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  1. Arrow's previous season finale showed the Monitor meeting Felicity several years in the future, and taking her to Oliver. It implied that she would die in the process, as she wouldn't be able to come back. In the comic version of Crisis, the Monitor dies. My prediction: That wasn't the Monitor meeting Felicity. My guess is that the Monitor dies during Crisis and Oliver takes his place, keeping it secret so his family and friends wouldn't be targeted. It would be the only way Oliver can get a happy ending. We can all come back to this thread in a few months and laugh about how I
  2. It appears to be a combination of factors, as others have mentioned: There is nothing in the core book where you can print out pregens and run through a starter adventure, like many other RPGs do. The most complex part of Hero is character generation, making the above issue worse. Hero is an old-school system that likes to codify everything, while the current trend is for 'looser' systems. Hero doesn't really have a good meta-currency on par with Fate points, Inspiration, and the like. I've found every attempt at Hero Points to be clunky and not as intuitive as simila
  3. Glad to see someone else is doing this. I’m still planning to spring this on my face to face gaming group at some point, but our current game needs to finish first, and I need to lay the groundwork. Half of the group has never played Hero before.
  4. More specifically, launching a new edition allows the company the opportunity to spend the next year or more after the core book is released tweaking and rereleasing material they already published in the previous edition. HERO got to republish Champions, Fantasy HERO, and tons of other sourcebooks. Yes, they revised mechanics and added new content, but they aren’t starting from scratch. It’s pretty obvious that reselling Champions for 6E brings in more cash than trying to find some original content that may or may not resonate with customers. The problem HERO ran into is that m
  5. I guess that’s my fault. I tried to use an example to show mechanical differences and how they affect speed and efficiency, and got dragged way off-topic by people using edge cases and nitpicking instead of addressing the overall issue. So, I’ll just make a few general comments based on my own experience, then go back to lurking: * 4th Edition felt the most ‘fun’. 5th started the trend of big rulebooks and a mind-numbing level of rules in the quest for perfectly balanced characters. * Despite the above, 5th did a lot to enable character builds for common situations that
  6. I was wondering if anyone has tried running a Gamma World HERO game since the original thread was archived.
  7. Using corner case situations and assuming the player has no assistance in character creation such as recommended values for stats, examples in the character creation section, or a GM that can assist is simply disingenuous. If the slow Brick needs to get to a 9 OCV and 5 SPD, then the GM allows the character to be rebuilt, as any competent GM would allow if there’s an error made because the new player didn’t understand the rules. And in a heroic campaign, the fantasy cleric more likely to need a 6 OCV and a 3 SPD.
  8. Hugh, the HERO system is more than just supers. As I stated in my earlier post, in heroic level games, I usually leave the figured characteristics at the default levels. Regarding selling back OCV and DCV...you’re choosing a corner case to build an entire argument. Very, VERY few people with high DEX characters are trying to reduce their calculated OCV and DCV. Since I’m not a designer for 7e, I don’t have to worry about that situation....but I’m confident I could come up with something simple to handle it if I needed to. Your sleight of hand magician and other exam
  9. Not really. You have DEX, figured CV, and skill levels...which you have had in every previous edition. The CV value is related to DEX instead of being a generic starting value that is the same for the speedster and the slow brick, giving more guidance to the new player. Those default values are for the generic starting human. Especially in superhero games, few characters will leave those stats at the default value. How many HERO characters have a SPD of 2, or a REC of 4? It’s quite feasible for a heroic 5E character to leave all of their figured stats at the
  10. My main problem with 6E being the best mechanical system is that my measures of “best” include how easy it is to create a character. By removing figured characteristics, particularly OCV, DCV, and the mental versions, the game introduced more fiddly bits with less guidance on how to use them. Figured characteristics weren’t the problem - the costs and calculations were the issue. For example, what if instead of removing OCV, DCV, and SPD as figured characteristics of DEX, we increase the cost of DEX to 5 character points per point, and adjust skill levels so you can buy straight
  11. Late to the party, but one thing that hasn’t been fully addressed is opportunity cost. This most often comes up with attacks, but can also apply to other things, like skills. The simple example is attacks. Having a 9d6 Energy Blast for 45 points is one thing, paying an additional 45 points to get a 6d6 Armor Piercing Energy Blast is generally not worth the expenditure. It certainly helps more than not having the power, but those 45 points could have been used for things far more important for your character. Heck, if you don’t have to worry about campaign limits, you could have
  12. Several years ago on these forums (January 1, 2010 according to my notes), I pitched a game for HERO Central called Starfall - Rise of the Gamma HERO. Here's the original pitch: Starfall Rise of the Gamma HERO The preacher read from the ancient book. "And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." He then turned to the crowd to explain the passage. "First came the sword, as men turned upon each other with weapons unimaginable." "Second came the hunger, and all who lived suffer
  13. The biggest problem with the HKA situation is campaign limits. There are workarounds (1 pip HKA, multipower with HKA and extra STR), but they just feel wrong from a mechanical standpoint.
  14. I appreciate the link. Unfortunately, these all seem to be fantasy graveyards, instead of something you could find in modern day.
  15. I have a scene taking place at a funeral in my next adventure, and I could really use a decent, 6E friendly (squares or hexes in the proper scale) graveyard map. Anyone have a link to a resource they could share?
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