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    Hi I'm Juan Sanchez and a friend showed me the hero system before playing a session of d&d and when reading about it and hearing it I fell in love and wanted to learn the rules and understand them better and hopefully be able to play soon.
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  1. I got back into the classic superhero's because of be watching invisible, but I also like anime and I sort of base my character's personality on a guy named Ippo Also I am thankful for your help, and I was able to get to the discord as of technically yesterday because it's 1 am for me now
  2. Well discord is a place on which you can send messages to people and join voice calls very easily
  3. Travis Trent View File Here is my stats for a Titanium Titan Submitter Juan Sanchez Submitted 05/11/2021 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition  
  4. My first idea for a character View File This my first character Idea I made his name is Travis Trent or Titanium Titan and he is basically a strong durable boy that is pretty shy, but has a heart of gold and will not stand down when a bad guy is causing terrible deeds. I would see him get scare when someone be littles him or get angry at him but if it was a opponent in battle he would have an entire mood change of being very serious. If I had to say who Travis closer acts like think of Ippo from Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! Submitter Juan Sanchez Submitted 05/11/2021 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition  
  5. My name is Juan Sanchez, I have played d&d 5e a lot and want to expand my horizon especially since a friend told me about Hero system and when I read it and all the possibility of powers I knew I wanted to learn the game and play as soon as I can. So if any GM is out there I would appreciate if I can join one's discord sever, but I'm only really free to play in Sunday if that's not a problem.
  6. If their some math genius I think X-Axis is a good name because speedster usually go horizontal also because anything with the letter X is cool Or if you’re going for funny and if they use the power of thunder or are really loud when running it would be a funny name to have Thunder Thighs
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