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Roll20 HERO Support

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Hi all,




Could someone please provide me a link to either a video or online article showing how one, after subscribing to Roll20 for $$$, sets up a Roll20 game to have HERO support, add hexes, etc?


I'm looking for a one stop shop rather than watching/reading several sources and having to collate knowledge.


Basically, a Primer before I dive into 50 volumes of encyclopedias, or the equivalent.


Thanks in advance!!!




I once played one session of Champions in Roll20 with a GM who must have had the right subscription package because the HERO character sheets were in his game and Powers were one-click to roll appropriate damage, etc.


I was impressed, but want to know its full capabilities and limitations before subbing to Roll20 for $$$.

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(forgive me, going from basic level, not assuming IT knowledge)


Api = application programming interface


This is a way for an app author to expose PART of a given program's functionality (e.g. Roll20 is a program) for others (fans/semi-pros) to create add-ons to extend the base program's functionality.


In other words, paying to enable the API that the roll20company paid for, then enables you the user/GM to add new abilities to your roll20 game, like automatic support for a given RPG ruleset's mechanics (like counting BODY on a Champions Punch).


Bottom line - Roll20 supports HERO mechanics/die-rolling, but locks it behind a paywall (subscription fee) that only the GM need pay to enable it for all. (GMs can ask for donations/fees to help cover the roll20 sub of course)


I've used it once, as a player.


Sounds like Roll20 hands out cool character sheets to PF and 5e for free, but HEROes have to pay, and likely the same for other less-selling systems. (Roll20 now sells pre-made PF/5e modules so DMs need input nothing into roll 20 to run those adventures, but are any HERO modules for sale?)



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Roll20 is very much open to things being put up there to be sold, they dont make a lot themselves.  I wonder how difficult it would be to package up a few things to go on their marketplace...


Hmmm.  HERO does not have the resources to create Roll20 resources, Roll20 does not have the resources to create HERO content.  I guess it would be up to HERO gamers using Roll20 to approach Jason, see if he would be open to some old adventures being converted to be Roll20 friendly??  I reckon if there were a few modules on there, then they would be bought, as would special effects and other things...


I wish I was technical enough to do it myself - it would be a great project.



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Hi Folks!


I've used Roll20 for D&D 5E for over a year. It's free to sign up and use for players and GM alike. Purchasing online compendia--the complete D&D PHB, for example--costs money. So too do "Plus" and "Pro" accounts if you want to go that route (I am currently a "Plus" account).


I can't speak to other platforms, but Roll20 in combination with Zoom works very well for my players and me. The currently available Roll20 resources for Hero are slim, but it's not impossible or even that difficult to translate to the Roll20 format. (Hey HERO friends--why not work with Roll20 to publish your rules and modules on their platform?)


In fact, I plan to announce an episodic 4th edition Champions game on Roll20 shortly. It will be a charity fundraiser to combat COVID-19. I will ask players to donate at least $10 per game session to the CDC Foundation or a 501c3 tax-deductible charity of their choice. I've purchased some superhero tokens and modern urban maps from 3rd party vendors on Roll20, and I'm very pleased with the results so far. For use in that game and others, I created an Excel-based 4th edition Combat Record Sheet (attached here and in the downloads section). 


No doubt, online games lack the spirit and camaraderie of in-person games. But we are Heroes! Take advantage of our current circumstances to expand your gaming world to include others who wouldn't otherwise make it to your tabletop! I have--it's great. Together we can SMASH COVID-19 like Obsidian stepping on a grape!


Steve "Koop" Kuperberg

Champions GM 1989-91 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, presently Bethesda, MD


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On 9/20/2019 at 5:41 AM, GM_Champion said:

Could someone please provide me a link to either a video or online article showing how one, after subscribing to Roll20 for $$$, sets up a Roll20 game to have HERO support, add hexes, etc?




Re: Hexes, you can set these up via the Page Toolbar tab - Page Settings supports horizontal and vertical hexes in place of the standard square grid  and you can set the hex size to represent 1 Hex=2m. 

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Yep. Can do all of that map stuff, as well as the die-rolling macros, WITHOUT a paid Roll20 account.


I have a paid "Plus" account but only for purposes of my separate D&D game. Roll20 is better integrated with D&D, but I suspect that's a function of demand and WotC's willingness to work with Roll20 to provide materials and support.


In fact, I've launched a 4th edition Champions game on Roll20 to benefit COVID-19 research and prevention. It's got 2m hexes, die-rolling macros, and everything! Players welcomed!



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