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  1. I like the LTS idea. We have used it once (sort of) in a short game I ran, and it worked pretty much like this. The only difference was that each body would reduce max stun by 2. This wasn't assessed until after a combat, so the 1 stun per body damage minimum rule wasn't an issue. But the 'sore, bruised' issues that set in after the fact were what we were looking at.
  2. As my little brother once told me, "If you're fighting fair, you just don't want to win bad enough."
  3. Haven't asked him. Doubt he would answer me anyway. Well, off to stick a needle in another patient...
  4. I think you are missing something. You assume that humans are, and always have been, at this level of capability. And that anything less - could never be. You want to check on humanity, say, 200,000+ years ago - and see just how much better we were than crows? Our level of tool use wasn't much better than what a crow is now. In other words, we just took what we had around and made very small 'improvements' or harnessed existing 'occurences'. Nothing that a crow isn't doing now. And if nothing was around to prevent it - a million years might see it become a tool using and intelligent species. Just like has been said, "keep banging the rocks together..." Worked for us.
  5. Don't worry. It's an Int based skill. It will be fine...
  6. I don't mind needles. So long as they are in my hand, and poking holes in someone else...
  7. I look at it that way. Taking care of the babies is just what I do while I drink coffee.
  8. That's 5. Well, SKJAM, if you want to decide the next team - you're on deck. I'd give you till midnight on the 24th (a bit over 48 hours) - unless there is some other protocol...\ If not, it's all yours Legatus.
  9. A sure sign you have run more than a couple games with a player. From the last session with the oldest daughter. "Yah, yah, yah. Get to the important part."
  10. If I am not working, I'm up at 0430 for chores, and by 0530 I am out running my 2 miles with the youngest girl and 14 y/o boy (he usually tags another mile or so to the end now as he is trying to get ready for football practices to start). That is pretty much our shifts, other than the fact Peds is straight 12's from 7-7 and all weekends are 7-7. I would rather work nights. Period. First, I am a bit of a nocturnal critter. I have always loved to go fishing all night, or hunt raccoons till dawn. I was also the one who sat in the hay loft all night long to shoot the coyotes and foxes that would get into the livestock. And then in the work arena - I will never work days. First off, I will never have enough seniority. I didn't start off right out of school as a nurse, where most of the gals here did. Second, far to many people who think they are important work days. And I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when they are doing something stupid. So it's safer if I am not around them. And I hate evenings (3p-11p). Evenings means that I almost never see my wife or kids. By the time they are getting back from school/work - I'm gone. When I get home - they are asleep. Nope, don't like that at all. Working nights, I leave after they go to bed. I get home in time to see the kids off on the bus and the wife as she leaves. I and the dog sleep in a quiet house while everyone is gone. And then I get up to get the kids off the bus and we spend the afternoon & evening together. To me, that is the perfect schedule. That, and the crew on nights tends to be more 'team players' than the day crew in our hospital. That seems to be the nature of the beast most places I have worked.
  11. From my wife during the session from last night. A bit of background, she is in Miami following a hurricane assisting with rescue/relief efforts. (think Katrina like condition, with more wind damage & less flooding). She can also add power to her End Reserve by absorbing electrical power - but most power lines are down so she has resorted to draining car batteries. Wife/PC - "So how is it that I end up in a battle on the one street where all the cars are either trashed or on fire?" Me/GM - "You remember that your attacks are what torched all the cars?" Wife/PC - "If I wanted you to tell me why they were burning, I would have asked you to tell me. I am telling you that it sucks." Me/GM - "Ok, so what are you going to do for your next action?" Wife/PC - "I know I am here to help the ambulance crew, but do you think they will pop their hood if I ask nicely?"
  12. Not for me. That's just the end of my shift to work.
  13. It's always both at once until measured. But once you define one quantity, you can never be sure of the other associated with it. I must have defined all the unimportant ones. At least my wife thinks so. She says I am always wrong and clueless.
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