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  1. Hi guys, I am winding down that campain and starting another. We have a full roster, but if anyone leaves I will surly return here and post
  2. For me its about 2 key things, Power level and tone. If your characters are so powerful no normal can ever challenge them, then they do not fit. Superman can never fit. Tone means the heroes do not always say the day, that you can tackle topics that are uncomfortable and that there will be problems. I like the netflix shows as a prime example, with Power man being immine to small arms, but still capable of being taken out by a skilled martial artist or a shotgun to the head. Where the characters out of combat skills and stories matter at much as the fight itself. Thats just my personal
  3. Yes, however game has progressed to 320 points, I need to decide if I'm just gonna match you to the team. You can pick and chose your everyman skills. Doc. Highlander style immortal who also can heal people Lilith. Human-demon hybrid with a 50 strength and wings, private investor Grail. EMT with strong teleportation powers and can smell evil Current players
  4. Hello Sevta, yes there is room. We have 3 players and are open to a 4th. Could we zoom later on tonight, or tomorrow? We play Wednesday 6-10pm EST
  5. Tranguione, I responded as well, sounded interesting, he responded a couple of times, then ghosted me. Thats frustrating. EDIT, after checking again, I see he blocked me. While I can understand if he did not like my idea for a character concept, it would have been easy to say that. If he didn't like me based on a couple of paragraphs, I sure would have preferred to know what I said or did wrong to change that in the future. Tranq, If you are interested, we still have a slot open on our 300 pt dark champions style game for Wednesday nights, I'm running it on zoom. I am happy running the g
  6. He is still posting cat memes on FB, so I suspect hes among the living
  7. Hello, I am interested. I'm pretty familer with 6e, but have never played fantasy hero. Do you still have room?
  8. If someone has "only in hero ID" I'm unclear on how that works? As a rule of thumb, should that be 30 seconds to switch IDs? Oe just a segment? If they want a completely different look ( human to demon) is that something they have to pay for ( shape change, transformation ect) or is that free? I just want to be fair, and am looking for guidance. Thank you for your time.
  9. Checking to see if there would be any interest in a Dark Champions style game, roughly 300 starting points, with a house rule of no VPP or multipowers, and limiting megascale. A once a week game for 3 hours, with 4-6 players. Think characters at the netflix superhero level, plus vampires and werewolf's similar to Underworld. Supers are out in the public, but its new. Supernaturals are still hiding. There would also be guns. Tech level would be close to 2020 real. I'm thinking 6th edition. I might be able to drag in 3 people.
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