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  1. 5 hours ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

    This surge is indeed biting us hard. When I picked up some sort of digestive bug this past week (low appetite, strong localized headache, certain other GI symptoms that are impossible to discuss politely) the first thing I asked my primary clinic is whether I needed a COVID test. I have yet to be told I do, but I have this sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind.


    My wife and I had the exact same thing last week. It's been going around up here too.

  2. 41 minutes ago, TrickstaPriest said:

    and that doctors and nurses stole PPE during the New York collapse.


    Now, I know that Trump said PPE was "going out the back door." How this got twisted into him blaming doctors and nurses, I don't know. Is there a direct quote? And in this case, he was right, there were theft rings stealing PPE.


    Here's an article dated from the time period, March: https://www.newsweek.com/trump-cuomo-masks-hospital-doctors-stealing-new-york-1494949

  3. 12 hours ago, Michael Hopcroft said:


    Since I've been required to do on a plant-based diet by my dietician, which I am for the most part holding to, and since I'll be home for Thanksgiving, I'm seriously looking at getting a Tofurkey roast.


    I'd advise you to avoid processed soy or any overly-processed stuff (like Quorn meat substitutes, though they taste better than the soy stuff). Plant-based is only worthwhile if you're not eating a bunch of processed stuff.

  4. 3 hours ago, Dr. MID-Nite said:

    I can't possibly listen to Trump for 60 minutes. The amount of brain cells I would lose...unacceptable.


    He walks out on the interviewer. The video linked is 20 minutes, including intro and comments. They also interview the VP candidates. So, not too much Trump time in that one.



    2 hours ago, megaplayboy said:



    It's by post date here.


    And then there's Boston . . .

    What is up with this "Your replies have been merged?" thing? Those were two separate topics that are now irrevocably mushed together.

    Make that three. No, four most likely.


  5. 14 hours ago, Matt the Bruins said:

    No, I think you're spot-on in your assessment, and increasing blue-on-white violence by 150% probably wouldn't change anything because we know it wouldn't be rich, powerful white men getting killed. Just information for the general topic to highlight that for back men, dying at a police officer's hands is more likely than due to a stroke or diabetes.


    Gotcha. And I'd say that no knock warrants do disproportionately affect blacks more than whites, because they disproportionately affect the poor, and poverty is disproportionate.

  6. 23 hours ago, Old Man said:

    And while it might not have been a racial issue until the bullets started flying, if Breonna Taylor had been white, I guarantee you that there would have been a lot more effort to review and reform police procedures. 


    I doubt it. This issue is far from new, and many white people have also been inadvertently killed. Yet it persists.


    Edit: Now, if you said ". . . if Breonna Taylor had been wealthy, " I'd agree.

  7. That's because the officers weren't ever going to be charged with murder or homicide.


    The boyfriend defended himself against what he perceived as home invaders. Nobody has an issue with him firing on the police as far as I've seen.

    However, the police are in the very mirror of his situation: They were fired upon by someone who they assumed was the subject of a no knock warrant. Such warrants are issued under the presumption that there's a danger of the subject fighting or destroying evidence if a normal warrant is served. The officers were completely justified in returning fire. That bit of it means they aren't ever going to be charged with murder or a lesser level of homicide. Their perceptions of the situation count as much as the boyfriend's perceptions that also gave him a free ride on the fight.


    If I was looking for malfeasance on the part of the officers serving the warrant, I'd look at their crappy aim. I've seen police training materials online where the trainer or author advises suppressive fire. That is, putting up a defensive wall of lead. That's a military tactic and unsuitable for any urban civilian law enforcement situation I can think of. IF the officers were responding using such tactics, and IF it was a documented part of their training, I could see a very easy win in civil court against the department. I'm not saying I've seen evidence of such tactics in this case, but I'd damned sure be looking at their training if I was investigating, and evaluating it.


    You know who never gets held accountable in these cases? The person who f***s up the paperwork and puts the wrong address on it. The person who requests a no knock warrant when it isn't necessary. The judge who approves excessive numbers of no knock warrants. No knock warrants have been abused for decades, and these stories aren't new. And although minorities may bear the larger number of these f***-ups, I don't see this case as a racial issue at all. This is a no knock warrant issue. Hopefully, we elect a Congress that will ban them.

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