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  1. Welcome back! We missed you.

  2. Re: Ringers (prompted by the Black Widow thread on Dark Champions) Is there a difference between Ringers and Tributes ? My last character was Superman's daughter who was in a Golden Age campaign. She was similar to Superman in her powers, although weaker. Also the X-Ray vision and eyebeams did not surface until the last game of the campaign. The character was an all- American girl whose team was trying to help Roosevelt keep America out of the War. Indirectly, of course. This did not succeed. She and the team were USO, so they could explain the costumes. I woul
  3. Re: Help Me Populate A Creepy Hotel She's the perfect, sweet, charming little girl, always impeccably dressed with never a hair out of place. Sometimes she roller skates around the hotel. Sometimes she plays, childishly, the piano in the bar. She also loves puzzles. All the adults love her. Her mother is a shy, almost self-effacing woman who tells you her husband is "Away in the Service". The mother is pleasant enough and takes good care of her daughter. The thing is, sometimes, when another guest who has been friendly with the girl dies in an accident or fall down a set of s
  4. Re: Cyberpunk Hero? Back in The Day I sloged through one or two of those Shadowrun paperbacks. I found them incomprehensible.
  5. Re: WWYCD: The Breakup FIRESTORM and DRAGON JANE would use their contacts in the Industry to get the Lovelorn Girl on Jerry Springer. Then she could rant and rave to her heart's content and hopefully in that way exorcise her demons. If that didn't work, and the jilted girl had made credible threats, that's a crime and as an OSI Agent, DRAGON JANE could arrest her. For MINDFLAIR, this is all in a day's work. She'd take care of the matter at her regular rates. If the girl had become violent, she'd skip the regular rates and do what needed to be done. Mind control is allowed if yo
  6. SatinKitty

    Wwyd ????

    A Celestial Being, Magic Genie (pick your idea of WishGiver) appears before you and says "You have been chosen for a Divine Purpose. (Or Thanks for letting me out of that stupid little lamp). I will grant you any Superpower or Powers you wish, but if you accept, you may only live for five more years. What say you ?"
  7. Re: Practical Costuming (not quite a WWYCD) With all my characters, it would depend on the character, the situation, the weather, etc. Dragon Jane the wanna-be Model has quite a different wardrobe than Mind Flair, the quiet middle-aged Mentalist. Also Dragon Jane has large dragon wings. She requires special clothing.
  8. Re: WWYCD: Daughter Of The Shadow Lord... I'm not clear: Are you asking WWMCD if she were in Khan's place, or if she were the other character with Khan ? Edit: If my character was not Khan, she would butt out; take Amy's friend with her and leave. This is a family matter.
  9. Re: Campaign Launch: What Would You Think? Will your Players be playing the Public Superteam, or the covert Paranormals ? If the Public, will they know about the covert operatives ? Will a new CIA be established for covert Paranormal operatives, or will their very existance be classified ? If classified, then they must work very hard not to be seen, as the Media in other Countries may spot them.
  10. Re: WWYD if you could recieve ONE super power I'd like Electrokinesis. Then I could help during power failures and fry "Honor" Killers.
  11. SatinKitty

    The Five

    Re: The Five :love:
  12. Re: Who Would Your Character Be? Your C becomes an autobot? Both OddHat and a GM we had way back about 15 years ago have used the plot of a Villain creating Robot Duplicates of our characters in an attempt to discredit us. In both cases we had to round up the Robots and capture the evil and nepharious Gageteer in question. That's the closest I've come to playing an Autobot.
  13. Re: WWYCD: The Famous Guy Hypotheticals I agree with the others. Any C of mine would give the guy 24 hours, then she's coming in. If DA interferes, she'll arrest/fry his @$$ too.
  14. Re: Playtesting Champions With Cats I wonder what the Freedom Kittens are planning for our next game. I put sticky tape on my table and they have stopped jumping on it. I hope when I remove it they will stay stopped.
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