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  1. I agree. Is there a Hero designer export format that only prints the notes and list headings. I can use notes and List heading to make the player's character sheet I want. For my more casual players, I have been creating descriptive list names and adding notes to help them out. One example of a Skill List: " She can move thru the starship's innards like an Olympic gymnast." Then in the list are several agility skills that match the player's concept of her character. She gave me the concept and I translated to Hero. All the agility skills have the same chance. So I don't really need to list all the skills for the player. I could just add 14 or less to the list heading, and print the heading on her sheet. And if I needed, put a few details in the notes and print those too. The player may not know Champions agility skills, but she knows what a gymnast can do. Because that is how she described her character. Using the list and notes fields, I can also pull in descriptions from supporting talents and equipment into one place for her Starship Engineer's "Olympic Gymnast" abilities. If I can't find a export format to do the notes and list heading, maybe I can create my own print?
  2. The original concept can come from a fictional character, or a need in the group, wild imagination, or from a power gaming desire to work the system. The character concepts and powers usually take several day-dreaming moments followed by number crunching. Total time, an hour or two.
  3. I like your comment about one liners.... and take it one step further for player's character gaming sheets.... My goal is make a block that looks like Traveller Classic Character block. ____ Capt. Jim 879A9C ZeroG-1, Gun-1, Pilot-2 2000cr _____ Okay, not really that short. I'd like a block summary made up of only "special effect" headings and a few necessary numbers. Thus the character sheet could assist the GM in her alternate hero universe adventure. Otherwise, some players feel like they are all taking a high school math pop quiz while being told a ogre is throwing a bolder at their wizard. It is really hard for some of us to be in both places at the same time. The only character stat elements needed after character creation are the target numbers for skills and health. Show the character elements in terms of the genre "special effects", not power descriptions. Special effect stat example: Can lift a dragon. Usually dodge an arrow. Health as a Orc. Mostly Clueless. Generally speaking, my folks use the same short list of skills, attacks and defenses in most situations. My proposed summary character sheet reminds me of the old spell list, which was simple and short descriptive "magic" sounding titles. However, when needed the simple summary titles are backed up by a book of details for each ability. The great part of Hero system is that the GM and player get to build their spell book.
  4. In any limitation value consideration, I start with asking how much does this really affect the character or power? Endurance only matters when you can run out of it. Like having 16 charges is no limitation, because you will hardly ever run out of 16 charges. As I understand your question: there is no real disadvantage in most situations, thus no limitation value. A limitation of -1/4 could be okay - if you think this would limit the toon in 1 out of 4 adventures?
  5. I agree. Martial arts needs to GO! Martial arts are really just a special effect. If a player wants a toon to do a (½ Phase; -2 OCV; +1 DCV; STR +4d6 Strike) and call it a Lizard spinning back kick then buy using the rules that exist outside of MA section. Then No big problem. However, making a whole section in the rules giving a big discount to one group of "skills" defined around special combat special effects, quickly becomes a problem waiting to be exploited. Also, if MA is used in a hero level game, defined the MA maneuver as skill with Strength maneuvers or skill with Dexterity or some subset of existing HTH maneuvers. The amount of damage should not be increased. In a Hero Level game, only the OCV and DCV are changed. Thus the greater damage comes from the ability to hit more often while not being hit. Here again, defining MA as special effect with combat skill increase already exists wonderfully in the rules outside of the whole troublesome MA framework. As I think it over, I'm not going to allow Martial Arts as defined in the Complete. Still considering. Rather, we can use the perfectly available options outside of the MA frameworks. For example, we can buy a multipower with each attack or defensive move defined in the unifying special effect Hand to Hand Combat Monster. In my hero level game, they can use the points that would normally go into MA to pick up OCV, DCV combat values around HTH or a group of HTH moves. HTH moves which already available to everyone at zero cost but with balance.
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