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  1. Afraid of the revenge of the little kids how did not get ponies for Christmas last year and thus hate you. Better get that pony this year! NT: Celebrities need gifts too! Which celebrity would you get a gift? What gift would you give them and why?
  2. Next Idea for a Team Name: Zeroes to Heroes! Number: 5 Theme: Come up with a hero that is almost useless in any situation except for a very specific situation in which they are the best suited for the job.
  3. Tarantula is a secret agent that worked for the Chinese Special Forces before being turned to join the Australian Secret Police. She works hard and keeps the Australian Avengers in check, she talks well and can adapt to any sort of situation. Just ask her to do something, whether it be to track down Captain Australia or to fight off a swarm of robo-kangaroos, and she will (This is Obviously Black Widow)
  4. Anchorman becomes twice as popular. NT: A news broadcast network has gone bankrupt! Which network was it, and what are they trying to do to fix it?
  5. Is it possible that I went into the 4th dimension and altered time to delete the twelve days of conversation?
  6. Take your hands off the wheel to pray that you won't crash! NT: Reasons why someone should buy Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment.
  7. Much like mine? Parliamentary Procedure as an example perhaps?
  8. Does it seem like I understand marine biology?
  9. Make Americans play hockey against the Maple Leafs. NT: For what reasons would people prefer be outside than inside during a rainstorm?
  10. They would bring in John Cena to be the Prime Minister.
  11. Tardis! NT: The biggest reason people watch sports in November.
  12. I once asked DT what his favourite colour was. He told me that his colour changes. So, I put him in a zoo with the chameleons.
  13. I'll say that...uh... that Foghorn Leghorn is I'll say a rickety good choice
  14. And DT sold me the small green thing named Kaeto.
  15. She is wearing a support shirt for Dr. Ben Carson.
  16. Kaeto is consistently trying to force an outcome. Last year, he forced his promotion in his job by killing the person in job he wanted. This was definitely illegal, but he was not arrested for the activity because he had killed someone who was involved in illegal activity as well. Welcome to the Mafia, Kaeto!
  17. I am starting to agree. I hate taking the overwhelming amount of tests. Just saying. My life is becoming filled with, "You should study for this test in 4 days", "No, study for my test in 6 days." It seems like the teachers are vying for my attention. Seriously. I have resorted to just not studying. Do you know what happened? My grades improved! I now am a straight-A student and am about to take the SAT for the National Merit Scholarship Program. I am surprised. The less and less I take tests, becoming more and more able to focus on the actual material, I am starting to enjoy the class more. AP U.S. History is easy because I am history buff. AP English Literature is a bit tough, but I am still making a 95! AP Statistics is the easiest AP class i have ever taken. AP Physics is relatively easy because I am really good at math and conceptual science. The reason these classes are so easy is because they don't have many tests. I think that each student should be in school for 36 weeks and take one test every 6 weeks per class. That will result in a total of 48 tests in one year for me. I had taken at least 75 tests last year. This year, I have taken 15. I have been in school for 10 weeks this year. Just saying. There is NO reason for a student to have to take over 100 tests in a year (at this rate, I will take exactly 48 tests, imagine that!) Traditional schools have given kids and teens too many tests. If I could change anything at this point, I would, but I cannot, so I leave it to fate.
  18. Could we use the correct term that IT was meant for, Information Technology?
  19. Roter Baron happens to have stumbled upon an ancient device that enhances his 5 primary senses. Unfortunately for him, that also means that, the last time he used it, he gets a stronger hangover. Oktoberfest never has been so rude!
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