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  1. Hello Mr. Hiemforth, Thank you for this great product! 1)I think the Damage Classes/Adding Damage (pg. 156-157) section leaves out key information about adding damage to advantaged powers compared to Hero 6th Edition vol. 1 & 2. Was this intentional for Champions Complete? There is the reference to special active point calculation for Damage Classes but not how this is applied in Adding Damage, i think if the intention was to keep the rule for adding damage to advantaged powers someone could not deduce it from current text. 2) Minimum Damage from Injuries (pg.157), without the example, could be misintepreted as this STUN damage is on top of other STUN damage(even if the header states minimum) if think this could benefit from adding that "if final STUN damage is below final BODY damage" or something similar(forgive me, English is not my native language). Thank you, Ioannis Dounis
  2. I would say not core rules, but official and part of the game yes, more like optional stuff that could exist in the 6e1/6e2. The main problem with the majority of pen and paper RPGs of many editions are the legacy rules and subsystems that continue to grow independently reaching a point that all these moving parts don't move in unison anymore. To make an example of the most famous RPG, take the armor system of D&D, 40+ years in existence and D&D still has not get rid of the Armor Class concept that creates a myriad of problems/inconsistencies. The same can be said ***IMHO*** about the Speed Chart in HERO, it's more a magnet for problems than a feature of the system, i would prefer an AD&D's like initiative modifier for actions than this "phase" system if for example you want to attack two times in a turn? your base DEX is 10 the initiative modifier of your attack is 8 you attack at DEX 10 and DEX 2, if it is negative, tough luck you must wait for the next turn, you are too slow. A streamlined Initiative/Action system could solve most problems/quirks of HERO.
  3. I would say it is very situational for it to have ground rule, for example being prone against an opponent standing on higher ground it's not such an advantage, he will still see almost the same surface area of your body and you will be limited in you ways to dodge, so 1/2 DCV is right.Being prone against someone on the same or lower ground level ,on some distance, would get some Behind Cover Modifier, as 6E2 suggests(only head and shoulders showing -4 OCV) but still 1/2 DCV for limited dodge capability.
  4. Mine are the following, i would really love to see them fixed/clarified in a revision: Minor stuff: DCV of inanimate objects. Rounding rules(i really love systems with a definite standard rule everywhere). Major Stuff: Per character phase effects(especially environmental effects acting per character phase) "Artificial" effects on rules for the sake of balance(i.e. Remaining Multiple attacks wasted on first failed attack, Adjusting Frameworks Rules)
  5. Hello, i have a further clarification question about the above,is it mandatory to aid the Multipower Reserve before aiding a slot/slots? Or you have to do it only to make it possible for Aided slot to fit in the reserve if needed? For example if i have a Multipower with a 50 pt reserve and a slot with 15 Active Points, if i am going to Aid the slot for 2d6 do i have to Aid the reserve first even if the new slot AP will still surely fit in the reserve? What about Aiding just the reserve and not any slot to make it easier to use more slots? Thank you very much in advance!
  6. I think before embarking on making the next Fantasy product powered by HERO we should really delve into what a player(new or experienced) wants from a Fantasy RPG system/product not just in content,and that could be in the form of a poll here or in some other major RPG site.For me: I highly value Support and here HERO really shines, no other RPG save Savage Worlds has such an active support from the writer/publisher, the vast majority of "I take your money and never update or support my product again"(errata,rules questions) has the place that deserves. The next thing i look into a Fantasy RPG is the Scale of characters,if it is low that really sucks and drives people away. for example how much different is the lowest powered being from the highest powered being, if an RPG answers "Mr.Inevertouchedasword has a Swords Skill of 0 and MusashiSama has a skill of 2" i am really reluctant to continue because it really limits my world.HERO is the best here. Third is the Skills system, for me it's the first thing i look in a system to determine how much differentiation can be in PCs/NPCs i highly value system with rich Skill options that can really model a character and just not another Killing Machine. HERO shines here too with many options, so a careful packing and some premade skills specializations is a must for me, for example Knowledge(Demonology), Knowledge(Ways of Magic) with a somewhat extensive review on them, and what a roll can bring to play will give a great flavor and players love that. Next comes the Magic System here the real problems begin with HERO opening the Pandora's box, D&D apart from being the first pen and paper Fantasy RPG, had a spell list with a good definitions of what each spell can do and how you can magic users can cast them that made an impression into players that still compare its spells with every other RPG, who has not thought of making a Magic Missile into HERO. In other words those defined spells constructed a lore around them and even new players are excited about them and really get into the mood.HERO gives you the option of constructing every spell imaginable and/or using a premade set constructed with the same system, but the critical question here is if should this option exist in a Fantasy RPG product out of the box? That section is that needs the most attention and can really make a Fantasy RPG shine or not. The basic bestiary is already done and I think its sufficient, all that is needed is to put maybe 30-40 one page monsters in the basic rulebook ala Savage Worlds. Now for the lore/campaign setting, I don’t think there is much a need for providing a full campaign setting in the rule book, or even half of it, for example you can pick up Savage Worlds rule book and play in your world in a matter of two hours, it’s a product that shines and highly praised, D&D has Greyhawk elements in PH but not a campaign setting. You can play with the 3 basic books and never ask again about Greyhawk,MY-WORLD-SANDBOX-GAME it’s a big thing in Fantasy RPGs don’t forget that. So to conclude, IMHO a HERO Fantasy Product must: · Wrap up skills into appropriate Fantasy skills but in great extend. · Use those skills to define character guidelines through Templates(classes like,but not restrictive) · Define the Magic System carefully, put a good number of premade spells in the book, with fluff in them don’t overload the player with Power creation. · Put a sufficient number of adversaries/monsters in the book. · Put hints of a campaign setting there. Put one sample adventure hinting the campaign setting, ala Call of Cthulhu. Now after this product a player/GM Is directed to purchase the full 6th Edition Rules/Bestiary/Grimoire/Campaign setting for next level of flexibility.
  7. CC pg.142 under Breaking Things, has the same text as 6E2.
  8. I don't disagree with that, my beef is that a human sized character that is immobile/entangled/still has a DCV of 0 but a human sized object that stands still has a DCV of 3. So if i throw a rock at a immobile human 5 meters away i throw against DCV 0, if i throw it at a human sized refrigerator at 5 meters away i throw it against DCV 3.
  9. The bizzare thing is that according to RAW a human size character unable to move has a DVC of 0 and a refrigerator of human size, is somewhat elusive to hit with a DCV of 3 generally.
  10. Hello everyone, In my Fantasy campaign there where some issues raised with DEX drained down to 0 in combat. According to 6E1 pg 44 a character with 0 DEX loses control of his reactions and must succeed with a DEX roll to perform an Action requiring any physical movement(even making Gestures), so when our Necromancer Drained an enemy to 0 Dex, i ruled that this enemy should succeed with a DEX roll to use his DCV or else he is a sitting duck with 0 DCV(although the minimum DCV is 0 an inanimate object of human size has a DCV of 3 that can not undestand) . Did i handle this right? Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone, can you please tell me how you handle the targeting off non perceivable with a targeting sense opponents in combat? For example lets suppose our Hero Mr. Longshot who has only Sight as a targeting sense is blinded by a Sight Flash from Dr. Atomic and Dr. Atomic changes position and he is at a range from Mr.Longshot, now Mr. Longshot is at 0 OCV but can he even target Dr.Atomic without making a PER roll with another sense? what about in HTH? must the player guess the position and make the attack at the reduced OCV? thank you in advance!
  12. Thank you all for your wondeful suggestions As Hyper-man noted 15 AP are very few for an off-hand weapon and i will make the Light Offhand Attack with 25 AP to be able to use a short sword and below class of weapons. As for the other options mentioned by mrinku, IMHO in the Fantasy Genre all expect two fall short of player expectations for some reason or another, players especially coming from D&D expect an offhand attack to: A)Use the offhand weapon's properties(i.e. special damage effect, armor piercing). B)Be able to choose another target for the off hand attack. C) The two attacks are independent of each other. So in RAW the thing that's readily available and comes really close is only Multiple Attack, that only falls short on the C requirement, the extra SPD mentioned by mrinku with the limitation "only to strike with off hand weapon" is really good and probably the most realistic option but complicates the things for the GM in my opinion(having to calculate which phases are the result of the increased SPD especially if there is Aid SPD, Drain SPD allowed). I've come with this final form: Light Off-hand Attack: Trigger (Activating the Trigger is an Action that takes no time, Trigger resets automatically, immediately after it activates; After Attacking with HTH Weapon in Main Hand; +1) for up to 25 Active Points of HTH off hand weapon of Opportunity (25 Active Points); Open your defence(-2 DCV), Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (-1) Cost : 12 Thank you again for your suggestions and constructive criticism
  13. I've come up with something like this,forcing the target to make an extraordinary Skill Roll: Your Faith has Healed You: Science Skill: Medicine 30-, Usable As Attack (+1 1/2), Grantor pays the END whenever the power is used, Grantor controls the power totally (95 Active Points); 1 Charge which Never Recovers (-4), Limited Power Power loses almost all of its effectiveness (Only to try to cure a disease on target; -2) I dont know if it is valid though...
  14. Is something like this valid/useful? i know it's far fetched you force the target to make a 30- Medicine roll to heal himself even at -10[Extraordinary Skill] without proper ingredients its a miracle cure! Your Faith has Healed You: Science Skill: Medicine 30-, Usable As Attack (+1 1/2), Grantor pays the END whenever the power is used, Grantor controls the power totally (95 Active Points); 1 Charge which Never Recovers (-4), Limited Power Power loses almost all of its effectiveness (Only to try to cure a disease on target; -2)
  15. Thank you for your reply, Can i apply a Side Effect to a naked advantage, as a special power, that you suffer from it every time you use ? I would like to have an inherent -1 OCV(light)/-2 OCV(heavy) to the above powers in addition to the Off hand penalties.
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