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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Okay, that's it! The Masked Arrow is now hunted by my PC Afreet--who once failed 5 perception rolls while a super battle raged around her (bodies flying past, that sort of thing) while she stared, enraptured, at the side of an ice cream truck and tried to decide what to buy. The battle was over before she decided. Well, okay. Not hunted, but definitely WATCHED.
  2. Re: Superhero Images Magmarock, didn't think you were! Afreet really has no body consciousness. She's had to change her look several times after a little misunderstanding. The new costume is strictly roleplaying ... she ran into someone who did make her self-conscious. The joke is that she either wears 8 sweaters at once or nothing at all. :-) Of course, there's that one adventure where she went starkers in the dream dimension for 2 weeks simply because she refused to admit she'd made a mistake. I cheated on the fire effects--they're picture tubes from paintshop. I agree that Afreet's second costume is awfully colorful. She's attempting to conceal her identity. The hair is different because the more powerful she becomes, the more elemental she looks.
  3. Re: Superhero Images Is GIMP comparable to Paintshop Pro which I do have? Photoshop would be great, but I can't justify the expense.
  4. Re: Superhero Images Well, I finally upgraded to PSP 8 (Photoshop is too expensive to justify) after working with PSP 4 for years. Wow, have things changed! I really appreciate their optimizer. I drew these freehand. Some where colored with pencil and some with markers. I took the opportunity to clean them up when I scanned them in (first time for working with scanned images, too). They are all characters I've played for years. I think Manitou was conceived back in the 1980s under Champs 3. 1. Afreet ~ my half human/half efrit magical fireling. She never suffered from body consciousness until recently; hence, the change in her costume. (Oh, yeah, we have a 4-color campaign) 2. Afreet (original) ~ Back when she had no shame and wasn't adverse to using her comeliness if it gave her an advantage in a fight. 3. Manitou ~ An Objibwe shaman who shadow walks in the spirit realm 4. Darkstar ~ A time commando from the future trapped in our present. A mutated teleporting brick. Anyone who ever read Simon Hawke's Timewars series--she's based on this universe. (EDIT: Okay, I think I shrank them down. I'm learning my PSP and how to work things here--thanks for the patience!)
  5. Yep, I removed it because it was the original size (8x10) and I wanted to put in a smaller one. Now it's not attaching. At least I know it can work now!
  6. Re: Superhero Images I am having the worse time trying to post pics. It's try, try, try again time. Okay, the upload function keeps giving me an error page. Could someone please tell me how I do this? Thanks! LadyChaos
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