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  1. I'm close to finally (over 10 years later) having a second go at Gamma World HERO! Here's some streamlined stat blocks of possible foes to encounter: Wabbids STR 5, DEX 13, SPD 3, OCV 5, DCV 8 PD/rPD 4/1, ED/rED 3/1, CON 5, BODY 6, STUN 12 Bite (1d6+1 K, reduced penetration - avg 12 STUN, 2x2 BODY, +2 OCV vs hit location penalties) Camouflage (Invisibility, only when not moving), Nightvision. 5" Run, 7" Jump Perception 12- (14- hearing), Concealment 14-, Stealth 16- These are carnivorous rabbits the size of small dogs, that can blend into their surroundings.
  2. I've given up on the idea of running this for my normal gaming group (they're too tied to D&D), but I may try reviving my play by post game if time permits and I find a good host site to use. It would probably be 5th edition, if for no other reason than my previous work is all in 5th.
  3. There was an X-Men: The Next Generation game run by MilkmanDan that I'd be interested in reading, if this is still available.
  4. I haven't seen much activity in Clubs, but I'll take another look. Thanks!
  5. Hero Central, a place online where you could play various flavors of Hero in a play by post format, has been gone for a long time (since 2014, if I remember correctly). For those of you who played on Hero Central, did you move your games elsewhere, or just stop playing in that format? Are there any current sites out there that function as a replacement?
  6. If you don’t mind PDF, Bundle of Holding has deals on 6E content (and 6E Champions) through tomorrow.
  7. I answered Retro Bronze Age, because I think the best thing the company could put out right now is a revamp of the Viper's Nest scenarios. It's a good starting campaign, initially pitting the heroes against agents and gradually adding supervillains to the mix.
  8. Regarding the cultural / sensitivity issues - the product released in 1989 shouldn't be less problematic than the flagship product of 2012. Likewise, the rules of 2012 should be more streamlined and efficient than the rules of 1989. Every ruleset appeals to different demographics. My argument is that Champions Complete, while being a huge improvement from the 6E corebooks in terms of presentation, does not achieve the goal listed on the back of the book. It is not "an excellent purchase for first time players". The example villains are worse than the 4E versions. Two of the vi
  9. It's a concern for both players and gamemasters. You can't assume every Hero gamemaster knows the system backwards and forwards. If you require that for people to buy into the system, it's going to eventually wither and die. Shrinker isn't just a villain provided by Champions Complete. Her writeup is listed in the chapter that is literally titled Examples, and it's a horrible example. The Champions are much better, even if I would have removed Witchcraft's VPP and mentioned in her writeup that it's something she would buy with experience. The example villains, however, are a
  10. It’s a feedback thread, so just about everything here is opinion. That said, I know what HERO’s presence was at my local game stores in the 90s (when 4E came out) versus 2009 (when 6E came out) and 2012 (when Champions Complete came out). Lack of money indicates problems with the product and/or the business model. D&D 5E just had its best year ever, and Hasbro is expanding the line, so it’s not a general RPG problem. Cortex Prime seems to be doing well, and clinched a licensing deal for The Dragon Prince, so it’s not a problem with toolbox RPGs. The market problems of Hero are somethi
  11. This is why Hero is in its current position in the market. Champions Complete is more approachable than the original 6E rules, but does not fulfill the claim on the back cover saying it is an “excellent purchase for first time players”. What Hero needs is the streamlined simplicity of the 4E BBB, with several fleshed-out but uncomplicated heroes and villains for gamemasters to use as a model. No, I don’t want to go back to the days when you bought a 5d6 Flash only to find out that the villain with IR vision is immune (because Flash defaulted to a single sense instead of a Sense G
  12. I don’t agree with some of the design decisions for the rules in 6E. However, I think the bigger problem with 6E in general (and Champions Complete in particular) is not the rules, but the way those rules are used for the source material provided to gamemasters. It wouldn’t be hard to write up Shrinker in 6E with the functionality of her 4E character sheet, and that would have been a much better example character for Champions Complete to use. I just don’t see how any GM uses the 6E Shrinker in an adventure for players new to the system.
  13. Interestingly, there's a discussion on RPGnet right now about this same topic. So, I'm going to copy over my summary of why I feel 4E is actually better than 6E. I also gave a followup, saying that you can writeup 6E Shrinker in 4E, and even make it simpler while preserving playability...
  14. My group uses Discord and a basic map-drawing site called Shmeppy.
  15. Arrow's previous season finale showed the Monitor meeting Felicity several years in the future, and taking her to Oliver. It implied that she would die in the process, as she wouldn't be able to come back. In the comic version of Crisis, the Monitor dies. My prediction: That wasn't the Monitor meeting Felicity. My guess is that the Monitor dies during Crisis and Oliver takes his place, keeping it secret so his family and friends wouldn't be targeted. It would be the only way Oliver can get a happy ending. We can all come back to this thread in a few months and laugh about how I
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