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  1. Does Godzilla still have electrified dorsal fins? Those things seem like they'd dissuade any jumping on the back strategy.
  2. I think they've given up on trying to emulate the MCU.
  3. Joe misspeaks a lot in live conversations. But he's been doing that for decades. I think his brain's in good enough shape for the job. It's certainly a step up from what we have now. Leaning hard into gun control this election will probably hurt them more than their choice of candidates, as LL points out.
  4. Because what happens in Colombia stays in Colombia?
  5. I'd hate to think that they're capable of attracting mates.
  6. She never showed any signs of trying to exploit Kirk. More like playing with him to test the machine, and a little wish fulfillment in the process. When the mustache-twirling villain amps it up, she rejects Kirk's advances out of a normal sense of decency. Her intent there seemed more playful to me.
  7. Just a side note: As I pointed out in my first post in the thread: Every time this forum software gets updated, the theme seems to get reset. You guys should be used to this by now. I can see how Simon's annoyed by the tone of some of the responses. Given that Simon's been keeping our little hangout running through the apocalypse here, and tensions are high due to 2020 being a suckfest, we should probably cut him some slack. I've been on the board since like 1999 or 2000, and it's not been as well-run as it has been under Simon. Let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya, now. At least
  8. The only thing I don't like is the new two-colum format for topics, with the summary info at top, and the text boxes for the posts being narrowed. Once you scroll past the right hand content, you get a ton of white space. That's relatively easily fixed from my end, though. Oh! I see that's already gone! Oops, not gone. Just not on all post. Maybe it's just a stat block for popular posts? 🤷‍♂️ I do prefer black letters on white text. This gray text fad over the last few years infuriates me.
  9. I suspect the theme was reset due to a software update. Perhaps Simon will have to re-customize it back to where it was?
  10. I just finished the first season, and that was certainly the only episode I'd call out as a complete stinker. Most of the rest were at least OK, with the usual number of television/movie gaffs.
  11. Sending well-wishes and speedy recover thoughts your way BoneDaddy. I hope you have a speedy and thorough recovery.
  12. Being that it's 2020, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump pushed for testing of some whacky cure and it actually turned out to work, thus paving the road for him to be President for Life. Because . . . apocalypse. So, yesterday, I had to go to the ER due to a high fever (had surgery Monday, high fever no bueno). They didn't find anything. Got a third COVID swab (the proper brain-tickler type) inside of a week. I'm starting to get used to the stupid things at this point.
  13. Yeah, he smiles and smirks quite a bit in the first few episodes, and clearly enjoys verbal back and forth with Kirk and McCoy. Definite work in progress. I also hadn't remembered how flirtatious he really was with Uhura in the rec room scene in the Charlie X episode. Or that Uhura was blatantly flirting with him an the episode before that one. Apparently, they were pushing the network's boundaries on having a mixed race relationship as much as they dared, according to an interview I read with Nichols. And here I'd thought Abrams was just adding that element in to his AU Treks.
  14. Thanks. But at the end of the day, just part of the job. While we try to avoid them, we get the occasional hairy situation.
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