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  1. Oi! New job is frying my brain. I'm going to have to withdraw.
  2. I felt nauseous on the way to work today, and had a headache all day. Hope the air clears for tomorrow. Not great for us asthmatics.
  3. I really hate "reaction" videos on YouTube, where someone just plays someone else's video then talks over it.. Just show me what the guy said, then give the commentary for crying out loud. But yeah, Scott Adams is a turd. Also, getting into Mensa doesn't make you "super smart."
  4. I'll need a corroborating source on that one.
  5. That's what I was thinking when I said pass the mantle. I think Ms. Wright could carry a movie. Hopefully, the studio sees it the same way.
  6. They could pass the mantle to someone else. I don't see anyone else ever playing T'Challa in the MCU. He was as much the character as Robert Downey Jr. was Tony Stark. Seems like the only play they have. They could also just drop the character from the MCU, but I don't think letting Wakanda die with the actor is a good idea, as there were too many other great Wakandan characters, and it'd be a step back from what they accomplished for representing black actors on screen.
  7. I haven't gotten one of those fake MS support calls in a while. The next time I get one, I'm booting into Linux and letting the guy try to talk me through his scam. Should be amusing. Back, oh, about fifteen(?) years now, my grandmother got taken in by someone pretending to be her grandson (me) scam and actually met the scammers at an ATM and gave them the money. I was livid. I found out when the local police investigator called me to verify I wasn't in state, followed by a call from an uncle who lived closest to her at the time. She claimed that they gave my name, but more than li
  8. Way too young to leave us. Pretty shocking news. He'll be missed. The world is losing out on all of the great work he had ahead of him. I guess I'll schedule that colonoscopy my doc has been pestering me to get. In the huge coincidence department: He passed on Jack Kirby's birthday. Probably goes without saying here, but Kirby created Black Panther. It was also Jackie Robinson Day.
  9. I heard on the radio yesterday that they picked the kid up. Apparently, it was a 19 year old kid whose 16 year old brother was killed by police in Alaska. So, silly fits, given the age and emotional state.
  10. I think the kid is kind of a victim in this. He's at an age where he's likely to be held accountable for his actions, but is still very impressionable and has poor impulse control, and doesn't yet fully understand the consequences of his actions. I might have a little sympathy for him, but when people end up dead over something like this most of it evaporates.
  11. Well, that guy is a turd in regards to tossing around that kind of language. He also had a brief stint as a radio host up here. Instant channel change for me when his show came on. But to be fair, the article wasn't about the other organizations. The larger issue that's driving a lot of the backlash is that the Seattle City Council has mishandled the situation and overreacted to a well-trained police force doing a good job of handling the initial rioting by tying their hands, treating them like criminals, and throwing their police force under the bus. We lost our first black female
  12. I made no general implication. Be advised, though, the author of the article leans hard right. The basic facts are there, though.
  13. This is my main issue with this shooting: The police officers had ample opportunity to attempt to re-engage him with less lethal means. The "victim" does seem to have set himself up to be shot, because he was trying to avoid going to jail on a felony warrant.
  14. Whether the shootings were justifiable as self defense, what was a 17 year old doing walking the street with a loaded rifle? He was breaking the law by simply being there armed. There's no provision in Wisconson law for minors to be walking around with a loaded weapon outside of adult supervised sporting activities. This seems likely to hurt his case. The prosecutor will likely paint him as out looking for trouble, and only having had to defend himself because he found it.
  15. Meanwhile, in Seattle, some upstanding citizens tried to lock officers into our East Precinct by pouring quick drying cement over the door, then set the building on fire. It may sound like a bad 60's Batman villain plot, but it actually happened: https://mynorthwest.com/2114190/rantz-rioters-burn-seattle-police-alive-sealed-door/?
  16. The radio coverage of this that I heard yesterday said that the machine was put into service with full approval.
  17. I disagree. Taking into custody as soon as he headed for the vehicle would have been appropriate. And safer. There was no need to wait until he got into the vehicle if he was disobeying a lawful order to stay put.
  18. That's true enough. And I do like the Arrowverse in general. Just making the point that it's hard to make direct comparisons, and ultimately comes down to personal taste. I'm just happy to have a lot of choices in a genre I like.
  19. I don't think CW leads the ratings pack in any category. I could be wrong, it's been a while since I've bothered to look at the numbers. The point is, that CW has a lot higher tolerance for lower rated shows than other networks. And the Netflix situation with Disney is no indicator of the quality of the shows, they got yanked from Netflix to spite Disney. All that said, the three seasons we got of Daredevil are far better than any other number of seasons of any of the DC live action shows.
  20. This doesn't really say much about the shows, though. The CW shows wouldn't have gone as long on other networks, based on their ratings. CW keeps very low rated shows around longer than any other network. Not to say I don't like the CW shows, because I like most of them, or elements of most of them. They just aren't pulling good enough ratings to last this long on a bigger network.
  21. Wow. Just watched the video on that. If they wanted to stop him from getting in the car, they could have jumped on him at any time. That was a sheer act of cowardice.
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