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  1. Re: On the emergence of the paranormal, including superpowers I would strongly suggest looking at the Paragons supplement for M&M 2e. Its pretty much the best toolkit for assemblying "realistic" superhuman settings yet to be published. And I also recommend the Wold Newton approach. That said, I would suggest avoiding Gestalt like the plague, unless you *want* to run an exceptionally dark setting. ( sorry, Oddhat, but its true )
  2. Re: Elemental Controls, how do they work? True to a point, but the problem is, it almost never works both ways. A Drain vs FF would effect the HA logically, but there's no reason why a Drain vs HA would effect the FF. Or, for that matter, what a Drain vs HA would *constitute*. Hence why I tend to think Adjustments vs Game Mechanics should be banned. . . And this point, we get into game design aesthetics, but the problem is there's a better way to represent lycanthropy: Multiform or OIHID. And even if the wolf form is constant, if these powers can be shut off by something, its better represented with a Disadvantage, not an EC. Which trends heavily into "far too complicated for practical use." I tend to think that things would work much more readily if you eliminated both ECs *and* Adjustments vs Power.
  3. Re: Elemental Controls, how do they work? Elemental Controls are free points, basically. Their only limitation versus buying each power separately is the dubious 'one Adjustment effects all' limit. . . except that Adjustments versus specific power effects shouldn't logically trigger this weakness, and Adjustments versus the 'element' probably shouldn't have been bought Versus One Power At a Time anyway. There really isn't any concept that needs an EC. Either your far better off using a multipower or VPP ( every single energy blaster/controller concept ), or you should just apply limits on some or all your powers ( Force Field and Flight, with Linked: Only when Damage Shield is On, for a Human Torch-style energy aura ), or you should not be getting the cost savings in the first place ( the 'EC: Werewolf Powers' type twinkery ).
  4. Re: No way to win...? Definitely make sure that it doesn't look like they are being screwed for saving her, though. In particular, make sure she shows some gratitude to those who rescued her. Honestly, though, this almost sounds like a better PC concept than NPC. . . but maybe its just me.
  5. Re: Is this a reasonable NND attack? Seems fine to me. The 'lack' in this case is something extrinsic, so its not like anybody having it is screwed: they can take it off.
  6. Re: Project Mongoose Aha, I *knew* he seemed familiar. Good inspiration.
  7. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast Um, no, average roll with x3 fixed is same Stun as for EBs. You do more body against a lesser defense granted, but you also have to worry about killing the target more.
  8. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast Um, 2.5d6 RKA is not an Uzi. Thats more like a 7.62mm automatic rifle. And, it seems the fundamental objection is the Stun lotto. My solution: Eliminate it. Set base stun multiplier to x3. Increased/Decreased Stun Multiplier advantages modify it from there. You'll still get more unpredictability than with EBs on average, but your average and maximum Stun come out as the same value.
  9. Re: Megascale Move(damage) question IMHO, best way to represent a "megascale move through" or such is with a bigass attack power, with the movement rate being a SFX. Stick whatever limits seem appropriate, and bang, your done.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Maybe we should just transcribe everything Pendaran says here. . .
  11. Re: Munchkin check? Actually, that doesn't look like it is a multipower. Which is rather silly. If you allow cybernetic skill implants, doing skills as a multipower or VPP seems okay, provided there is some kind of limit. Oh, and if its for cyberpunk the Restrainable is probably to represent common anti-cybernetic devices that shut down cyberware.
  12. Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington Um, Honor's strength really should be higher than 15. Remember, she's a *big* person, from a high G world, and a genie too. 20 or a little higher, I'd say.
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