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This is a PBP campaign rpg that contains my two campaigns from Champions: TEAM ALPHA and THE COURT OF DREAMS. Both will be played as either PBP rpgs or PBEM games if that is your preference if anyone is interested please contact me via PM or simply email me. If You want to create your PCs,go to the TEAM ALPHA game and Download your own Fillable CS.
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  2. Gonna Need Your CS again Mark because I can't find in in my email. Just post it here in the club.
  3. As a change to the above, Sun-Spell is Tabatha Jean "Tabby" Clark. Someone else will be playing Solar-Star.
  4. I'm playing Animalia, Sun-Spell, and Solar-Star, her knight. It's possible that Judy Kaplan will be Sun-Spell and Tim Clark, her lover, will be Solar-Star.
  5. Here is the place where all players in this club intro themselves and their PCs for the TEAM Alpha Campaign game . If you all created your PCs please intro yourselves as you PC or the Characters selected in the main topic. HERE are the Characters you can choose for the campaign: Prince SAGA The Tomorrow Teen: The son of the Tomorrow Man who was kidnapped by the CIA in attempt to control SUPREMOR but was rescued by PRIMUS and SAGA and inducted into TA's Beta program. Powers: Flight[with Super Speed], Super Strength[lifts 90,0000 mega-kilotons,from a Tank to a cruise Liner] , Vision Powers[ X-ray, Telescope, Microscope, Heat Ray, Chrono Vision or Tomorrow Vision] Breath Powers [Wind storm & ice] Invulnerability[ Diamond Hard Skin] Weakness: Dark Matter,Magic, Anti-Matter radiation LIBERTY The American Girl Once an abused child, being beaten daily by a homicidal step- father, was given the body and powers of the American Girl via a wishing globe gifted to her by DreamStar. Powers: Flight[w supersonic Speed] Super Strength[690000 Kilotons, the weight of a battleship] Invulnerability Weakness: Magic Hunted: Stepfather[less POW] Tempest Son Of The Storm Grandson of The Original Maelstrom of the Protectors He was recommended by the Protectors when his powers manifested during a battle with VIPER. Presently on tryout status on TEAM ALPHA Powers Weather manipulation Lightning bolt[EB] Thunderbolt [EB w/PNT] Rain/Ice Generation [Change enviroment: Climate] Flight[W/wind generation] Vul[Adverse Climate change] Starblaze,The Infinite Girl granddaughter to the Living Laser. Gained new powers from her father the Infinite Man and her mother the Original Starblaze. Presently on probation from TEAM ALPHA due to grade issues. Starbolt[EB] Photon Field[FFw/missle deflection] Rocket Blast[Flight w/FTL]
  6. Team Alpha is a teen Champions RPG that will be played PBP or PBEM [Play By EMail] whichever is your preference. There are a few rules to adhere to when playing this campaign: [A] Dramatic rp: This is a Comic book RPG so please keep your opinions OOC when playing your PC In other words post as your PC would speak in the imagined comic series. Player Insight: Don't just play along with the game ,offer your own opinions to the adventure and also, add a few ideas to the game or input them to the GM. [C] IC Dialogue: When the GM speaks in the voices of the villian or NPC please respond, but DON'T Use profanity in this PBP game. This is a PG-13 rated campaign and I want to keep it that way,anyone who violates this rule will be removed from membership and his PC demoted to NPC by the GM. If however anyone have a suggestion please post in the OC column. [D] Above all, HAVE FUN!! We're supposed to simulate the comics so make sure that you enjoy yourselves as your PCs. Above all input your ideas to the GM for every adventure that you play in this campaign. any idea that you input will be inserted into the campaign. Here's the point totals for your pcs in TA and COD Freshmen =99-129 pts, 21 xpts Sophmore= 129-179 pts, 21 Xpts Junior= 179-199 pts , 25 XPTS Senior = 199-299 pts, 30 XPTS Graduate =299-399 pts, 35 Xpts

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