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  1. Re: Supergirl Build, suggestions welcome Just make sure that your character name & look avoid being too obvious of a Trademark Infringement.
  2. Re: Public Domain Super Heroes Do all of Lucius's character sheets in this thread need to be updated now?
  3. Re: June 2nd I wonder if that is intentional. (Kind of like a sly way of saying "It will be done when it is done.")
  4. Re: Long Time Heroes get any Beta chances? You realise that anyone who received an invitation would be subject to the NDA, so couldn't discuss even getting an invitation. (b.t.w., I didn't get one either. ) "The first rule of Champions Online Beta is, you do not talk about Champions Online Beta."
  5. Re: Firefly Season 2 This still feels like a pipe-dream. Unfortunately, it seems that they can "take the sky from me."
  6. Re: Famous People Super Heros You know, when I read the title of this thread, I immediately thought of John McCain. Whatever you may think of his politics -I am voting Obama myself- Is life story is legitimately heroic, boardering on Superheroic!
  7. It is looking like Science and Technology are actually getting ahead of Comic Books. Check it out. NextWorld So, how are we to keep Superheroes fantastic now?
  8. Re: URBAN FANTASY HERO -- What Do *You* Want To See? What I would like to see is some ideas on how to "rip off" the good parts of White Wolf's World Of Darkness setting (without violating copyrights, of course) without the "highly suspect" rule system that White Wolf uses.
  9. Re: Galactic Federation I would like to second that question! (Sorry for the Necroposting, but I still want to know.)
  10. Okay, I might suggest that the next Iconic character be a heroine with a very different “personal style,” for example Witchcraft. That would reassure women that both Mind Slayer and Witchcraft (If my idea is accepted) would be examples of what they can do. While is it true that many have expressed concern about being “objectified,” I know that others (my RL wife for example) enjoy a very sexy look for their characters.
  11. Re: Mind Slayer I don't know. I think meeting Mind Slayer in game might be a might . . . "unhealthy."
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