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  1. I've played this way for years. Plus I change skills to bonuses and roll 3d6+bonus to beat a target number. This makes much more sense as well as greatly simplifying skill versus skill tests. All without changing probabilities one bit. Aaron
  2. Bushido Yeah! I'll have to jump in here in defense of the game. It may appear complicated but, like hero, all the calculations take place during character creation and not during play. It has a stat called Zanshin which is similar to Hero's Speed. Its a combined skill/class system with percentage skills (divided by 5 and rolled with a d20). Each class has a list of class skills. The only factor is that they add their level (*5%) to their skill rolls. The game is in desperate need of a rewrite. Many important rules and modifiers are buried deep in text with no summary table. Its fun though. The Status and Group Status rules adds mucho samurai flavor. Aaron
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