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  1. Me, but I skipped the 6E books at the time they were released and I strongly regret it now.
  2. Has anyone ever got the patience to write down a complete list of Champions characters, included in every book or just mentioned, in the Champions Universe?
  3. A Champions News of the World 2016 edition would be very welcome, event in PDF only format.
  4. He's a new player and not experienced with Hero at all, he asked me how to handle such a power and I told him I needed a week out to think about the best build. So basically I haven't given him anything - yet.
  5. One of the characters in my gaming group is a cyberkineticist and about to face Defender is a 8friendly) combat. He has bought a multipower that includes ego attacks, telepathy, mind control, mind scan etc. for the machine class of minds. He asked if Defender's armor has electronic circuits or processors he can control and my answer was "Maybe, I'll tell you next week" How would you handle such a combat, considering the 350 point Defender described on Champions Universe? I don't know RAW but a solution might be giving Defender's armor the same EGO as Defender's INT, using eventual power de
  6. I am interested in buying the Book of the Empress but between shipping costs and customs I imagine the price will be double the price tag or so. I was wondering if you have any European distributors for latest Champions stuff. I might buy some more books as well, need to ask my friends tonight but right now I am interested in that one.
  7. Yes I do possess the hard copy, altough quality is not excellent when you have to flip the book open to make scans on a flatbed scanner. I would have definitely bought the PDF even if redundand, but I guess I can live with scans and OCR.
  8. I really need this adventure on PDF as I am playing it shortly to my players and need to print maps, copy and paste some content on realmworks and so on. Would it be possible to buy it? I assume it's not impossibly difficult to convert the original files to PDF... is it?
  9. Following this thread. I converted a lot of characters from Kingdom of Champions myself for 5th ed. (we're not playing 6th) especially the ones with reduced size sheets ("use the characteristics for Seeker but with 40 STR" and so on). I just tinkered a bit with Wrath of the Seven Horsemen but there's a lot of work to do there, even converting things straight without adjustments.
  10. Re: DEA and local police I was already giving a first look at Savior... OMG that sheet is a total mess.
  11. Re: DEA and local police [ATTACH]44875[/ATTACH] And here's Rottweiler.
  12. Re: DEA and local police [ATTACH]44870[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]44871[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]44872[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]44873[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]44874[/ATTACH] Just in case someone needs them... straight away conversion, I just had to rewrite Moondog a little bit.
  13. Re: DEA and local police Whoah LordGhee, thank you very much, pieces are now starting to fit together nicely.
  14. Re: DEA and local police I can't thank you enough, I just failed to do some simple connections eh. I have now a new perspective on how to handle events. Besides, is there some official Hero supplement with various agent stats? I know we have package deals in Dark Champions but is there a compendium of "standard" agents of the aforementioned organizations?
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