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Dragonflight 41


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3 hours ago, Tom Cowan said:

well, we should know how things are going by Oct.


They are already laying the political groundwork for the miraculous recovery and claiming credit.   They are even suddenly saying that "dangerous unscientific concept" of herd immunity is now a thing.  With multiple countries and multiple states in the US already open they can only milk it so long. 


1 hour ago, Tjack said:

No offense to the nice folks running that convention but I wouldn’t put any money down yet.


I had already bought my badges just before 20's con was cancelled and DF has always been great in carrying over unused badges, and if not I don't mind eating one for this year.  DF is one of the few remaining actual game cons, not to be confused with media cons, and I'd like it to stick around.

As for the hotel, Hilton lets you cancel with no penalty as long as it is 2 full days before check in, last year I cancelled 3 days out. 

It doesn't hurt you to make the reservation now since you can cancel without penalty, but early reservations do help the con. 


As I decide on what I plan to run and get the games registered I'll post an update here.

Right now it will definitely include some horror using either Call of Cthulhu/Down Darker Trails or a GUMSHOE game like Fear Itself or Nights Black Agents.  I already have several one-shots and I can run those with near zero prep.


Maybe some Achtung! Cthulhu


I'd like to run some Hero and if I do it would most likely be in 5thR for personal comfort.  It would need to be spooky though.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It has been a good decade or more since I have been to Dragonflight.   I may try it.   It will depend on how comfortable I am going out.  Not really sure how they will be with any sort or distancing.  May just go with what you said Spence...  buy a ticket, not go, and eat the cost.


Second....  that is the weekend of my wife's birthday.


Will have to see.   Good luck with running your games, Spence.

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14 hours ago, Norm said:


Second....  that is the weekend of my wife's birthday.


The most relevant point :whistle:


I hope to see you there, if not have a fantastic "spooky" birthday celebration with your other half :celebrate


As a note, DF is great about crediting forward to the next year if you can't make it.

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So they are crediting forward last years tickets if you had them.  You should have received an email if you did.


The first three in my line up are one-shots I have run before at various game days.  I just need to make sure they run in a con slot.


Warparty (Down Darker Trails CoC 7th, 1865)

The Island (Fear Itself, GUMSHOE, 1970’s)

Terror on the DEW Line (Delta Green, FoDG, 1960’s)


I am tinkering with two others.  One using Hero 5thR and one using Star Trek 2d20.

Once I have all five up and ready I have to decide which ones to run.  I want to be able to do more than just run at the con so I don't think I will run all five.


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