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FrankenHero: 6th Edition with 5th Edition Characteristics

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Since Fifth Edition came out I primarily used that, but with some elements of Fourth that I prefer. I also adapted a few bits from Sixth that I like after that was published. I haven't been in a position to run games in years, though.


I never used Hero Designer, so I can't speak to tweaking it.

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It'll work just fine. Once you finish character creation, the only time it will come into play is a handful of Adjustment Power situations. Because there are price changes involved, you'll basically have 5th Edition results when affecting some Characteristics. You'll have to decide which edition's rules you use for Negative Characteristics also.

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I don't think you can get HD to use 5th Ed figured characteristics with everything else 6E, at least not without tweaking the code.  How involved that would be...I'm not sure.  It might be a simple change to one routine...but the routine is used a LOT, so...it's hard to say whether there'd be ripple effects.  You would also want to edit the Main6E.hdt template to modify the costs for DEX, CON, BODY, and EGO at least.  REC, END, and STUN are more expensive in 5E than 6E, but IMO that's a 5E flaw.


What's the motivation behind wanting to use figured characteristics?  Personally, I *hate* them...specifically, DEX and STR, because they give WAY too much for their cost.  With STR, the bonuses to PD, REC, and STUN are free.  With DEX, it's OCV/DCV...which is a major savings.  More generally, I dislike complex constructs for simple concepts.  Figured characteristics makes things more complex than they should be.

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