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  1. Bonnie drives Ghost Cat, and anyone else who wants to go, to the arraignment in her Ford Explorer.  As expected, everyone has to show their ID and go through metal detectors.  Showing her Justice Foundation ID, Bonnie says, "I'm their driver."


    "Very well," the deputy sheriff says.  "You may proceed."


    "Thank you," Bonnie says.


    "You're welcome."

  2. 12 minutes ago, Beast said:

    I'll need to print that selfie I took with him and sign it
    that might put him in a better mood( a prop to add to her Acting skill along with SA to give more of an impression that she is thankful Doreen was safe and she did not have to bust his skull)

    To Freddy
       thank you for not making me, make you black and blue


    "I'll print it out for you," Bonnie says.  "After that, I'll drive you two to where the arraignment is."

  3. 13 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    "You know, Foxbat might know if something is up in other areas of the crime world..."

    "Possible," Lotus admits.  "I'll call Diana."  She reaches for a phone.


    "I just hope Ogre's not in the area," Monica says.   "Since Foxbat rescued him from some police officers, Ogre thinks of Foxbat as his 'Little buddy' and goes out of his way to protect him if necessary."

  4. 40 minutes ago, Beast said:

    "could they be part of something larger"
    "A super weapon"

    "summon or release some lovecraftian horror"
    "easily cut and sold for money"
    "you get my drift"

    "I'm sure a theft alert was put out to the gem trade," Lotus says.  "That's standard procedure.  No reputable jeweler will handle them.  Of course, someone could've been hired to steal them for some reason." She pauses, then adds, "Vixen stole weapon plans that Viper was after and left them with  the Special Agent in Charge of the Miami's FBI office.  There might be a connection.  I'll check with some friends in the FBI."

  5. 1 hour ago, Amorkca said:

    "True," Drew ponders, "we could go CSI the places right? We have that kind of authority?"

    "Just one place in the county." Lotus replies.  "The  San Angelo Metropolitan Museum in the Brackett Park neighborhood.  While you don't have that kind of authority, I do, and I can bring you with me."  She then adds, "I suspect that Detective Lieutenant Barbara Whitfield, who heads the San Angelo Police Department's Burglary Bureau has called the San Angelo County Sheriff's Department Identification Bureau, which is their fingerprint and crime lab unit, for assistance."

  6. In coming up with ideas for San Angelo in my Junior Justice Foundation campaign, I have to look to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my home town.  We once had a Chinatown, but don't anymore.  The same thing has happened to San Angelo.  The City Center has expanded, forcing the population to move to other parts of the city.


    Pittsburgh's Point State Park serves as a reference for San Angelo's Confluence Point Park while Downtown Pittsburgh serves as the model for San Angelo's City Center.












  7. 7 hours ago, steriaca said:

    "Maybe that is the point. Quickly, does the place robbed have any rivals in the private museum business?"

    "Not in the area," Lotus replies.  "Besides that, like all area museums, it's open to the public and run by a board of directors."

  8. "They could've also hid in the air ducts," Lotus says.  "I talked to Detective Lieutenant Barbara Whitfield, who heads the Burglary Unit.  According to her, the staff break room, where the coffee pot reserved for the guards is, can't be seen from the monitor room.  She also told me that the guards are provided by a private security company and aren't museum employees."


    "Why aren't they museum employees?" Monica asks.


    "It's cheaper that way," Lotus replies.


    "Great,"Bonnie says sarcastically.  "They get burglarized while having a budget crisis.  What's the insurance hike going to do to their bottom line?"

  9. "Doesn't sound like CLOWN," Lotus says."They, literally, tie their victims up in red tape.  GRAB doesn't drug their victims or use electric stun guns.  Beverly Archer's lighthouse is a 30-minute drive, in good traffic, from the museum, and last night, there were delays on one road from her neighborhood into the city while two other roads were closed.  Additionally, as part of the paroles Beverly and Catherine have to wear ankle monitors that transmit their location to police headquarters at all times." 

  10. 3 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    "So, what is actually missing? And who do you think is the culprit?"

    "Diamonds, rubys, and emeralds were stolen," Bonnie replies.  "Nobody knows who the culprit was."


    "Butz probably thinks Catherine Avery pulled it off," Lotus says.

  11. One of the communications staffers enters and hands Bonnie a sheet of paper.  "Thanks," Bonnie says.


    "You're welcome." the staffer says before leaving.


    "According to this, Vixen left the weapon system plans on the desk of the Miami FBI office's Special Agent in Charge with a note saying that the security where the plans were kept was very poor, but she couldn't let Viper get it."  Bonnie pauses, then continues, "Lash, a skirtchasing burglar who has a totally unrequited crush on the vigilante heroine Black Mask, was pummeled by her when he tried to burglarize a condo.  He managed to get away, without loot, before the police showed up."

  12. Bonnie enters.  "I did some checking," she says.  "A number of years ago, a cat burglar named Freddy Fellows, who became known as The Ferret after being transformed into a humanoid one, broke into the San Angelo Metropolitan Museum, stole at least one emerald, and got away with it.  While Freddy pulled a job in Dallas two days ago, there have been rumors about burglars with minor metahuman abilities."

  13. 2 hours ago, steriaca said:

    "Considering how he acts, Foxbat makes Butz look foolish. In fact, he did already, didn't he?"


    Rob sighed. "Remind me to visit him as Lady Heart to see how he is doing in jail, if he is getting the mental health help he needs."

    "Butz or Foxbat?" Monica asks.

  14. 55 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    "Sounds normal, not paranormal. You think Captain Blurt can handle it? He'll complain about us doing his job for him."

    "So far, it's actually a job for the Burglary Bureau," Lotus says.  "Of course, Butz will probably try and stick his nose in.  He may even try and blame either Catherine Avery or Beverly Archer, the two paroled cat burglars.  From what I've heard about them, they'll make him look foolish."

  15. 49 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    Rob overheard the conversation, and added "Any evidence of paranormal activity in the crime? Any evidence of GRAB, or other villain groups?"


    (Don't know if GRAB is anything in this universe.)

    "No," Lotus replies.  "It wasn't Vixen either.  Two days ago, she pulled a job in Miami and left a few Viper agents trussed up for the police.  The guards in the monitoring room had their coffee drugged.  After that, they were bound with plastic cable ties and gagged with cloth and duct tape.  The ones making their rounds were subdued first with a electric stun gun to the neck.  After they were bound and gagged the same way, they were chloroformed."

  16. As Monica is finishing her paperwork, Lotus enters.  "A burglar broke into the San Angelo Metropolitan Museum last night and stole a number of gems from its collection."


    "Any leads?" Monica asks.


    "No," Lotus replies.  "The security system, including the cameras and recorders, was deactivated and the guards were knocked out, bound, and gagged."  She paused, then added, "There are a couple of cat burglars on parole in the county.  One is a tender at the Curry Street Drawbridge.  The other is the keeper of the Del Oro River Lighthouse, which is downstream from San Angelo International Airport."

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