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  1. I am thinking of making a character with variety of powers none of them POWERFUL. The character was a liberal arts major in college and a slacker. What powers would you give them? EDIT: This is actually for a player character in my Post Apocalypse Campaign: Atomic Twilight. He will be finding out about his various powers over time. at the start of the game no one has powers. they will get them in game. I originally posted this before I heard back as to whether he would go for this.
  2. Re: Cramming: A real Life explanation! This would also be a great way to explain a weird mental defense. Yes, you can read his mind but what you find makes absolutely no sense! I mean, the Incredible Hulk on an exercise bike? what does that mean? and so forth ans so on. However, the character knows exactly what each weird thing means.
  3. Here is how Cramming Skill really works: Cramming explained AND How to do it! It is a long article.
  4. Re: Activating Power Sets I would recommend a framework. with a framework, Each "set" would be one slot and you would put lockout on each slot. you would only be using the powers in that slot. Then put a limitation on the entire multipower requires a skill roll to change slots..
  5. Doomsday how BP gulf disaster may have triggered a world killing event Now couple that with the Russian idea to Nuke the wellhead. Not only do you have poison gases and tidal waves to worry about, you would also have radioactive fallout on a scale never seen in millions of years. The complete gulf area would be completely cleared of life. You would have extreme Global warming that would make this year look like winter. The tidal waves would possibly reach Europe and Africa. It might even set off the Madrid fault line causing a massive Earthquake in the Midwest. This would
  6. Re: Record-able Mind Control You know, this power would explain the popularity of Justin Bieber. He must have it.
  7. You have been away from earth on a mission to another star system. When you return you are hailed by the International Space Station. They tell they have been unable to reach anyone on Earth for 2 weeks. And their supplies are running very low. There are no lights on the night-side of the earth. You are also unable to pickup any transmissions from earth. When you get down to (Campaign City) you find NO ONE!. There are no people any where! From what you can piece together, it is as if every Sentient being vanished about 2 weeks ago. (this includes Mechanon). There does not appear to have
  8. Re: How to do it? - Transformer Pretender Shell I would suggest a limited form of duplication. with the second form having slightly different abilities.
  9. Re: The Snatcher Advantage from GURPS This sounds just like the way that The Harbinger of Justice summons his guns. I think that would be a great place to start.
  10. Re: TK Throw Things I would say give him a RKA with autofire and penetrating. Keep the dice low and increase the stun multiplier. The reason to keep the dice low is each item isn't going to do much damage by itself. And to avoid overpowering the character.
  11. Re: Super Zeroes Don't Tase Me Man! He has the amazing ability to teleport in front of somebody who is about to be tased and take the hit for them, no matter the distance or language. This only happens when someone who is about to be tased utters the iconic phrase "Don't Tase Me Man!" However he has no special defenses versus the Taser. He has come to hate being tased.
  12. Re: Taranis-The British plane that deserves to be in a comic book Also, remember that the communication satellite system the British has for it's military is called SkyNet! Lets see: highly advanced computer system .........check! robots with guns...................................check! Autonomous flying weapons platforms...check! Are we sure Terminators are only in the movies? Or are they taking over very quietly?
  13. Adventus


    This is my character for a new 5th ed revised campaign. opinions, questions advise? Name: J.U.L.E. Alternate IDs: John Fredericks Player: Stephan Richter Val Char Roll Notes 15 STR 12- HTH Damage 3d6 END [1] 26 DEX 14- OCV 9 DCV 9 20 CON 13- 11 BODY 11- 15 INT 12- PER Roll 12- 10 EGO 11- ECV: 3 13 PRE 12- PRE Attack: 2 1/2d6 10 COM 11- 3/23 PD 4/29 ED 5 SPD 10 REC Run: 7" 40 END Swim: 2" 29 STUN Leap: 3" Disadvantages Pts DF: Alien monster (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses) 5 Hun
  14. Re: Code vs Killing, but Gods a little fuzzy about kneecaps. This topic is why I like the Palladium Alignment system. It handles these subjects much better.
  15. Re: Spreading Good WIll Nope. Just posted into the wrong forum. It should be iin the Champions forum. Also, did the entity say IT was going to destroy the earth? NO! It just said the earth would be destroyed but did not say how.... or who......
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