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  1. Re: Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Obviously, I agree wholeheartedly with not only using Multiform, but also Berserk for Defense Mode. Split hairs all you like -- when the Guyver is in Defense Mode, it attacks anything it sees as a threat, whether it be friend or foe. The simplest way to make that is Berserk. In my opinion, any other way is convoluted and difficult to understand. Also, one unexpected benefit of Multiform I discovered while making this is that the explosive effect for when Sho summons the armor is quite cheap. This version is much less powerful than the one you appear t
  2. Re: Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Sho Fukamachi Value Characteristic Points 8 STR -2 11 DEX 3 11 CON 2 11 BODY 2 18 INT 8 18 EGO 16 10 PRE 0 18 COM 4 2 PD 0 2 ED 0 3 SPD 9 4 REC 0 22 END 0 21 STUN 0 Total 42 Points Powers END 31 5d6 RKA; Range: 0; Area Effect (One-hex): 1 hex(es), +½; Personal Immunity: +¼; No Range: -½; Incantation: Instant Power, -¼; Concentrate: 0 DCV, -½; Only when returning to base form: Almost Completely, -2 (131) 13 31 Total Powers Points Skills, Talents, Perks Roll 2 Professional Skill: Student
  3. Re: Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Guyver Self-Defense Mode Value Characteristic Points 8/46 STR -2 28 DEX 54 24 CON 28 28/29 BODY 36 5 INT -5 18 EGO 16 28 PRE 18 5 COM -2 5 PD 3 5 ED 0 6 SPD 22 7 REC 0 48 END 0 44/45 STUN 0 Total 168 Points Powers END 70 Multipower (70-pt reserve) (70) m-5 +33 STR; Doesn't Affect Figured: -½ (33) 3 m-5 4d6 Pressure Cannon; Range: 300; Reduced by Range: -¼; Active Points: 60; Waist Gravity Controller: Inobvious Accessible, -½; Requires Skill Roll: -½ (60) 6 m-6 30" Flight (NC: 240"); Non-
  4. Re: Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Here is what I put together several years ago when I was unemployed. Hopefully it'll help: Guyver I Value Characteristic Points 8/73 STR -2 28 DEX 54 24 CON 28 28/29 BODY 36 18 INT 8 18 EGO 16 28 PRE 18 5 COM -2 2 PD 0 5 ED 0 6 SPD 22 20 REC 26 48 END 0 44/45 STUN 0 Total 204 Points Powers END 90 Multipower (90-pt reserve) m-4 1½d6 Vibrating Arm Blades (Total 3d6+1); Range: 0; Extra Time Required: Only At Startup, ½; Extra Time: full phase, -½; No Knockback: -¼; Penetrating: +½; Armor Piercing: 1, +½; OIF: -
  5. Re: Wwycd: They Blew It!! Whatever character I was playing would *pop!* become an outlaw vigilante, and the government could kiss my you-know-what. - Cap
  6. Re: Lo, Our Savior is Born! My wife and I are expecting in December. Early on, I used to tease her that if it was a boy, I wanted his name to be "Haatwyngs," and if it was a girl, "Bazooka." I thought those were very creative, personally. Not sure why she didn't like them. I think Nick should have gone all the way and just named his son "Superman" instead of just Kal-El. It would have been funnier and dorkier all at the same time. I saw a horse compete in the Rollex 4-star event whose name was, literally, "Spider-Man," which was very funny, considering it was a horse. Unfortunat
  7. Re: Who is the best Archaic/Anachronism/whatever in comics?
  8. Re: Who is the best Archaic/Anachronism/whatever in comics? Who was/is your favorite Cowboy in comics? The Saint of Killers from The Preacher. He's about the ONLY cowboy I like in comics. Who was/is your favorite Ninja in comics? Nightwing first, Batman second. Who was your favorite Knight in comics? Depends on what you mean here. The only knight I can think of is really the Black Knight, and I always found him on the silly side, especially when his quite unsharpened body went stiff, and could be used to "cut through anything." If I can expand this to "anchronis
  9. Re: How Have You Used King Cobra/COIL I haven't run the adventure, and don't plan to. Overall, I found it too campy. Some elements of it were of interest, though. I used the old west theme park as a VIPER base, and the ophidian supervillains as further members of Dragon Squad. While I may use the main villain someday, I'll DEFINITELY do something else for a picture, because WOW did they make him look STUPID. It's either that, or give him a -100 PRE for Presence Attacks. - Cap
  10. Re: Name for French Brick I think you should name him "Eclaire." That way, if someone manages to make him bleed, they'll be stunned when they see blood instead of custard, and then he can turn the tide.
  11. Re: Glitter Boy for 34 points- is that sick? This may have already been said, but I found using vehicle rules for a Glitterboy armor to be rules-rapey. Since a Glitterboy is a defining characteristic of a character and not just a vehicle any old person can just climb into, I would say it's OIHID or OIF, perhaps Universal. Just my .02. - Cap
  12. Re: Liefeld's Titans Again, I fail to see the unrealistic body proportion in the TT scans provided earlier. Certainly Liefield has published over the top artwork with unrealistic proportions in the past, but in this case I think he's on the mark, and a good sight better than some other professional artists I've seen. Perhaps the popularity to hate him isn't really the issue... it may just be that emotion is interfering with fair judgment. What I keep hearing is, "I've hated him before, so I hate him now." All I'm saying is that his recent TT artwork doesn't seem that bad,
  13. Re: Liefeld's Titans I recognize that some, like Hermit, may just dislike his art. Looking further into his background, I can see he's made some serious mistakes from the business side of things that has alienated readers, such as the infamous Captain America picture or his plagiarism. But looking strictly at the Teen Titans artwork given above, I didn't see a problem other than a few artistic liberties in complete line with his known style... which is popular to hate now, I realize. To each his own. - Cappy
  14. Re: Liefeld's Titans I realize I'm a dissenting voice here, but what is so wrong with his art? I've read enough to understand everyone's main gripes, such as everyone gaining 50 lbs of muscle, a scowl, and a wider mouth. But every artist has his own way of doing things. Rob Liefield may not be the best artist in the world, but he's a lot better than anyone who's been trashing him on this thread. I've seen amateur comic artwork before, and by en large, it sucks. Even if many of you don't like elements of his style, Rob Liefield's art is professional and high quality. I wish I c
  15. Re: Shazam! OIHID and MF are both valid, and I don't see one as more correct than the other. Both are legal, and both get the job done. However, given the choice, I would personally choose Multiform. It is far easier to handle two character sheets than one sheet COVERED in exceptions, IMHO. It's simpler and cleaner. - Cappy
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