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    I am a high school student in Texas with a passion for HERO. I having been playing for 6 years and would love to be involved in more games.
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  1. Afraid of the revenge of the little kids how did not get ponies for Christmas last year and thus hate you. Better get that pony this year! NT: Celebrities need gifts too! Which celebrity would you get a gift? What gift would you give them and why?
  2. Next Idea for a Team Name: Zeroes to Heroes! Number: 5 Theme: Come up with a hero that is almost useless in any situation except for a very specific situation in which they are the best suited for the job.
  3. Tarantula is a secret agent that worked for the Chinese Special Forces before being turned to join the Australian Secret Police. She works hard and keeps the Australian Avengers in check, she talks well and can adapt to any sort of situation. Just ask her to do something, whether it be to track down Captain Australia or to fight off a swarm of robo-kangaroos, and she will (This is Obviously Black Widow)
  4. Anchorman becomes twice as popular. NT: A news broadcast network has gone bankrupt! Which network was it, and what are they trying to do to fix it?
  5. Is it possible that I went into the 4th dimension and altered time to delete the twelve days of conversation?
  6. Take your hands off the wheel to pray that you won't crash! NT: Reasons why someone should buy Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment.
  7. Much like mine? Parliamentary Procedure as an example perhaps?
  8. Does it seem like I understand marine biology?
  9. Make Americans play hockey against the Maple Leafs. NT: For what reasons would people prefer be outside than inside during a rainstorm?
  10. They would bring in John Cena to be the Prime Minister.
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