debate...what's worse, 68-7 or 59-0? Think I mentioned that CSU-UNM was scrapped completely; it won't be made up, it's as if it was never scheduled. That's due to a serious uptick here in New Mexico. The University of Michigan just told their students to stay home, by *county* order. How is this gonna impact UM foot
  8. If the Rays relocate, in large part it's because the area doesn't support them. Their attendance in the last decade has been abysmal. For the last 56 years it's been less than 60% of the AL average, and well under 50% capacity. Well under 40% of capacity for 2018-9. Their attendance situation was notably worse than, say, Miami...until the fire sale by Jeter et al. and the fan revolt. Marlin's attendance was cut in half for those 2 years...but before then, it was 5-6000 people a night higher. I think the bigger difference in the Series is that TB can only score with the
  9. ARGGHHH!!!!!! The blind obstinacy of some people makes me SO BLOODY ANGRY.... So, the governor instituted some tighter restrictions; New Mexico has had an *alarming* rise in new cases; particularly in several counties. (The UNM-CSU football game was scratched due to spread rates in Bernalillo County, where UNM is.) So that got posted on the local neighborhood app. One......person....posted this: ARGH!!!!!!! Dona Ana County has about 200,000 people total...and has had almost 1100 new cases in the last 2 weeks. If the demographics hold, we've had about 4
  10. So the background for this character concept is he was gonna be from around the old Soviet Union; Belarus ultimately looks like it'll work. That meant, for languages, I was gonna go with Byelorussian, Russian, and...what the heck, Ukranian. Linguist is NOT enabled Byelorussian: idiomatic, 4 points. Russian: completely fluent (3* points) Ukranian: completely fluent (3* points) HD is giving me the Ukranian for 2 points, as expected, but the Russian for 1 point. The 3 languages are Very Similar, so the 1 point reduction is expected...unless Russian and
  11. BTW, I did that with the online version 2.5. 3.0 has more details and more models. Playing a bit with it while I'm also finishing off Simoom's background...he's turning out to be a walking contradiction.
  12. Stats of the night from ESPN during the first half.... #1: Cowboys have the worst TO margin in the league. -2 for the half. #2: Cowboys opponents have...I believe the stat was, had 1st downs in the red zone, 14 times. They've scored...14 touchdowns. That second stat should make the defensive coaches extremely nervous. Did y'all see the sterling matchup for TNF? I'm hoping there's a rainout in the WS for game or game 2, so I have something else on offer... Joe Buck's racking up the frequent flyer miles in DROVES. Texas Saturday; Ta
  13. I suspect that 'dastardly' is how the word evolved, but I'd have to look at the etymololgy....
  14. The part that is somewhat surprising is it's so...pick your word. Blatant? Egregious? Flagrant? Quick, Robin! To the Thesaurus!!!
  15. Some of you probably know this site but it was new to me. HeroMachine.com. Needs Flash; they're working on that, since Flash is gonna go bye-bye fairly soon, but the online version is free. You can buy a copy for Mac or PC pretty cheap too. This is Simoom. Simoom is a regional name for a very, very nasty desert wind...VERY hot, very dusty. That inspired his power set...a few different types of blast, can lock you into a sandstorm that's all in your head, can create a region of blowing dust that blocks all sight (but not his), desolid (but at full END so not for long). I think th
  16. Philly supporters get PO'd when the Santa snowball barrage gets replayed after umpteen years, but then they go do this, showing some things seemingly never change.
  17. That....is unreal. Or maybe not, it was Philly. At the very least, a few morons need to be barred forever from the stadium, if they can be IDd.
  18. My take on this is, we're not building pitchers or hitters, we're building robots. Pitchers are trained to throw hard, harder, hardest; hitters learn one single, grooved swing. Both are massively overtrained to do that, and very nearly, that alone...robots. Brandon Lowe showed the good and bad sides of this, when he bunted against the shift. He's having a *rough* postseason at the plate, so...ok, yeah, he did try to switch around, and bunt. He pulled it off...it was a horrible bunt, but with no one in position, it worked just fine, thank you...got him a leadoff hit. The pla
  19. Whoa!! Trump can speak truth!! From the story Tom posted above...the adjective picked is spot on. "We have unbelievable vaccines coming out real soon. And the therapeutics are unbelievable."
  20. There is reason to be skeptical but disregarding them completely is throwing the baby out with the bath water. If nothing else: you don't hear CNN or the NY Times talk about the deep state, and that whole....situation. Conspiracy elements have been part of the conservative media for quite some time; Rush, IIRC, was a pretty big proponent. And fearmongering certainly has been; the two are a natural fit. Heck, look at Fox's talking heads on the coronavirus and climate control..."it's all a big lie." What is that if not a conspiracy theory?
  21. Baserunning is ABYSMAL these days. I can't even begin to count the number of times I saw a first or third out made at 3rd base, for example. Runner on 1st, 2 out, down 2...gets picked off. This play. Not knowing when to go halfway or 1/3 of the way or back to the bag altogether. Personally, I blame coaching across the board. At lower levels, they're too busy trying to get the basics in place. Later on, tho, the obsession with the grooved swing, with the killer fastball...situational ball goes by the wayside. There's too much of a rush to get the talented players to the bigs;
  22. Playoff rule #1. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR OPPORTUNITIES. Playoff rule #2. MISTAKES KILL YOU. Runners on 2nd and 3rd in a tie ball game with none out for the Braves. Runner goes on contact...on a, IIRC, one-hopper to 3rd. Short throw. Runner's dead meat. THEN TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE...the stupid runner on 2nd botches trying to take 3rd. He's got to commit fully when the runner starts turning towards home...he hesitated. And got thrown out. Base running 2002...gotta hate it. From 2nd and 3rd, none out, probably expect to score, what, 1 to 1.5 runs? To 2 out, ru
  23. Raise your hand if you saw this one coming...Niners 24-16..... <holds a lightsaber behind his back to cut off the hands of any of you liars out there.....>
  24. Yeah, you never apologize for a win, but by the same token, the Pats are really getting hit by the coronavirus. 3 players out, no practice time to speak of for a while. They had 1 drive, for the TD, and pulled off a couple trick plays, but otehrwise the offense just wasn't there. Jets...wow. So bad that Rich Cimini at ESPN commented they weren't tanking for Trevor Lawrence perhaps as for Adam Gase...to get him fired. And he dropped a truly amazing stat: There's no game on the schedule that looks all that good for them; ok, the Chargers are 1-4, but they'r
  25. Sweet day for second guessing. Washington is down 20-13; they grind out a 75 yard drive to score with about 30 seconds left. They go for 2...and miss. Not surprisingly, the onside fails. Houston is surprising the HECK out of Tennessee, especially after spotting them a big lead. At 30-29, they take the ball after an interception, and move nicely...6 minutes off the clock, touchdown, inside the 2 minute warning. Textbook, right? They elect to go for 2...and miss. Tennessee shreds a tired Houston defense, first to tie in regulation (borderline touchdown at the end
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