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  1. Although The Yes Album, Fragile, and Close To the Edge are my favorite YES albums; I'm going to nominate Tales From Topographic Oceans. To me it's even more "progressive" than the other three. It's still an incredible album, although for me it requires more... "effort", I guess, to process it.
  2. Way, way, way down on my viewing list. Same with most of the DC movies, even when they're free. I still haven't even watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  3. There were so many good moments for me like the Superfriends theme and the Hall of Justice exterior shot. My favorite moment of all was the scene where the Earth-2 Flash takes the other Flash's speed and takes his place on the treadmill. For me, allowing John Wesley Shipp's Flash be the hero brought closure to his role in the 1990-91 series, which had a very abrupt end. I also thought that using the clip from that series (as if he were reliving his past) was a great touch.
  4. The tears are making typing this a bit difficult; but I wanted to share this video that I found. This is the last song from Rush's last album. I can't think of a more appropriate tribute.
  5. Rush was my first and, as of now, my last live concert. Their music has always been there with me over the last four decades. I can hear a Rush song and I remember somewhere I was or something I was doing back then. I heard this news the other day and now I just feel empty... and oh so very old. RIP Neil. Thank you for the words and the riffs.
  6. I got a $20 gift card to Gamestop from the kidlet. The wife got me a dropper seatpost for my mountain bike. Oh, and the mountain bike itself which I got back in August and have already put about 700 miles on.
  7. Gotcha. As much as I like Jozy, I really wanted the shutout after how flat the Sounders looked for much of the first half. But a win is still a win.
  8. The result was actually 3-1 Seattle. Jozy Altidore scored with a header in the third minute of extra time. I really wanted a clean sheet; but yes, life is great.
  9. I took up cycling again in July, after not riding for decades. I had really forgotten how much I enjoyed it. The first ride was 10 miles, and I felt it. Last Friday I rode a 30 mile interval in 2 1/4 hours. I've ridden 812 miles in the last 4 months. I'm also down 10lbs since the summer. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it's me doing this, but I sure am enjoying it. Just wanted to share.
  10. Brady really only did what was needed to score just enough points to stay ahead. Those really deserving the praise are the Pats New No-Name Defense™. No huge names, no #1 defensive player, but they absolutely shut-down the Rams much-touted #2 offense. The closest the Rams got to the goal line ended with Goff heaving one up as he went down under a pass rusher, right to a Patriots CB. I think they should have given the MVP to the whole defensive squad.
  11. For the archetype I go for energy-projectors, bricks, and martial artists. They are almost always well-rounded in powers and skills. And in D&D terms are almost always Lawful/Neutral Good. One of my old GMs described my chars as "Swiss Army knife Boy/Girl Scouts".
  12. Well, the run in Seattle was fun... but the 'Squawks are back.
  13. Here in Boise they call them "magical protection lights". They do use them, but it's when turning into the actual space that another vehicle occupies. They fully expect all vehicles to be magically moved into safe positions, thus avoiding any collision.
  14. But, it was supposed to stay in Vegas! ?
  15. Aren't we supposed to be mediocre, since no one is special?
  16. Since I haven't read this thread for a couple of months, will someone please catch me up?
  17. Best wishes and positive energy being sent your way, H-Man.
  18. As a member of Doc's Boise group (actually, I was the organizer of said group) I would like to vouch for the quality of the game, no make that campaign, that he will provide for his players. The time I had playing in his games was the best gaming I've ever done. So good that I can even forgive him for the whole space/sci-fi/Dr. Who thing that he pulled on us. The Doctor does more than write a story and shoe-horn your PCs into it. He'll build the world setting around your PCs. They'll actually belong in the game. He also studies you, the player. He's a student of the Allston Method,
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