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  1. Re: Alien Invasion I would Suggest the following books albeit by another game company: Warp World And Space Time by Greg Porter of BTRC games. he System is a bit complicated but it can easily convert over to Hero. His story and background is exceptional however.
  2. Re: Homebrew Organizations Meta-human Control And Detention/Special Weapons And Tactics (MCAD/SWAT): the branch of SWAT that deals with Containing and capturing Super Villians. While Not Uber Powerful they do fairly well in cleaning up after super hero fights. OViD (Order of the Virtual Diagnostics): A group created to study meta human activity and Mutations. They were benevolent for the most part but alot of the Heros in my game never trusted them. The group was very public with it's work amoung mutants which pissed of the Heroes no end.
  3. Re: Hero Sidekick thanks muchly, I was thinking of running a fantasy hero campaign but wasnt sure if I could still get away with certain Ideas I have. thanks for the hints.
  4. I was curious, Aside from disallowing the STOP powers, Is it entirely feasable to Utilize the Sidekick Rules to run a campaign? Reason I am asking is that it's kind of steep to buy the 5th edition rules. Also how would you suggest I handle things like vehicles and bases since I dont have the rules I would need to build them.
  5. Re: Adult themes in gaming, a rant of sorts In this one game I am in; (Wont say which RPG), My character is known to be a bit of a sexual deviant. He is a Half-Elf who has a strong sexual attraction to Humanoids (Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, etc.) and a sizable stash of Pornographic Images in His home. Thus giving the rest of the group a good reason to kind of suspect that He got His freak on. Well It has recently come out that He is Still and Plans to be a "Celibate" Virgin until he marries. (He may be a Perv but He does have ethics). It avoids the less savory aspects of My character going
  6. Re: Terra Fey If you want to use a more Adult series, I would also recommend something by Bill willingham called Iron Wood. It incorporates fantasy elements with Modern society and is alot more gritty and fatal. Do a web search for Ironwood and look specifically for the suppliment written for another RPG. the conversion should be easy to fudge.
  7. Re: Sci-Fi Game or Porno Flick? So here is the sick question did anyone ever come up with Porn Hero?
  8. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? I think the whole thing with DareDevil Letting Bullseye Drop was really a matter of knowing bullseye woudl definitely kill again. which would be worse letting One person live so that he could kill hundreds if not thousands or Killig him to save those lives. If you think about it, If Bats had applied that to the Joker, How many of Mister J's Victims would still be alive. It shouldnever be an esy thing to do and it should really mess the hero up a LOT. (Give HIm a traumatic Flashback disad for No points.)
  9. Re: The Bonnacon Or a really sick Monster to throw at players. Oh thanks, I was using the Side kick plus My memory of 3rd edition.
  10. The Bonnacon: Source: The Fantasy Gamer’s Compendium by Phil Edgren1983 game science: Mythos: Medieval Mythology Description: An animal like a large ox, but with horns so curved in upon themselves that they are harmless. The Bonnacon is easily frightened, and when it runs away it emits a cloud of noxious gas, which ignites all flammable substances within hundreds of feet and causes men and beast to fall retching to the ground. Bonnacons can be found singly or in small groups in open grasslands. (Note I had to tone down the power of the “Noxious gas†but the concept of the beast
  11. Re: Challenge: "Pope" as a Package Deal Is this only for Catholic popes or are Discordian popes incuded as well?
  12. Re: "24" Challenge that's what the commercials are for. Or perhaps he has a couple of points in Life support "Need not eat or excrete" always a way to kill a few points.
  13. Re: Fighting Game Hero Well in this venue, Has anyone tried some of the other fighting games Like Mortal Kombat or War Gods?
  14. Re: Arcanum Hero - Victorian Fantasy A question are you planning on including the goblinoid races like the Goblin the Hobgoblin and the Bugbear?
  15. Re: Okay A question about posting Conversions to Hero Thanks, I had already asked the guys at Domibia games forum and they said as long as it was cool with you it was cool with them. again thanks.
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