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A "hole" in my collection


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 Was going through my champions books on my shelf, and saw something i was surprised I hadn't noticed.  I organize my books by the "catalog number" on the spine, so for example"Alien Eenemies" is #413, followed by "olympians" at #414then "Road Kill" at #415......but between "Corporations at #434" and "golden age Champions at #436....i seem to be missing #435


which book was #435? was it never published? was it a non Champions book?....or did I just "lose" it somewhere?

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In my research (looking for holes in my own collection), I have never found book #435.




I have a hypothesis, but I have no idea if it is accurate (or even provable, without finding that every person involved in HERO games during the ICE age has both perfect recall and readily-accessible contact information):


There were a handful of PDF "books" published under the Hero Plus project during this era.  These PDFs do not have actual item numbers listed in them (noted as item# 'H+' in the spreadsheet above).  It is possible that some of these numbers were, in a catalogue file somewhere mouldering in a storage locker somewhere in Virginia, were assigned to some of these projects.


A second hypothesis is that these numbers were reserved in blocks for specific product lines to ensure that "Like" grouped with "Like" to remain more or less consecutively numbered.  Again, without access to certain things, it's hard to know for certain.


If it helps, I've never found any mention of a product numbered 435, but I certainly hope something rears up.





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GAC could conceivably be misnumbered; it could have been intended to be 435 but landed at the printer with a typo. There is precedent for this. Both my 4e Fantasy Hero and Fantasy Hero Companion are numbered #502 on their spines. The Companion was almost certainly intended to be #503.

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Don't listen to these guys, they're lying to you.  #435 is the extremely hard to find Reality HERO, which allows you to open up a portal through time and space and travel into the game itself.  Any setting, as any character you choose.  Just keep looking.  Sometimes it shows up on Ebay, sometimes you find it buried under a layer of dust in a old bookshop that you swear wasn't there last week, and won't be there when you try to return it.


Oh, also, the pricetag is your immortal soul.  But it's a really cool book, totes worth it.

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On November 3, 2019 at 1:28 PM, Lord Liaden said:

According to the Hero System Product List compiled some years ago by our forum colleague and Hero Games author, Derek Hiemforth, the product number "435" was never used.

HERO System Products List.htm 109.95 kB · 1 download



I kind of wish you'd mentioned that to me sooner.


Wold have saved me a ton of work....



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Herogames #435 was supposed to be "The Assassin's Directory" by David "Lightfinger" West, Cliff Christiansen and Jeff Andrysik, the same authors that did "Murderer's Row" #433.  You can read about the ill-fated project if you go to the Wayback Machine and put in the URL http://members.cox.net/~lightfinger/west/champions/assdir.htm


I am something of a completionist as well and researched what happened a long time ago.  This is just one of the number of books that were scheduled but never made it to print.  When I.C.E. had control of the product line there were several that were skipped.  Numbers 33, 37, 43, 45 and 49 weren't used.  Think of all that Hero goodness that could have been ours.



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