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  1. 4 hours ago, dsatow said:

    To be honest, I watched any scifi/superhero/superhero adjacent TV show on the air around that time that I knew about (even the Captain America pilot with the spandex suit, motorcycle, and plastic shield).  The sad thing is, I don't remember any episodes, just scenes.


    PS: I thought Manimal was really dumb.  By the time he changed forms, I was wondering why the villains just didn't shoot him.

    True.  I thought Simon MacCorkindale was okay in Manimal, but a lot better in all three seasons of Counterstrike.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Tjack said:

       Hey! I liked Man from Atlantis.
       It gave Patrick Duffy his big break before Dallas and the show might have done better in the ratings if it wasn’t up against Happy Days at its most popular.  NBC could have put a still picture of a kitten on during that time slot and gotten the same ratings.

       If you want to talk about “so bad it’s good” TV of the time, does anybody remember Sword of Justice?  
    A show where the title had nothing to do with the show.  Dack Rambo (who the hell picks that as a stage name?)  was a rich guy who was framed for stealing his company’s money and sent to jail for three years. He spent the time learning from the criminals all the skills he’d need (lockpicking, con games, etc.) to become a crusader for justice who would help the ones who were being set up like he once was. His calling card was a three of spades. The three for his years in prison and the spade was supposed to be his sword.

    Awful show. About as realistic as the Love Boat. But when it’s Friday night and you’re still too young for a drivers license....

    I liked The Man From Atlantis, too.  It was a good show.  I also watched Sword of Justice.  It wasn't that great of a concept, but it had its moments. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Tjack said:

    Desi Arnez Jr. was the star of this thing wasn’t he?  It was just kind of a bad “Tron: the series” right?

    Yes, to Desi Arnez, Jr.  Possible to a bad Tron: the series.


    According to the Wikipedia, the Autocar was a Lamborghini Countach LP400 which was capable of making 90-degree turns without losing control and overtaking merely by strafing, rather than turning.  However, human passengers not properly secured in their seats would often be thrown around inside with the momentum from the sudden position change.  The Autochopper was a Bell Jetranger capable of landing anywhere.

  4. 12 minutes ago, BoloOfEarth said:

    Wasn't Automan the one whose car turned 90 degrees instantly like in a video game (causing the normal person riding with Automan to get smashed against the window)?

    I think you're right.


    As I recall, Automan's follower, Cursor, was easily distracted by a beautiful woman.

  5. I would like to echo the need for neighborhood supplements, like Dragon's Gate.  One for University Commons would be good, as would one for College Gardens and Lakeview.  A supplement about Samuel Brackett City Park wold also be good as well as more information about the area airports.  They could be PDFs instead of printed.

  6. 19 hours ago, Hermit said:


    Well, I'm avoiding the Skill based types to keep them from being helpless, but obviously things can be tweaked to personal touches.

    Her boyfriend, while she was on drugs, could've been a burglar who, at her request, trained her.  unfortunately, she didn't have the dexterity she needed.  Now, she does.

  7. On 4/21/2020 at 1:03 PM, Beast said:

    GC will call it in and go take a look see at what is happening

    The lights are coming from Lakeview Airport, a general aviation airport.  The rotating beacon is on top of a red and white tower that's surrounded by a chain-link fence.  The glow is coming from the parking lot and airfield lights.  The light poles in the parking lot also have speakers.  A chain-link fence and three buildings separate the parking lot from the airfield.  One building is the airport terminal.  A second is Lakeview Aviation, Inc.  A third is the San Angelo County Sheriff's Department Aero Bureau.





  8. 7 hours ago, steriaca said:

    "Sh.. " Lady Heart stopped herself from swearing. "I guess we better do that before we unleash that plan then." She then detransform and started to work on his homework. 


    "What excuse are your going to feed your parents? Mine knows, by the way."

    "So do mine," Arachne says before transforming back into Monica and starting her homework.

  9. 34 minutes ago, steriaca said:

    "Ok. Let's fly then."


    They discussed exactly where they will patrol, and switch off to cover the two key areas plus the surrounding area, then went off to do exactly that.

    "Don't forget, we also have school and homework," Arachne says.

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