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  1. There's more than one Pikachu???? Oh god, help us all now, the world is about to end. I really liked that combat example. Perhaps you could do one with END playing a factor. Reading examples of combat is much more helpful than just reading pages of rules, and you showing us the effects of the segments and how they work really is truly helpful. Who knows. Perhaps this can be a thread about how to run different kinds of combats with different kinds of examples to show all the various applications of the varous rules within the mighty tomb of FRED.
  2. Why would the cost of HtH attacks need to go up if the STR is increased to 2 pts instead of 1?
  3. I was wondering, what would the ramifications be if you changed the cost of STR from 1 point to 1.5 or 2 points per STR point? What would happen to game balance as it is designed now?
  4. two questions: do we need SHREd? FREd just came out. can't we all just get along and be nice to each other?
  5. I second this nomination for Invulnerability vs. single attack types, it would make it much easier than to use Desolodification, plus it would be much easier to say during a conversation.
  6. change the name I know this is a drag, but to avoid any possible repercusions from KS at Palladium perhaps it would be wise to change the names of a few things, if only to avoid legal action. I am sure if he got wind of this discussion he would charge in and demand it stopped immediately, and I love the conversions so far presented. That said, I hvae a quesiton: Why would it be bad to use the EC for racial packages/class packages? It makes sense to me, and it doesn't specify in the rules that they can't be done, right??? or I might have missed that when I read them last night, but then there is the almighty rule in the back...if something gets in the way of how something else works, either change it or do away with it... so take that into consideration also.
  7. Sure I would be willing to join if it is possible.
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