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  1. Re: Restricting/Redefining DNPC Exactly. And in a silver age game? An unwillingness to kill *won't be an issue in the game.* Hence why it shouldn't even really be a valid limit for such a game.
  2. Re: Restricting/Redefining DNPC Re: Total psych limits, I think the problem is not "how strictly to enforce," but "should this character have a Total limit?" IMO, Total psych limits are handed out/used *way* too much. The classic case being the Total CvK, wherein you will regularly have entire teams, every member of which has one. Characters should only take a Total psych limit if they are supposed to be absolute, unwavering fanatics in that sense. Anything less should be represented with a Strong or weaker limit. ( Btw, I'm of the opinion that no campaign justifies mandatory Total CvK. A campaign in which its expected that no one, or at least no hero, will ever kill anyone? Is a campaign in which no hero should *ever* be put in a situation wherein there is a significant need to kill anyone. In which case, its not a character limit, its a campaign condition. )
  3. Re: World Without People! Something every one of my characters would start doing sooner or later, though probably Hermes the first: "Is this actually Earth? Is this actually *our* Earth?" Its very very hard to move six billion people. Its much much easier to take a half dozen superhumans and stick them in the Matrix, or the Holodeck.
  4. Re: The Golden Apple He trusts anonymous mercenary information brokers *more* than the government? *baffled*
  5. Re: "The Inquision Is Come" I can't be the only one who thought of the "European Enemies" villain, can I? *ducks*
  6. Re: Super Law: Power stealing Honestly, this seems likely to be more a matter of arguments before the judge, and appeals to judicial panels. The question is not "Did this man do this act?", its "what crime, if any, does this act constitute?" The jury does not, nominally, get to decide what acts constitute a crime. They decide whether or not the defendant has, in fact, committed the acts beyond a reasonable doubt. Aggravated assault sounds about right, though. Most if not all victims could also sue in civil court for some *major* damages.
  7. Metaphysician

    A Gift?

    Re: A Gift? Hermes: The package would be from Darius, and even presuming Hermes was explained the social context of a few millenia later. . . well, Hermes would only open it via steampunk remote gadget. While standing behind an extremely strong barrier. Miles away. In a nice safely isolated spot. Like the moon. ( Darius *REALLY REALLY REALLY* hates Hermes, and with pretty damn good reason. Hermes wouldn't believe in a million years that this is anything but a revenge plot of some kind. )
  8. Re: CU: How does PRIMUS handle foreigners? Champions Universe implies that, while legally there are some complications, in practice the US government grants residency approval to aliens, magical beings, and such on a case by case basis. This is probably the best way to handle it, presuming say, there aren't enough alien visitors to actually have some form of consulate.
  9. Re: Back from the Dead...with a friend Hermes: Go visit the Winter King, and ask what the heck is going on. Given that he has, in the past, *not* pursued somebody who was, well and truly, returned to life. Most likely get a reply of "technically, you weren't resurrected, your death was just temporally preempted. So, not my turf kid." At which point, he'd expect this is some bizarre temporal phenomenon, maybe an alternate version of himself trying to occupy 'his' timeline and existence.
  10. Re: Captain America Build 350 pts But its true!
  11. Re: The Algernon Files I've used them in my Vanguard campaign. Notably, the Covenant. They served as the primary mystic guardian organization in the setting. . . and were a royal pain in the ass in Nox's backstory.
  12. Re: Harbinger of Justice You forgot two things: 1. Dr D's armor is, IIRC, only Hardened one time. That means either the AP or the Pen still gets through. 2. More importantly, you forgot the Deadly Strike ( Ranged ), which adds an extra +2d6 KA ( or +6 DC, depending on how you interp it )
  13. Re: Harbinger of Justice Solo under normal circumstances, no. However, try running the numbers of what his 5e version could do with a called shot to Dr D's head.
  14. Re: Our Super Leaders Indeed. Unless the percent of superhumans is extremely high, there's no way you could have a large nation where government office required superhuman ability. Granted, it depends on exactly what level of office requires superhuman members. . . As Kickback mentioned, it'd take over 600 just to fill out the top of the federal government. Even if everyone, super and baseline alike, agreed that superhuman oligarchy was right and just, you'd still need something like ten times that number of superhumans to even conceive of filling that many government positions. After all, not everyone wants to be a politician, not everyone is suited for politics, not everyone would get along with the rest of the government official-supers, and also, there's tons of other things that superhumans need to do, like protecting the nation. So, conservatively speaking, your looking at six thousand supers in the US alone. That's one out of five hundred people. Not many settings have a proportion that high, not even close.
  15. Re: Harbinger of Justice Its in the back of the Hudson City book. Honestly, though, your probably better off using his 4e version, with a few modifications ( Combat Luck, VPP no longer cosmic ). As much as I like high powered heroes ( well, "hero" in this case ), the 5e version is grotesquely overpowered in some ways, while drastically underpowered in others. To note in particular, the combination of Ranged Martial Arts plus Deadly Strike ( Ranged ) plus Targeting Skill Levels plus a 20mm cannon that pretends its a handgun, he basically kills everything that could conceivably exist in his genre the first time he gets a hit. Hell, IIRC, he has strong odds of soloing Dr Destroyer if he gets initiative and attacks first.
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