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  1. I like the blurb. The title/premise is a good hook. I've bookmarked it, but don't know when I'll get some quality reading time in. I've got a new position and a move to deal with at the moment.
  2. Only 37% of ghosts and demons believe Americans are real.
  3. No, they control what the government can and cannot share with the public on their site. The government has vast resources and a multitude of ways to disseminate information besides Facebook.
  4. WTF. Nurse is supposed to swab you, not you. Kick the nurse in the shin next time.
  5. 10,000 mink are dead in Covid-19 outbreaks at US fur farms
  6. The Newsweek article has a more presidential caterpillar pic.
  7. Site should have been named "Hotter Otters"
  8. That situation is a huge outlier . . . but asking about those surgeries is probably a good screening question to add.
  9. That's a lot of employees for such a Mickey Mouse operation.
  10. Smoke coming back to Western WA tomorrow, according to Cliff Stamp. https://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2020/09/smoke-is-coming-back-to-pacific.html
  11. Well, if you only see one episode, watch Season 3, Episode 1. It's the pinnacle of Trek storytelling.
  12. Just . . . vote. https://ew.com/celebrity/chris-evans-speaks-nsfw-photo-gaffe-vote/
  13. Bucky might get more mileage out of the shield, but Sam has wielded it in the air in the comics during his stint/s as Cap.
  14. I think the next Avengers movie should open with the team in the field facing whatever opposition, with Falcon-Cap directing the battle, already settled into the role. Just skip the "I'm not worthy" crap and get down to business. What, after all, did Cap bring to the table for leadership? Strong tactical leadership in the field, and a strong moral compass. We've lost Cap, Natasha and Clint for tactical leaders. Winter Soldier may have the better tactical chops, but he's got way more personal baggage than Sam. Moral compass? I'm not sure they have anyone better suited than Falcon fo
  15. Thanks. Just hiding indoors this weekend.
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