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  1. You seam to have completely missed my point, I'll try again. You cite the 3 different names, each one clearly defined in your mind. The REST of this thread is filled with people who have their OWN ideas what those mean, some of whom agree with you, many who do not. Thus no consensus. The consensus part means that if you don't have a clear majority, and have no position of power ( like you designed the game for example) Then you are just pushing your own definitions on others, with no basis. If you read the OP, then you would know some call me a power gamer...So clearly that guy has differe
  2. I'm glad I was able to make a post that engaged people. Many of you brought some great ideas to the discuession, others I felt brought some assumptions. That does not mean thier opinions lacked value. I do feel it is an assumption to think everyone uses, or MUST use your definitions. Since there have been almost as many answers as posts, I feel I can conclusively say there is no solid defination of what is a power gamer, minmaxer or efficient builder. Though I do feel the "efficient" builder probably falls on ther weaker side vs "min/maxer or power gamer". I feel it might be more acc
  3. I am glad I sparked an interesting debate, though I never expected to touch on normal human maxima. The conclusion I am drawing is power gaming is bad only in comparison to your table. At my table my OCV and DVC are in the expected range, my character would peek out at 14d6 vs 17d6 for the most powerful, my defenses are the weakest at the table( not by much) with fewer stun and con then most...but with a potential better DCV. I would have zero ranged attacked, but a a unlimited number of different MA attacks ( VPP Taskmaster style). Unclevlad made 2 examples of power gaming, and I
  4. Spence, 1st let me apologies for my mistake, I thought I was posting stretching, but my spellcheck decided to intervene. I respect your opinion, but disagree. Meaning I do not believe a good design idea is not incompatible with a good story. Clearly some people can min max, and role play, while others excel at one OR the other, but they are not incompatible. As others have said, degree matters, as does the power level of the table. I personally prefer to leave lots of holes in my character ...hopefully not fatal ones. This means there are many areas where I fail and other teammates shine, as w
  5. I'm sorry if I did not make that clear, its ALWAYS the GM's call. Thats not in question. That question is not that, but weather or not a design philosophy is bad. A short while ago I met a guy ( not this DM) who felt that ANY discount on your powers was like cheating, further more buying your stats at good break points was "gaming the system". While I disagreed with him, the next guy makes me question it. I felt the first guy was a hypocrite, because my use of that was criticized, while HE was the the only person at the table who did not use it...meaning I would have been the only player ch
  6. Is it ethically wrong to work your character in a way that takes the most advantage of the system? I'm not talking about spending 1 point to mega scale kill a planet, I mean Like spiderman having a IIF for his multipower webs with tons of charges? Is it wrong to use the system to avoid endurance costs and getting a discount on his MP with something that only rarely comes up ? In my case my DM asked me if getting screeching ( reach weapon) while being invisible was gaming the system or not. I felt it was not, but as I'm the guy planning on it, maybe I'm biased. This character would
  7. Thank you for the input. The current game I am running has no damage cap, and the intended user is a NPC...so cost and effectiveness do not play a part. This is more about their theme. Also, everyone at the school ( setting) is expected to learn MA...and multipowers are limited severely in game. This is to prevent blurring of roles...I didn't want everyone to fly/be invisible, have 7 different attacks ect. So it looks like a naked advantage would be the way to go, or a 1 pip HTH 2x knockback...which would convert all DC , but not always have to be on. I was just hop
  8. Hi guys, if I made a character with a 40 strength and used a fast attack ( +2 DC) and +1 HTH damage class....The norm is 11DC and roll 3D6 to subtract for knockback. The question I have is if his strength is bought with an advantage 2x knockback(+1/2), am I reducing his MA damage to 2DC but doubling his body for knockback to reflect his advantage on his Str...or am I figuring it as 8DC strength ( thus 16DC for knockback) + 3dc from MA...since the MA did not pay for the advantage? A third possibility is I have to pay for the advantage on the MA as well...but now that is crazy expen
  9. While I prefer the 6th edition, one ellement I dislike is how trasfer never fits in a multipower anymore. If its outside, the disadvantages acn equal the advantages...and net zero...but the active ponts frequently prevent this from being a viable choice...even when the real points are reasonable
  10. Hello Barton, I saw your post and wondered what the rules were when you did play? Is this a trimed down version of 6th? How many points are you building with? What kinds of limits if any are you using? What makes it "teen heros" to you?
  11. Hi guys, I am winding down that campain and starting another. We have a full roster, but if anyone leaves I will surly return here and post
  12. For me its about 2 key things, Power level and tone. If your characters are so powerful no normal can ever challenge them, then they do not fit. Superman can never fit. Tone means the heroes do not always say the day, that you can tackle topics that are uncomfortable and that there will be problems. I like the netflix shows as a prime example, with Power man being immine to small arms, but still capable of being taken out by a skilled martial artist or a shotgun to the head. Where the characters out of combat skills and stories matter at much as the fight itself. Thats just my personal
  13. Yes, however game has progressed to 320 points, I need to decide if I'm just gonna match you to the team. You can pick and chose your everyman skills. Doc. Highlander style immortal who also can heal people Lilith. Human-demon hybrid with a 50 strength and wings, private investor Grail. EMT with strong teleportation powers and can smell evil Current players
  14. Hello Sevta, yes there is room. We have 3 players and are open to a 4th. Could we zoom later on tonight, or tomorrow? We play Wednesday 6-10pm EST
  15. Tranguione, I responded as well, sounded interesting, he responded a couple of times, then ghosted me. Thats frustrating. EDIT, after checking again, I see he blocked me. While I can understand if he did not like my idea for a character concept, it would have been easy to say that. If he didn't like me based on a couple of paragraphs, I sure would have preferred to know what I said or did wrong to change that in the future. Tranq, If you are interested, we still have a slot open on our 300 pt dark champions style game for Wednesday nights, I'm running it on zoom. I am happy running the g
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