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  1. On 9/26/2020 at 12:46 PM, quozaxx said:

    "I guess you are right. But I still would have preferred to tell her on my own terms.  The more people who know,  the bigger the possibility the wrong person would find out."

    "I do know how to keep secrets," Doreen says. 

  2. “My father loves anything with B. J. Ward, Corinne Orr, the late Peter Fernandez, and the late Kemal AminCasey” Kasem  providing voices,” Doreen says.  “We have every version of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Voltron, and Ultraman.  Personally, I like Voltron.”

  3. 15 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    Rob hummed. "Nancy is a meta. Miss Collingsworth is the president's niece. And a rash of robberies are targeting Poverty Gulch. How will this affect the play for charity?"

    "Someone might strike while the play is in progress," Doreen says.  "They might either rob the box office, kidnap someone at the play, or burglarize one or more houses?"


    "Miss Collingsworth is an obvious kidnap target," Ghost Cat comments.


    "So are the Mouseketeers," Doreen says.


    "I'll notify the Secret Service and the senior team will patrol Poverty Gulch while you keep an eye on the play."

  4. "Three quick announcements," Lotus says.  "First, there have been a number of burglaries in the Poverty Gulch neighborhood, mostly while the occupants were out of town and servants had the night off.  The San Angelo Police have stepped up patrols of the area.  Second, Miss Jennifer Collingsworth, Allderdice High's orchestra teacher, is President James Collingsworth's niece.  Her teaching assistant, Ms. Andrea Price, is a Secret Service agent.  Third, Miss Nancy Adams, a student at Allderdice, is a metahuman.  She can change into a mermaid at will and breathe underwater in either form.  That's all.  Any questions?"

  5. The rest of the night passes without incident.  The next morning, there's a request to stop by the base for a short meeting with Lotus.  As you pass Margo's desk, you spot a white shorthaired cat relaxing on it while Margo works at her computer.

  6. 23 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    Rebecca blinks. "Umm...you would want Robert there, since he is a member, right? And I'm only a special guest star, since I don't even go to this school anymore, right?"

    "I know," Sharon replies.  "Can you let him know?"

  7. "Photographers from The Foreward, our school newspaper, and The Allderdice,the school yearbook, will probably be there, too," Sharon says from she's helping to clear the stage.  "The yearbook photographers also have to get group photos of the Drama Club, Stage Crew, the bands, orchestra, and choirs."


    "Which means that we'll probably have to set the stage for them," Stage Crew student president Jim Reese comments as he joins them.  "Follow spot's stowed."


    "Thanks, Jim," Sharon responds.

  8. 17 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    Rebecca sighs. "I wish they could of taken pictures of our rehearsals, especially what goes behind the scenes. Putting on a play, no matter what it is, involveds more stars then what is on the stage."

    "I'm sure they'll get the stage crew and Tommy, who's in the orchestra, too," Doreen says.

  9. Miss Alicia Addams, who runs the Drama Club and is the play's director, steps forward.  "I have a few announcements," she says.  "First, I'd like everyone here 45-minutes before the play starts.  Since we have a few Mouseketeers, the Disney folks will be taking photos of them, and, possibly, Rebecca for their monthly Mickey Mouse Club Magazine. 


    "Second, Jodie, our girls swim team captain has challenged lifeguard Nancy Adams to a two-lap race in the pool at the start of next week's swim meet.  Nancy has agreed and has added that she will swim the entire race underwater, mermaid-style."  She then turned to head nurse Rosemary Trueheart, who was standing, with Carol Marcus, on the house floor, by the stage apron.  "I assume someone from the health office will be there."


    "Both Gail Thorpe and I will be there," she replies.  "Since it's an afternoon meet, Delphi Pond, our second nurse, will be in the health office."


    "Noted," Alicia says.  "The Disney folks will cover the meet, too.  After all, there are several Mouseketeers on our swim team."


    "I'll be there," Doreen says.  Seeing the expressions on some faces, she adds, "You never knew that I attend most Allderdice home sports events?"

  10. Miss Collingsworth walks over to Bryan and says, "I think everything will be fine."


    While this is going on, the stage crew is hard at work, stowing things and some of the string players are having a conference.  Andrea walks over to find out what's going on and learns that they're discussing playing techniques.  While not a musician, she knows that, as concertmaster, Michelle calls the shots for most of the stringed instruments.

  11. "I still say she looks like Catwoman," Katherine says.  "Don't you agree, Cordelia, Harmony?"


    "Yeah," Cordelia replies.


    "No," Harmony replies.  "I think she looks great.  I wish I did."  She turned to Sharon who having turned the work and house lights on was dimming the stage and spot lights.  "Am I clear to fly out the final scene drape?"


    "Yes," Sharon replied.


    "Why ask Pocahontas?” Cordelia asks.


    "Sharon's the stage manager, and a good teacher" Harmony responds.  "I've learned a lot from her."


    "Fine," Cordelia says.  "You're out of the clique, Loser."


    "This is a better group of friends," Harmony responds.


    "Cordelia, your detention is extended one play," Principal Swanby says.


    "Fine," Cordelia snaps.


    "Welcome to the stage crew, Harmony," Miss Clarke says. 


    "Thanks," Harmony says.




  12. (Not really.)


    The principal reminds Cordelia Chase and Katherine Wexford that they have to be dressed like the other stagehands during the play.  Katherine puts her foot in her mouth by referring to Donna as Catwoman, earning her a few glares and the principal asking her if she wants to add another play to her detention.

  13. Miss Betsy Clark enters with Ms. Victoria Swanby, the principal, and two of the Cordettes, Cordelia Chase, who leads the clique, and Katherine Wexford.  “So, where’s Pocahontas?” Cordelia asks.



    “That’s enough of that,” Principal Swanby says.  “Cordelia, you're already in stage crew detention.  Want me to add the next play to it?”



    “I get stage crew detention so often that Miss Clarke keeps a set of stage keys designated as mine,” Harmony laughs from the line sets.  “Ready to fly in scene one drape.”



    “Batten 13,” David Gray says from the lighting and sound console area. 


    “I know,” Harmony says as Doreen enters the stage right wing.  “HEADS UP ON STAGE!  FLYING IN BATTEN 13, SCENE ONE DRAPE!”


    “Sharon’s up on the balcony, checking the alignment of the spotlights and replacing some burned out lamps in them," David says.  "Two-way radios and headsets in the cardboard box on the chair beside the lectern.  I put fresh batteries in the ones that needed them.”


    "All clear," stagehand Donna Gray responds.  Harmony lowers it.  "Perfect," Donna says.

  14. 13 minutes ago, quozaxx said:

    Bryan paused by the oboist and uses his perfect pitch "That one has the best sound. "

    "Thank you," the oboist, Lauren Kay, responds.


    15 minutes ago, quozaxx said:

    The other orchestra members looked at him as he usually doesn't say anything at all.   He blushed and returned to his seat.


  15. The musicians begin to file in and stage crew members get to work.  As the stage lights come up, Eric comments, "More burned out bulbs."


    Harmony Kendall, who is serving detention as a stage crew member, asks, "So, what else is new?"


    "You're right, Harmony," Eric says.  "Linda and I'll get the spare bulbs while you lower the electrics."


    "Will do," Harmony responds as the string section gathers for a quick discussion with Concertmaster Michelle Karpman and principal oboist Lauren Kay tries different reeds in her oboe in order to find the best one.

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