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  1. I am actually quite curious to find out the answer to that question. I bought it as part of the Bundle of all 3 books and since no one else seems to be having the same issue as I am... I wonder if my link to the product is the actual issue. If you do re-download it I would really appreciate knowing the outcome either way

    (Sorry didn't see rjcurrie's post until today... Sometimes looking on my phone makes me miss things as I scroll to the bottom)

  2. He got back to me, and told me those files are unavailable. And offered me a refund in the form of store credit.


    And I understand it's not his full-time job anymore. But I love Hero Games, been playing it since the beginning and still do every week, and it pains me to see it become just a side gig for the creators, but alas it has and I don't begrudge them making a living.

  3. About a year ago I purchased the Champions Villains Character Pack Bundle. I have used various characters over the year, but when I went to pull up the Ultimates in Volume II there weren't there. In face quite a few of the Teams weren't there. I figured maybe I didn't download the zip file properly, so I went and grabbed it again, but NOPE still not there.


    Opened up a ticket a couple of days ago, and no response as of yet.


    Has anyone purchased this and found the same thing or am I special? (Tryied searching the forums for this but wan't able to find anything )



    Attached is the folders I have in Volume II


  4. Re: Superhero Images


    Captain Batmerica looks great!




    No really, that's a great picture. My addled brain recognized Crusader right away.


    YLOL yeah he looks like a Cross between, Batman, Captain America & with Wolvie's Mask LOL

  5. Re: Superhero Images


    Crusader was blue and red in the First & Second edition Champions & when Dark Champions came out and he was ret-conned to Hudson City, his costume became black & grey.


    Wildcat AWESOME picture emphasis on the awesome. That just became my laptop's background. I to have used Crusader in a Dark Champions Animated run as the aging hero who pulls all the new heros (player characters) into the Underworld. Please post some game stories on the Dark Champs forum. And please post more art.

    Thanx Hawknight the game jsut began 1/5 we're still getting it all sortted out - char backgrounds ect... they have gone on 1 patrol so far, and have learned some interesting tidbits about the campaign's history and why Crusader & Partisan (his former partner) are no longer together.

  6. Re: Superhero Images


    [ATTACH=CONFIG]37821[/ATTACH]OK this is all the pics I could find of Crusader from 81 (champions 1) til 94 (a Pic I did for the game we were running back then - and you've already seen my newest version

  7. Re: Superhero Images


    To be perfectly honest I only have black & whip pics of him in my old books. but I always thought it was blue &black' date=' or Blue & White there might have been a color pic of him someplace but can't remember - will look (I have used him in a # of campaigns over the years and used the Blue/Black coloring)[/quote']


    OK I think your thinkign of Foxbat - still havn't found a Pic (color) of Crusader there was a Darkchampions (4th ed) suplement that rewrote him and I think it had a color pic of him - still looking

  8. Re: Superhero Images


    Wow looks really good' date=' but wasn't Crusader's costume gold and brown?[/quote']


    To be perfectly honest I only have black & whip pics of him in my old books. but I always thought it was blue &black, or Blue & White there might have been a color pic of him someplace but can't remember - will look (I have used him in a # of campaigns over the years and used the Blue/Black coloring)

  9. Re: Superhero Images


    [ATTACH=CONFIG]37813[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37814[/ATTACH]OK here is my latest work for my curent campaign. Running a version of the Hudson City Knights - usign the old school Champions character Crusader - 1st one is the full pic, the next is a mock up of a Suplement cover (if there was one)

  10. Re: Superhero Images


    Lastly here are the newestr Recuirts for his fledgling Crimefighting team, the Hudson City Knight (yeah I stole that too - LOL)

    Also a close up of the New Squire to show the detail on the suit - I really like how it came out.

    and Finally Squire II in action (WIP - need to add lighting ect...)


    Oh yeah I did patern the costumes off of the Movie X-men

  11. Re: Superhero Images


    OK I havn't posted here in Eons. I used to draw and color by hand, then began colorign on the Computer... Now I've moved into 3d, so its all in the computer. I used to be a bit of a snob AGAINST 3d art, but now... I am a pretty big fan.

    Let me know what you think

    1st up is an old Champions character back from 1st Ed

    Cursader (yes I stole him) - using him as my 'Batman' type hero for a Dark Champions: the Animated Series campaign - with him is his 1st partner Squire (from the campaign background)

    the 2nd pic of CRusader is his curent (in this campaign) costume (and a better job on the texture if you ask me)

  12. Re: Superhero Images




    Excellent work on the artwork. Do you also do the coloring?


    I've noticed something odd though, and take this with a grain of salt, since I'm not in any position to tell others how to draw, but it seems like the legs are bit too long for the rest of the body, proportionally. I could just be hallucinating though.


    Love the detail and the coloring is done very well.


    - Christopher Mullins


    Chris - Yeah I color them too... using Photoshop 7... I've noticed the long legs too... I always just chalk it up to my influences like Jim Lee, Turner, and others... I've tried to watch this, but hey it happens.


    Thanx for the kind words



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