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    I am a high school student in Texas with a passion for HERO. I having been playing for 6 years and would love to be involved in more games.
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  1. I believe you might have gotten TO mixed up with Chad Johnson, who literally renamed himself Chad Ochocinco.
  2. BB would probably get very pissed off and try to lift the dome with his strength. Maybe, just maybe, the dome would move. If not, he would spend an eternity trying to build his strength to attempt to lift the dome again.
  3. Hal is, but I don't think that Mogo would ever be here.
  4. Ok, so we have 23 confirmed people if there are not more voters. One problem. There is a 4 way tie for the 24th spot. Amethyst, Rachael Summers, Swamp Thing, and Saitama are tied for that 24th spot with 5 votes.
  5. OK, we might actually actually have a good chance here to get the first anime character into the tournament. I am crossing my fingers that either Saitama or Ichigo gets in. Most likely, if it does happen, it will be Saitama. Hoping for the best!
  6. I just can't wait for seeding for the Unlimited Class. Just do not make me choose between Superman and Saitama early on.
  7. I agree. Good riddance.
  8. It still infuriates me that no anime character has gotten to the tournament. STILL! We need to get Saitama into the Unlimited tournament.
  9. This is why I didn't want Captain America here. I will argue that the likes of Vegeta do deserve a spot here, see my above post for details.
  10. But, see that Vegeta is not the most powerful of the Saiyan race, by far. This is why I didn't vote Goku on this list, but I dud vote Vegeta on because I don't think he can fight the likes of Superman or One-Punch Man like Goku can, but can still hold his own against most supers.
  11. Well, I guess we will have to wait to get Vegeta in the Open Tournament. I JUST WANT ONE ANIME CHARACTER, AT LEAST. PLEASE.
  12. Destroying My Cred 1) I absolutely hate Star Trek and Star Wars. I think they are a disgrace to Sci-Fi. 2) I am a Marvel fan, but I am disgusted by Guardians of the Galaxy. Same reason as #1. 3) Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Super Girl/Power Girl are terrible character designs and are comic injustices. 4) Never seen Die Hard. 5) Never seen Never Ending Story in its entirety, and I hated the part I did watch. 6) Captain America is overrated, and I hated the first and second Captain America movies. 7) Never really liked Pokemon. 8) Never played any MMO other than WoW. (That's right, I have never played guild wars) 9) The only three video game series I truly enjoy are Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and Kingdom Hearts. (I enjoy some single release games like Overwatch, but not any other series like F-Zero or Super Mario) 10) Nintendo is a disgrace to gaming. 11) I have never and never will own an XBOX. 12) I absolutely hate Skyrim, Morrowind, and Daggerfall. The only Elder Scrolls game I like is Oblivion. 13) Mad Max is a terrible movie series. So yeah.
  13. Here is the thing, Ranged attacks have either bought advantages to become ranged or lose the ability to have Strength added. This inherent advantage comes from buying a +1/2 advantage (or +1 for LOS), thus they have advantages of being ranged. This should just be one of those advantages in my opinion.
  14. Side Note: I see LOS as a problem in A LOT of circumstances in games that I have run or played in. This is why I almost never use LOS powers. I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said, but I do agree with Surrealone here. The very idea that a mental attack should miss because a target moves 1m of space is ludicrous. Chances are that a heat seeking missile doesn't lose a hit because of a target moving one meter, so mental attacks work the same way. As described, mental attacks "lock on" to a mind after gaining LOS. I agree that moving does cause some problems, and should cause the attack to miss if the power has Concentration, but it shouldn't cost a mentalist a hit for "dancing around the attack". To fix this, I purpose that one should use the idea mental attacks must establish LOS to target a mind. Instead of moving, you could say that a Mental Haymaker misses if the target prevents LOS, like putting up a barrier or having another target stand in the way. This is reasonable enough to avoid a Haymaker but also sensible with the idea of Mental Attacks.
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