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On 1/15/2020 at 6:03 PM, Chris Goodwin said:

It's sad because it's true.  


It's funny because it's true.


Sad = True


Funny = True



It's funny because it is sad.

It's sad because it is funny.


Also I have a real munchkin build for macaroni cheese....

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But does it work in reverse?  Bonus points if you can guess the recipe!

  • 1 brick, softened
  • 1 martial artist
  • 1 speedster
  • 2 Supervillains
  • 2 teams villain's agents
  • 1 false game goal
  • 2 battle scenes
  • 1 DNPC
  • 3 all-purpose police officers
  • 2 semisweet reporters
  • 1 FBI agents


  1. Preheat gaming table by 350 XP D&D (1 XP Hero System).
  2. Team together the brick, martial artist, and speedster until smooth. Beat in the supervillains one at a time, then stir in the villain's agents. Dissolve false game goal with battle scenes. Add to battle along with DNPC. Stir in police officers, reporters, and FBI agents. Drop by large spoonfuls onto your campaign.
  3. Run for about 10 sessions in the preheated gaming table, or until PCs are nicely crowned.

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