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  1. Re: Hero Images I found out the artist does do commisions, but he has been hard to get a hold of. As DRL mentioned, Jared has most of his work posted on www.supperbuddies.net. Go to the artists alley in the forums section. He has some threads under the name of Ronnie Thuderbolts. Some really fantastic stuff. I encourage to check out the others as well, some really talented people on there.
  2. Re: Linked Powers Thanks for the idea, I'll keep this in mind as well.
  3. Re: Favorite All Time Hero/Villian/Group Yes, that bunch was quite scary, Like Log said, you gotta love the Wrecking Crew and their big mouths. My group is about to face them for the first time, at least my rendition of them. Would love to throw the entire Masters of Evil at them but they're not strong enough to face them, nor am I that mean, not yet anyway.
  4. Re: Linked Powers Thanks, I'll give this a try when I get a chance. Sounds like what I am looking for, sounds easy enough, don't know why I didn't think of that. Just trying to formulate some sort of cosmic burst that will affect sight and hearing, almost like a bright explosion with deafening qualities.
  5. OK, since I started the thread on favorite type of character to play, thought it would be fun to see who everyones favorites are when it comes to comics. If your favorite is a character is one you made up yourself, please feel free to talk about them. If you feel like listing each of your favorites, by all means do so. My favorites, well I lived on the Avengers, individual would have to be the Vision. As far as a villian, guess that would have to be the Asorbing Man.
  6. Re: Is this a reasonable NND attack? That is a tricky attack. Would one have to assign a defense and body value to the item in question. I'm sure some focuses in different campaigns are madeof other world materials or maybe unbreakable relics. And what would be the consequences if such an item were broken, the release of power from an article like the ones mentioned would have to have some sort of repercussions wouldn't they?
  7. I have been having trouble with an attack I'm trying to create for a character. I would like to have an audio flash attack along with a visual flash attack. Maybe I haven't played around enough with it, but herodesigner doesn't seem to let me link the two powers since it's not based on a characteristic. I have tried configuring the audio flash as a separte power with some limitations applied to it, but am not real happy with the results. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Re: [Character] Betsy Taylor, Queen of the Vampires I like your write up. Not that I'm big into fashion, but your character seems like she would a bit on the sassy side with the pumps being so important, my kind of person, fun.
  9. Re: Champions resources If you can find an old Super Agents book, it deals with making non supers. Has alot of skills and setups for various agent typs. Anywhere from an UNTIL agent to the next James Bond.
  10. Re: Mechanon take control of the Minute Man VII Robots Wouldn't Mechanon have even a grander plot than this? I mean without humans, mutant or not, his purpose for existance would be gone. Plus wouldn't the I.H.A. be smart enough to place remote self destruct devices on their robots just in case something does happen and they have to take down one of the robots themselves?
  11. Re: [CHAR] Iron Maiden I would say the presence would depend on the campaign. I mean Iron Maiden does have 466 EP, thats a lot of adventures to get noticed on. I don't feel that a 28 in the PRE department is far fetched.
  12. Re: Iconic Villains I think I would add the Crimson Claw to this list. If you don't remember or know him, he was the master villian in an adventure named the greatsupervillan contest I believe printed during the second or third edtions.
  13. Re: [CHAR] Iron Maiden I created a character similar to this one as a iconic npc with a bit of super soldier mixed in, in case the my group gets in trouble. I gave him hime the following skills; electrical engineering (electronics), information technology (computer programming), bioengineering, biochemistry and metalurgy. I just thought if one was creating armor that these were neccessary not only in order to make the actual suit, but also how it would best interact with the charaters physical skills. I also introduced skills that would I thought a company president would need such as bureaucratics, economics and finance. I do like your concept very much, especially all the language skills. My character has to rely on a universal translator to get through.
  14. Re: Hero Images I just sent a message to the creator of the artwork of the above mentioned webpage. Hopefully I will get a response back from him soon. I enquired whether his artwork was all done freehand and whether or not he took requests or commisions. Will let everyone know when he gets back to me.
  15. Re: Superhero Images Has anyone tried writing up Odin's creation the Destroyer. From the issue of Thor that I saw it in, would be a nasty encounter. Seemed to be a little susceptable to mind attacks or maybe it was just Thor that could defeat it.
  16. Re: MancerBear's Art Den This is great stuff, will be looking forward to seeing more of it.
  17. Re: [Char] Shadowolf I like this character, it's a much different concept than a regular superhero. Are you planning to write up Jenny also? I like the quote also.
  18. Jared Rann


    Re: Shamrock From the write up in the original Enemies, he really doesn't seem like the killer type. As I looked at him and fought against him more than once, he was more of a brawler. You could use a pysch limitation such as "likes to fight". This could get him into trouble, especially if he is teamed up with anyone and they have left since the fight has long since been over. Another possible trouble point could be that he goes to far and really seriously hurts someone, this could be based on how disdainful he is.
  19. Re: Hero Images Thanks, I'll see if I can get in touch with him. It would be great if it were some sort of system, with so many poses and options, you could stay up for days on end creating charater images. You're right though, there is something familiar about them, just can't put my finger on it.
  20. I recently found a website that has basically just a file with superhero images. Many variations of Captain Anerica are there as well several other heros from different ages. All the images seem to have been created with a system similiar to Heromachine, but I don't believe they are from there. The name of the link is www.jjinbeat.com. If anyone can tell me what system they were created on, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, somewhere in the discussion board, there was a conversation list other image links, but I can't seem to find them. Can someone help me out here? Thanks.
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